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Review: Giga Designs 1.4GHz CPU Upgrade
By Mike
Published: 6/13/2003
Installation Notes, Photos and Observations
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Installation of this upgrade should only take about 10 minutes or less tops. As with the previous models, this Giga Design CPU upgrade already has an attached heatsink/fan and (along with the OWC mercury extreme models) are probably the easiest to install AGP CPU upgrades available. (No fans or wires to install, no reinstalling the old heatsink, etc.) See the linked installation guide below for more information, but basically it's a simple procedure of removing your existing CPU module/heatsink. (2 clips and 3 screws typically, except for some DA models with the plastic heastink cover and fan.)

Check For Coil Contact w/Heatsink Before Installing: Although it's rare I think - before installing the upgrade check that none of the wire-wrapped Coils (L1 or L2) are touching the heatsink (which is common with ground on the board - verified with a meter here). (These are stiffly mounted and normally clear the heatsink by 1/8" or more - but check that the coil wires are not touching the heatsink before installation.)

Installation/Jumper Settings Guides:
Rather than repeat the info included with the upgrade, you can download a PDF version of the installation guide linked at Giga Design's website Installation guide page. (Includes notes on making sure you have up-to-date firmware in your G4 tower.)
Note that as mentioned in previous reviews here of the Giga Designs 1.25GHz model, some jumper settings/CPU speeds will not be accurately reported by Apple System Profiler (due to later G4s re-using some older PLL settings). For instance 1.4GHz setting in my Digital Audio system (10.5x ratio) is reported as "0MHz" by OS X 10.2.6 Apple System Profiler (as well a Xbench). 1.467GHz is reported correctly by Apple System Profiler in OS X (10.2.6 tested) but the "About this Mac" dialog box reports "1.5GHz" (rounding up apparently).

Giga Designs 1.4GHz CPU Upgrade Installed
Giga Designs

See the Specs page for photo of top/backside of the card, as well as notes/info on jumper settings for the voltage regulator (jumpers for vreg on backside of module).

System Compatibility:
These upgrades are compatible with the G4/AGP Towers (Sawtooth thru Quicksilver models). See the installation guides linked above for specific system info.

    OS Requirements:
  • OS 9.2.1 or OS 9.2.2
  • OS X

The next page has information on the upgrade's CPU and Cache. Or you may use the links below to jump to a specific page.

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