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Radeon 8500 AGP Mac Edition
Preliminary Test Results/First Impressions
By Mike Breeden
Published: 3/4/2002
(This page added 3/7/2002)

Intro | Apps & Game Performance | Benchmark Tests | Software/Controls
Software and TV/Video Controls

To better illustrate the features of the ATI software, below are screenshots showing the various control panel options. Most are self-explanitory. This page shows the OS X software. Due to the number of images, I've created a separate page showing the OS 9 control software. (Since the TV/Video out options/controls are the same in both OS versions, I didn't repeat the TV/Video options/screens on the OS 9 page.)

OS X Radeon Displays CP
OS X 8500 Control Panel

OS X 8500 Control Profile

OS X 8500 DVD DeInterlace

Video Out/Mac2TV Controls:
(OS X shown, OS 9 has identical controls)

OS X 8500 TV Setup
(Dot Crawl correction helps minimize this effect sometimes seen on thin lines with interlaced displays of TVs.)

OS X 8500 TV Sharpness

OS X 8500 TV Controls

OS X 8500 TV Position

Displays Menu Bar Mirroring
(to save space, image was clipped to show only TV resolutions/mirror option)

Display Modes: (Availablility will depend on your monitor's ability to support these resolutions). The image below shows the list of resolutions with the Radeon 8500 Mac Edition when connected to a Sony FW900 (widescreen) CRT monitor. (Later driver udpates may offer more/different resolutions and the selection will vary depending on the monitor used.)

list of resolutions

Note: ATI's 8500 Mac Edition Specs page notes the maximum DVI LCD resolution supported is 1600x1200.

First Look at the Radeon 8500 Mac Edition

Intro | Apps & Game Performance | Benchmark Tests | Software/Controls

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