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OS 9.1 Feedback:
Software Updates/Bugs/Compatibility Reports & Solutions
Last Updated: 4/25/2001

To offload the main news page, I'll list reader reports of OS 9.1 specific issues and any known fixes/workarounds for them here.

I welcome your comments and experiences/bug reports/fixes. Please list your specific Mac model, 3rd party extensions/software and installed hardware (PCI Cards, etc.).

I also welcome comments on improvements seen with OS 9.1. Alsoft's Ask AL column noted that one benefit in OS 9.1 is that the process manager is finally PowerPC native code (not 68K).

"Mac OS 9.1 Process Manager is written in native Power PC code, switching between open applications occurs much faster. This makes your Mac feel a little more responsive. The difference is subtle but noticeable and not just your imagination."

The full CD version of the OS 9.1 update also includes DVD Player v2.3 which allows playing widescreen DVD movies on a Cinema display without having to use the Fkey hack noted on the past Cinema Display review here. To date I have not seen a download (separately) of the DVD 2.3 player. (See below for comments/notes on DVD problems some have seen using the download version of the OS 9.1 update, which seems to only include the hardware decoder DVD player v1.3.)

Apple OS 9.1 Software Links: Here is a list of OS 9.1 and related software download links:

3rd Party Software Updates for OS 9.1 Compatibility: [Submit SW Update Link]

Note: Several users of Norton Personal Firewall 1.0 noted problems with it after the OS 9.1 update. The general tip was to trash the prefs/resinstall the NPF after the OS 9.1 update. (Owner comments are below.)

OS 9.1 Multitasking:
One thing I did notice about OS 9.1 during some recent tests. With Bitheadz's Retro or Unity running with the CPU monitor in the background, on a system running OS 9.04 the CPU/Voices meter (a separate window/background task) would update faster than when running OS 9.1. Under OS 9.1 only after releasing the keys on the on-screen midi keyboard would the CPU/Voice meter be updated. There was some delay in OS 9.04 in the meter update, but still noticable less than with OS 9.1.

USB Modem Issues: Several readers noted USB modems no longer worked after updating to OS 9.1. Here's one reader's comments:

" Hi Mike
I just installed 9.1 on my BW G3 at home, and it will no longer see my Best Data 56K USB modem. Following is a reply from their tech support guys:

    This problem is a known problem with the USB modem on Mac OS 9.1 cause Apple rewrote the Remote Access and this made the modem not to initialize or dial. With this problem the only known solution is to install OS version OS 9.04 or lower. As I said this problem is occuring due to the changes that Apple did which is beyond our control.

Guess I'm going back to 9.0.4! Hope this helps someone else before they go through the frustration I have.
Simon Purll"

If anyone knows of updates that solve this problem for USB modems, let me know.

Apple TILs on OS 9.1:

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DVD/Video/Monitors |  Applications |  System Software |  Games | Hardware
CPU Upgraded Macs | Printers/Scanners | Misc.

Current Compatibility Reports Summary (use links to report problems/fixes):

NOTE: To any webmasters running WebTen (mac web server) - OS 9.1's open transport changes will cause major problems - wait for a WebTen update before considering updating to OS 9.1. (The Update is available as of early March.) As with any working production production system - I'd avoid any updates to a machine that is running well.

Personally I have installed OS 9.1 to one machine - totally pristine G4/500 Dual Processor machine with BTO Radeon, Apple display, etc. - I do not think it was worth it. DVD playback seems more sluggish, and I see no benefit so far to OS 9.1 over 9.04 which was reliable on that machine. Just my $0.02 from what I've seen so far. I won't be putting OS 9.1 on any other machines until I see some real reason to do so.

Check the Discussion Forums here for other comments on OS 9.1, problem/tip reports, etc. (search for OS 9.1 there to see all threads posted on it regardless of forum topic area).

DVD, Video and Monitor Related Issues: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Resetting DDC on Apple Monitors: A reader replied to the earlier post with another tip for owners of Apple's displays:

    " What i did to solve the problem with lost resolution in OS 9.1 was simply to reset DDC on my monitor (Studio Display 17') and then reset the pram.

    1. Enter Studio Displays menu, choose ETC/DDC turn DDC off.
    2. Turn off monitor, then on and set DDC to on.
    3. Reboot computer and reset pram.
    [boot w/Command+Option+P+R keys down, hold until you hear a repeat of the startup chime 3 times. check date and time and other pram stored control panel settings-Mike]

    Voila, it worked perfectly for me.

