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Review: Newer Tech's iMAXpowr G4/433 CPU Upgrade
G4 CPU Upgrade for iMac 233 - 333MHz models
By Mike
Published: 7/19/2000
Installation and Documentation
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About The Install

Due to the design of the iMac case, installing the iMAXpowr is more involved than typical CPU upgrade for another Mac model. However Newer Tech provides a VHS video tape with an installation guide. The video tape is a much better guide that I could attempt to do with still images and a web page. I was able to install the upgrade within about 15 minutes.

What's Included
The iMAXpowr G4 CPU Upgrade package includes:
  • 433MHz G4 iMac CPU module with 1MB of Backside Cache
  • CD with Control Software and Utilities
  • Disposable Anti-Static Wrist Strap (use it)
  • VHS Video Tape Installation Guide
  • Package with shipping instructions to return old module
  • Warranty Registration Card

After installing the software and module, your next boot will display the iMAXpowr G4 logo and you should notice a dramatic boost in performance (I did).

The next page of the review details the hardware (CPU and Cache) of the iMAXpowr G4 upgrade.

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Intro | Benchmarks | Appl/Game Tests | Software Controls | Installation | Specs/Design | Summary

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