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Review: Powerlogix's 1GHz G4 Upgrade for the Cube
Tests vs Original G4/450 and Dual G4/500
By Mike
Published: 8/19/2002
Details of the Powerlogix 1GHz CPU Upgrade
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Note: This review used the 1MB L3 cache version. New models have 2MB of L3 cache in the 1GHz and 800MHz models. Also as of 2003, PL says that the shipping upgrades should have firmware enabled L3 cache without needing the enabler software required for this early sample.

PL 1GHz CPU module
PowerForce 1GHz Series 100
(heatsink removed)

Note that the Powerlogix cards are designed to allow for a 2nd CPU (in future models).
Other than the heatsink, the upgrade module is identical to the AGP version which has a larger finned heatsink and attached fan. Here's a small photo of the AGP version:

Tower Version

CPU/Cache Part Numbers: Here are the part numbers of CPUs and Cache from the review sample. (Note the CPU chip ceramic border shows "7450", but the center contact patch has the "7455" part number, which is a bit hard to read, but verified by PPCchecker also.)

Powerlogix G4/1GHz Series 100 Specs:

  • CPU: Motorola 1GHz 7455 rev: 2.1
    XPC7455 TX1000FC
    (256KB on-chip L2 cache @1GHz)
  • 1MB L3 Cache using Samsung K7A403609B-QC25 (SDR, 250MHz rated)
    (Current models have 2MB of L3 cache)
    (Specs doc is here.)

Note: Later 1GHz and 800MHz models to have 2MB L3 cache (and prices reduced from the original 1MB L3 versions).

CPU ID/revision checked using PPCChecker v2.6.1.

PPC Checker CPU ID
PPC Checker v2.61 CPU ID

The PowerForce G4 1GHz has a 2 year limited warranty. For more info on the PowerForce Series 100, including notes on the power supply, see the PowerForce G4 Series 100 product page.

L3 Cache - SDR vs DDR: Powerlogix uses 1MB of SDR L3 cache (2MB cache models coming soon I hear). Sonnet announced a 2MB DDR cache upgrade for appx $100 less than the original Powerlogix 1GHz price, although they have yet to ship the product. (Originally estimated for August, now shown as September.) Many readers (and myself) have been curious as to how the Sonnet 2MB DDR L3 cache model would compare performance wise to the Powerlogix. Until Sonnet has a product shipping I can't prove the difference, but shortly after this review was published Powerlogix released a white paper (PDF file) on DDR vs SDR L3 cache performance.

For owner reports on CPU upgrades (any brand/mac model), search my Rate Your CPU Upgrade database.

I stress that owners of any upgrade should use it for several weeks at least before posting an entry in my database. If there are problems - contact the vendor immediately, they often can provide a solution or identify the source of the problem.

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