    My computer specs:
    G4 450
    512 Mb RAM
    AGP Radeon (retail)
    Victor Nilsson"

  • Other Lost Resolutions Tips: Many readers noted 'losing' resolution options in the Monitors control panel after updating to OS 9.1. One of the more common tips here to restore lost resolutions after updates, video card changes, using adapters, etc. is to use Griffin's free SuperRes utility. A reader also wrote to say after the OS 9.1 update resulted in losing 1152x870 mode, he used the Griffin "Force DDC" extension which restored that mode in the Apple Monitors control panel. Both SuperRes and ForceDDC are available at Griffin's Software downloads page.

  • DVD Player 2.3 - Only in Full CD Version of OS 9.1? [Update: One reader reported booting from the system CD and then running the OS 9.1 as recommended by Apple resulted in a DVD 2.3 player update. I just did exactly that on my Gigabit G4/500 - it *did not* update the DVD player, in fact it even removed it from the Apple Menu Items.] A reader reported that even using TomeViewer, the latest DVD Player (software decoding) 2.3 version is not found in either the multi-part or single file version of the downloadable OS 9.1 update. (I used TomeViewer here and saw the same thing.) He noted it was included on the OS 9.1 CD which you can order from Apple. He said that v2.3 added the ability to play VIDEO_TS folders from any drive.

    DVD Player 2.3 also allows playing widescreen DVD movies on a Cinema display without having to use the Fkey hack noted on the past Cinema Display review here. I'm hoping the 2.3 DVD player will be released soon at Apple's software updates page or via OS 9.1's Software Update Control Panel. There is a v1.3 DVD Player in the downloadable OS 9.1 update, but I think that's for the DVD player that requires the B&W G3 (or G4/Yikes) models that had the Rage128 MPEG daughtercard DVD option (and perhaps PB G3 early models with the PCCard DVD decoder).

  • Wired4DVD Extension Problem: (from a forums post here)

    After updating to OS 9.1 the Control Strip does not show up. Trying to start up the Control Strip control panel will result in a message that the Control Strip is unable to be started.
    Traced the problem to the Wired4DVDLib in the extensions folder.
    Transferring the Wired3DVDLib to the Application Support folder in the System Folder and restarting solved the problem.

    [I asked for Wired4DVD software version and he replied]

    I am using Wired4DVD v. 1.2.6

    Another problem related to my OS 9.1 install :
    I have installed OS 9.1 on 2 Legacy computers thus far, both with third party CD/DVD drives (1 an old Pioneer SCSI DVD and the other with a SCSI Toshiba DVD).
    Both have problems mounting Audio CD's resulting in a freeze...cursor moves but nothing else works, necessitating a re-start. Data CD's are read with no problems, DVD movies can be played.

    Have tried various CD/DVD drivers : Apple 's, Radialogic, and CD/DVD TuneUp without success.

    Tomorrow I will try Intech's CD/DVD Speedtools ( although these will not work with the Wired4DVD cards) as well as older versions of the Audio CD and Foreign File Access extensions.
    Anybody encounter the same problem?

  • IX3D Ult. Rez Driver Tips: A reader with an older Mac using the Ult. Rez card sent a note on a driver mix he said offered the best video acceleration.

    " Mike,
    I kept screwing around trying different combinations of drivers and I finally got the video accelleration to work, here's how:

    Control Panel:
    ixView Video Control Software v2.0

    Apple IX3D Graphics Accellerator v1.04 (ships with OS 9)
    ix3D Driver Update v2.0
    ix3D Rave Engine v2.0
    ix3D Memory Manager v2.0

    All options are functional.

    As noted in the FAQ - OWC's tech page has links to download the last IXMicro driver release.

Software (Applications) Related Issues: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Macromedia SoundEdit Issues: A reader writes that OS 9.1 and SoundEdit don't get along:
    " I am the technical director for a small multimedia company using mainly macromedia products. Since we use director heavily we also use SoundEdit as an external editor, with hard to find features like cue point placement and no fuss communication with director. macromedia has for a while said it will no longer update it. Fine, up to 9.1, but now its VERY unstable, can't use it at all. We're stuck!

    updated three machines so far: 2 x (G3 400 b/w ), 9600 All act the same way. When starting to make a recording it freezes for several seconds, crashes during sound format change, crashes with many other tools.

