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The Illustrated Guide to RaveBench (1998)

Village Tronic developed one of the nicest and easiest to use benchmarks for testing Quickdraw 3D RAVE performance that I have seen to date. It tests several QD3D functions, displaying both framerate and a sample of the image quality of the card under test. There are selectable resolutions, a comparison feature and the ability to save test results for future use. Although it's not perfect, often times skipping over some tests as "not supported" when in fact the driver does properly support the feature, it is the best benchmark I've seen for RAVE performance so far.

RaveBench was developed by Village Tronic (, but as of this post date was not on their website. The only source I know of the program is on the cdrom that comes with their 3D Overdrive card.

I'm not sure it's the same v1.11 I used but a reader sent a URL to Ravebench at: (1998)

RaveBench tests the following Quickdraw 3D functions, displaying both a image sample from the card and the framerate for the test. Screenshots depict correct function and good image quality examples (taken from a ATI RagePro card):


The Triangles test draws a dense collection of colored triangles at different depths that are rotated constantly.

Ravebench Triangle test screen


The Mesh test draws a wood textured "VillageTronic" 3D logo that spins 360 degrees. Watch for incorrect texture mapping, or perspective problems.

Ravebench Mesh test screen

Environment Mapping:

The Environment Mapping test draws a textured plane that is rippled like a drop of water on a lake, with lighting effects.

RaveBench Environment Mapping screen


The Movement test displays a clover texture mapped onto a stretched and rapidly moving surface. The texture should stretch with the surface.

RaveBench movement test screen


The Transparency test displays a water-like transparent surface floating over a raised landscape scene. You should be able to see the surfaces below the water surface, otherwise the card does properly support transparency. The ATI and 3Dfx cards were delivered much better image quality in this test than other cards like the Virge based Vision 3D.

RaveBench transparency test


The Intersection test displays a two differently textured surfaces rising up and down, passing through each other. The correct image sample is shown below.

RaveBench Intersections test screen

The images above give you an idea of what the correct image from the test should look like if the card/driver properly supports the feature. Any anomaly or variance from the above samples are indications that the card/driver does not support the feature correctly, or has a driver bug.

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