    Thanks for the ear and the great website,
    Tom Scott
    MRC Productions "

    A reader sent a tip (but some readers noted it didn't help)

    "On March 23 you noted a report of SoundEdit and 9.1 not getting along.

    I have 9.1 and SoundEdit 16 (version 2.0.7) running on both a G4/400 and an 8500 upgraded with a G3/250.

    My wife regularly uses SoundEdit on the G4 with no problems. I just tried it on the 8500 and had no crashes.

    There is a catch: 9.1 manages audio input differently than previous OS versions. This seems to prevent some applications (including Apple's own Apple Video Player) from changing the source.

    For SoundEdit to record, I find I have to set the input source using either the control strip or the control panel BEFORE I launch the program. I also can't seem to get the "Recording Options" dialog to come up (nothing happens when I select the menu option), but since I don't use the program regularly, I may just be doing something wrong.

    I suggest that Mr. Scott try booting with a clean OS 9.1 install and set the audio source prior to running SoundEdit.
    Seth Noble - President - Data Expedition, Inc. - "

    Several other readers noted they also had SoundEdit problems in OS 9.1. (Some later wrote to say this did not solve their problems.)

  • Virtual PC version 3: Most reported no problems. See this VPC 3.0x/OS 9.1 display problem tip if you've seen display/graphics problems in VPC 3 after the OS 9.1 update. One report of problems launching VPC v3 after the OS 9.1 update.

  • Photoshop 6/Photographics 1.0 Plugin: [Update: The reader reporting this issue later noted that Extensis said they will be discontinuing this plugin.] A reader sent a report and screenshot on problems using Extensis' Photographics 1.0 plugin with Photoshop 6 after upgrading to OS 9.1.

FYI: A ProTools (Audio) user reported all OK with OS 9.1 on his system.

System Software Problems: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Loss of MS-DOS Disk Format Option: Several readers noted that OS 9.1 removes the option to format disks in MS-DOS format. Even Iomega Tools can't format ZIPs as MS-DOS one reader said.

  • Extensions Manager: One report of problems launching OS 9.1 Extensions Manager. TIP: If you're having problems with Extensions Manager, increasing the RAM allocated to it (Get Info option) is usually a universal fix.

Printer & Scanner Related Issues: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Epson Printer Tips: (added 4/25/2001) A reader replied to the tip below from an Epson 880 owner using OS 9.1:

    " Hi, Mike.
    I have the Epson 880 and the installation of drivers for it worked perfectly for me on my PCI G4 in 9.1. There are two sets of driver installs that Epson recommends for this printer. You should install the Printer driver v6.4bA first, then the EPSON Stylus Driver Updater v 1.0cEs (my guess is without rebooting in the middle if you have a Ti Powerbook). Here is a cut and paste from the North American Epson driver page. At any rate, the printer works fine with no system instability or hangs on startup for me (and has OS X drivers since 10.0 that are pretty complete, actually).
    Joseph Snodgrass

    EPSON Stylus Driver Updater v 1.0cEs
    Macintosh System 7.1x - 9.0 for Macintosh/iMac/DV iMac/PowerMac G3/G4 MAC_STYLUS_UPDATE_10CES.SEA.hqx - 3.8 MB - posted on 12/13/00 This self-extracting file will place a folder on the desktop labeled, "Stylus Driver Updater v1.0cEs". Open the folder and run the ,"Epson Stylus Updater". This updater corrects file operation with Apple Macintosh Manager, improves compatibility with Remote Access, corrects an issue where characters printed from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Appleworks gets clipped or dropped from the right edge of the printed page, and eliminates the issue of dots in the margin when using digital camera correction. It is recommended that you download and install the appropriate Mac OS and Firmware Updates from Apple (
    NOTE: You will need to download and install the latest printer driver for your printer, prior to installing this updater. You can find the latest printer driver on this page.
    Printer driver v6.4bA
    Macintosh 8.5.1 - 9.0
    MSC88064BA.SEA.hqx - 7.4 MB - posted on 1/29/01
    This installer is for the Stylus Color 880 / 880i. It will place a folder on the Desktop labeled, "Stylus Color 880 v6.4bA". Open the folder and run the installer found in the folder labeled Disk1. Read the "README" file on DISK1 for more details.

    Epson's support page is where you can search for drivers for specific printer models.

    Previous tip (added 4/24/2001)

    "Hi Mike-
    This is in reference to your page:

    I have the G4 Powerbook running system 9.1 and an Epson 880 inkjet. When I installed the software, my system gave me an illegal instruction error on startup and I had to restart with the extesnions off.

    While there are no drivers available as of 4/23/01, I did find a work-around that will allow the printer to work without crashing your system on startup:

    Turn off Epson USB PrintClass5 extension.

    It printed text and photos just fine, you just can't see how much ink is left in the cartridges.

    I didn't have the problem mentioned on your page regarding cutting off the Photoshop image.

    As a footnote, I also tried an HP all-in-one model 750 and it had infinitely more problems with OS 9.1: illegal instruction error on startup HP All-in-One Communication software crashed repeatedly with a type 2 error. The Workplace software didn't recognize the scanner's TIFF image. It repeated told me one of the cartridges was out of ink.
    The HP techs had no idea what the problem was.
    Neither company's web site mentions that there aren't drivers for 9.1 or even that there's a problem!

    This may be why the manager at CompUSA has had an awful lot of people with Macs returning Epson and HP printers lately....

  • Epson Stylus 2000P: *Update* - see the Reader feedback below for tips/suggestions. (Note - an Epson 740i owner reported the same problem w/OS 9.1) A new 2001 G4 owner running OS 9.1 reported:

    " I just purchased a G4 and put in an epson Stylus 2000P. The printer will not print an entire Photoshop image, cutting it off on the left hand side. I was told by a senior tech at epson that espon does not have a driver for 9.1 yet. do you know what i can do other than returning the printer, dropping back to 9.06 [OS 9.04? -Mike] which is supported, waiting the possible 3 months for epson to create the driver for 9.1 or what? thank you for any infor you can offer."

    [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Umax Scanner Users: Several Umax scanner users reported not using the Umax Control Strip module was recommended to prevent problems. (either with new G4s, iTunes, etc.)

Game/Video Card Related Issues: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Loss of Mouse in Games: If you're having a problem with Mouse/Controllers in Games like Rune or Unreal Tournament, Jarod Wilson sent a series of reports on problems he saw and what he did to solve the problem. See this page for details.

Hardware Related Issues: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Kensington Optical Mouse: I suspect Kensington needs to update their drivers, but a reader sent a problem report for me to post as a FYI for other Kensington Mouse users upgrading to OS 9.1. The game section about lists a tip that might help in the OS 9.1 Mouse/Game problem report and tip from a reader using a Apple Pro Mouse and Kensinton Turbo Mouse (trackball.)]
    " Hi Mike, I am sending you this info for those of us that have a kensington optical mouse in a box pro.

    I Just updated my Power mac G4 to os 9.1 that was just released. My mouse is an optical mouse in a box pro. I have been using it under os 9.0.4 just fine. The problem I am having is that when I play a game any game the mouse does not work. Period. It works fine on the desktop. I reverted back to 9.0.4 and the mouse works again. If I remove the everything in the extentions folder but mouseworks and the system usb it still does not work in games. Any games, for instance I have tried it

    in Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament , and Deus Ex to no avail. If I remove the kensington startup and usb shim basically dissabling any special functions and turning it into a regular one button mouse it works in games again. I havent been able to talk to kensington so I dont know if there is a fix.
    Shawn Freebairn "

    I just noticed a forum post here where a reader said "a temporary solution, disabling 'usb device extension' which is described as containing the standard apple usb stuff. Restart and it'll work". There's also a Kensington user tip below on using USBoverdrive instead of the Kensington software.

CPU Upgrade Card/Software Compatibility: [Submit Problem or Tip]

  • Powerlogix has released a public beta of their G3/G4 Cache Profiler (v.1.4b1) with OS 9.1 compatibility at

  • Problems with Single G4s Swapped to Dual G4 CPU Modules: 2 readers that had converted a single G4 (pre-Gigabit Ethernet model) to a dual G4 noted problems after updating to OS 9.1.
    (*Update* - See our previous Illustrated Guide to Dual G4 CPU Module Swap posted last year which has a note from a reader with a tip on CPU Plugin versionsthat solved this problem)

    " I have a G4-500 Dual. It was originally a G4-500 single CPU unit, but I managed to trade some consulting work for the dual CPU module.

    System as follows - the above-mentioned dual G4-500 CPU unit, 512 MB RAM, a 2930 SCSI card, 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000, and - what I think is the problem - 3 9GB LVD SCSI drives connected to the Apple-supplied 2940.

    Update to OS 9.1, and the system hangs on boot - sometimes in extension load, sometimes after OS loads, and I am at the finder. I boot from a OS9 or TTPro CD, and the machine still hangs once I get to the finder. Upon installing OS 9 - which replaces the disk drivers - I can boot just fine. Tried to install OS 9.1 again, and same problem.

    (2nd report of problems)

    " I too have the same exact problem. I swapped my single g4 450 processor [non-Gigabit G4 system] card with a dual 450 card. When I installed 9.1 upgrade the computer crashs at random spots during boot up. Sometime it gets as far as Finder only to freeze with 15 seconds after drwaing the desktop. I have swapped memory and reforemated hard drives, both master and slave, installed clean OS 9.0.4 and then [installed] the OS 9.1 update with no luck. I think it has something to do with firmware/single/dual processor upgrade.
    Greg Saulsbury

    Greg later sent Apple System Profiler info noting it had the 2.4 firmware update. So far only one owner of a converted to Dual G4 says he's running OS 9.1 OK. Here's his report where he notes he used a software restore CD from a Gigabit G4 to install OS 9.04 prior to the 9.1 update:

    " My G4 was an earlier (non gigabit) model 400mhz.
    My 9.04 install was from a gigabit ethernet G4 (installed OS by using the MacOS image from the Software Restore CD- another way to get a system install if the system installer wont start on your mac model).

    I welcome other reader reports from anyone that has swapped in a dual G4 and is running OS 9.1.

  • Altivec Support: As noted in my G4 CPU upgrade reviews, you could use TomeViewer to extract the 4 Altivec related OS 9.0/9.04 extensions for use with upgraded older Macs. However OS 9.1 does not have these extensions and removes them during the install. One 9600 owner with G4 CPU upgrade noted after updating to OS 9.1, Newer's Gauge Pro noted that there was no Altivec support. He's testing in Photoshop 6 to see if performance was affected, or if this is just a GuagePro reporting bug. (Update - see this page for reader tests with and without the extensions, and comments on why programs that support Altivec do not usually need them (compiled support already there). OS 9.1 is reported to have Altivec support embedded, rather than separate extensions.

  • Before OS 9.1's final release, a few beta testers reported a problem with Newer Tech's cache enabler software. However so far the Newer Tech Owner Reports have been positive to date.

  • A reader reported all-OK on his list of CPU Upgraded Macs:

    " Just thought I would let your readers know that Mac OS 9.1 works with upgrade cards just fine. I have quite a list of upgraded machines and have not noticed any problems with any of them since Mac OS 9.1 was installed. Complete list below:

    (PB G3) Wall Street 292 upgraded with PowerLogix BlueChip G3 500
    20th Anniversary Mac upgraded with Sonnet Crescendo L2 G3 500
    iMac Rev C upgraded with iMaxPowr G3 466
    Beige G3 DT upgraded with PowerLogix PowerForce G3 ZIF 500 (overclock to 535)
    PowerBook 1400c upgraded with Sonnet Crescendo G3 333
    PowerBook 1400c upgraded with Sonnet Crescendo G3 400

    So I think no one has anything to fear from Mac OS 9.1 and upgrade cards... "

    One reader said that OS 9.1 removes the millions colors option from PowerBook wallstreets?

If you seen any CPU upgrade software/hardware problems with OS 9.1 final release let me know

Improvements/Problems Fixed by OS 9.1: [Submit Improvement/Fix Comment]

    (Nothing yet in this category)

Reader Reports and Comments on OS 9.1:

Virtual PC v3 Problems:

" Hi Mike,
Since I upgraded to 9.1 I get a Fatal Error from VPC 3 every time I launch it. Was just wondering if you had heard from anyone else on this?
Joe Wojdula
Apogee Net Design"

[Submit VPC 3 Problem Report or Tip]

Extension Manager Problems:

" 9.1 killed extensions manager for me, even after an "extensions off" restart. I have tried trashing the EM prefs as well, and it still drops into macsbug with a corrupted heap.

B/W G3, was running 9.04
Scott "

[Submit Ext. Mgr Problem Report or Tip]

ProTools AOK:

" Mike,
Just thought that I'd let you know, I installed OS 9.1 on a GigE G4/400 that is running ProTools on a Digi001 card and it looks like there are no problems. This speaks very well for the update as typically Digidesign software chokes pretty easily on software updates. I had it fail on me doing the 9.0 to 9.0.4 update earlier this year. I decided I'd give it a try on this system and see what happens since I had the time today to go back to 9.0.4 and reset everything if need be. I'm happy to say that I've got 9.1 running and it looks just peachy. Just so that you know the details, this machine has an ATTO ExpressPCI dual bus LVD card with a Plextor 12/4/32 CDRW and Jaz2 hanging off one channel and a 9.1 GB UW HD on the other channel, the stock 20 GB ATA drive, a 30 GB ATA Maxtor drive, an Xclaim VR128 driving a second monitor, and the Digi001 audio card. There a Canon ZR10 hanging off firewire channel 1, a Kensington Expert Mouse Pro, and an SIIG USB flashcard reader. It looks like everything is working just fine. I'll let you know if I stumble across any problems.

The only small glitches that I've had include Explorer losing it's preferences (Had to reset my home page and things like that), when the system restarted after the 9.1 update it ran me through the Setup Assistant and Internet Assistant, which was odd, but all of my old settings were still there, and my default custom settings in Kensington Mouseworks had to be reset, all of the buttons had reset to just "click". Nothing that was a huge pain, just some little oddities.

Have a great day!
Drew Dalzell
Sound Designer
Wasted Monkey Productions "

Another Kensington Mouse Tip: This reader notes using the old standby USB Overdrive:

" Mike,
Just a quick follow up to the 9.1 and mouse problems I was having:
The problem appears to be with Kensington's software. I tried removing the USB Device Extension with no success. After much hand-wringing, I removed the Kensington Mouseworks software and installed USB Overdrive.
All is well with the Pismo now. I don't like the interface nearly as much as Kensington's, but it's completely compatible. I've tried several games as well as most applications.

Other Kensinton Tips/Comments from Readers:

" Mike,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the 9.1/Kensington issue. I actually just installed a USB card in my Umax J700, and connected a Kensington Mouse*In*A*Box Optical Pro to it, without any problems at all. In fact, after removing my existing Mouseworks software (used with my ADB Thinking Mouse), I installed the Mouseworks off the CD that came with the new mouse (version 5.41), and a problem that I'd been having the the preferences resetting themselves after a restart went away.

The thing that might be of note here is that I had 9.1 on my machine -before- I installed the USB card and MouseWorks.
Eric Webster
a.k.a. Mac Man "

" Hi Mike Again, Sorry for all the mail I have been sending you but I think I have found a temporary fix for the Kensington Mouse problems.

I just downloaded the usb ddk for usb 1.4.7f2 and removed all of the usb extensions and shim libs installed by os 9.1.And left all of the other usb shims for iTunes and my kensington Optical mouse pro and my palm in and on. When I restarted its like magic my mouse now works in games and works on everything else!!!!

I wonder if apple new they had a problem....Hmmmmm? Upon reading the usb ddk readme it says that they are migrating all the usb extensions to a final mac os 9 rom so usb extensions won't be needed when that happens at all. They will be in the rom.
Hope this helps all the other mouse problems out there. Funny the file that makes it all work is the usb support extension which if you read the use explanation in the extensinon manager says that it is only needed in macs with usb pci cards. It says that built in ones do not need it but when I turn it off my mouse in games quits working.
Shawn Freebairn "

Newer Tech CPU Upgrade/OS 9.1 Reports:

" Hi Mike,
Just so that you've seen a report, I'm having absolutely no problems running 9.1 on a PTP w/Newer G3 400 and 9 full PCI slots (SBS) including: ICE, Igniter component, 2 Nexus', dual Atto, Asante, Belkin USB, and MotoDV. Some apps I've tried are: After Effects, Commotion, Photoshop, Premiere, FCP, Painter, Netscape Communicator....
and contrary to some reports, the QuickTime 5 dev pre 2 I'm using didn't get overwritten with QT4.12."

Another owner also reported no problems:

"Hi Mike,
I installed 9.1 on a DT G3 w/ Newer Tech G4/450 and am happy to report that everything is working fine. I did have boot up problems at first but I shut the computer down, reset the motherboard and it seemed to boot up fine.
Odd thing though. Macbench cpu and fpu scores went down by 4% after the upgrade. I don't know why.
Take care and thanks for the great site,
David Pircher"

Tip for OS 9.1 and VPC 3.x Graphics Issues: I've had at least 2 reports of display problems (inverted windows, etc.) in Virtual PC 3.0x after updating to OS 9.1. I suggested changing color depth to see if that helped and making sure both the Mac and VPC had the same color depth setting. This has solved two reader's problems. It appears that just certain combinations cause the problem as one reader later reported setting VPC to 16bit and the mac to millions colors also worked. Bottom line is if you see image/display problems, try changing color depth settings in VPC and/or the Mac.-Mike

Epson 2000P Reader Feedback/Tips: (from the 2/6/2001 news page) Several readers sent suggestions and tips.

" Hi Mike,
To respond to the dude's email regarding printing to his Epson 2000P on his G4:

There is a known software bug in the driver, and the workaround is to downsize his image to EXACTLY 12.94 inches and NOT 13". This interim fix works, and Epson is working on a driver update.
(CapitolMac) "

A reader reported no printing problems in OS 9.1 with an Epson 2000:

" I have a G4 Dual 500 and the Epson 2000 running 9.1 it works like a charm, I suggest you try swapping out the vVidia card and put a Radeon or rage in there and see if that works.

[I asked for more info/details-Mike]

I'm using Epson's latest drivers. I have 1.25 gigs of ram. I am not using virtual memory. I have both an Epson 2000 and an Epson 1270, they both work flawlessly with the Dual 500. (They both have certain problems with my Windows Laptops however!! (The ThinkPad A21p cannot print to the 1270 consistently without losing USB connection had the Dell C800 had to uninstall the drivers for the synaptics touchpad!).

I have been using 9.1 since the day it was released from download without any printing problems and I print a lot of Photoshop pictures on A3 size. I now have a retail Radeon card which means that I have a spare Rage 128 AGP card that came with the Dual 500. A friend of mine had several printing problems, all related to Photoshop on his new 533. I lent him the Rage 128 today, so I'll let you know if it makes a difference. He is also reporting odd difficulties with obtaining accurate colour output and suspects that is also related to the vVidia drivers not displaying accurate colours on the screen.
Art Boyle

" Mike, the reader with the Epson 2000P might solve his/hers problem by getting an iProof or similar PostScript RIP... If into graphics it might be a good purchase anyway.
Dragan Cesmedziski "

" I don't have a G4 but he might try this update from the Epson site... Worth a try... Did make a difference on my daughters iMac 350.. Available on the Epson site. [see] He didn't say if he had run this updater?

EPSON Stylus Driver Updater v 1.0cEs
Macintosh System 7.1x - 9.0 for Macintosh/iMac/DV iMac/PowerMac G3/G4 MAC_STYLUS_UPDATE_10CES.SEA.hqx - 3.8 MB - posted on 12/13/00

This self-extracting file will place a folder on the desktop labeled, "Stylus Driver Updater v1.0cEs". Open the folder and run the ,"Epson Stylus Updater". This updater corrects file operation with Apple Macintosh Manager, improves compatibility with Remote Access, corrects an issue where characters printed from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Appleworks gets clipped or dropped from the right edge of the printed page, and eliminates the issue of dots in the margin when using digital camera correction. It is recommended that you download and install the appropriate Mac OS and Firmware Updates from Apple ( "

I don't know if he had this updated applied, but he had talked to Epson support.

" Hi Mike,
I'm not sure if this helps or not, but here's a list of 3rd party software RIP drivers. Some of these, like the Birmy PowerRIP, support the 2000P, but I'm not sure how many of these are updated for OS 9.1.

(see this page)

Some of these are overkill for most users (complexity AND cost), but I think a few of them are under $300 plus you get Postscript support wich is nice for text and vector graphics. The other bonus with a RIP is (usually) better implementation of color management, curves control, and custom ink output settings for each head (cmyk).

Egroups has a focused Epson 2000p list serv.
The Leben Epson list also is a good source for general Epson info.

with the following command in the body of your email message:
subscribe epson-inkjet
Tim "

Norton Personal Firewall Problems after OS 9.1 Update:

A post in the 3/15/2001 news noted a reader had problems with Norton Personal Firewall after upgrading from OS 9.0x to OS 9.1. Several readers suggested removing it (including prefs) and then reinstalling it after the OS 9.1 upgrade.

Another reader noted it ran fine when installed on a system that already had OS 9.1 installed.

" Dear Mike,
In response to: Luigi Cusano of's Personal Firewall issue. I have had NPF for over a month now and have no such problems. I did install it on an existing 9.1 and, with the exception of changing the internet settings panel to get the Norton Update app to get through, it works perfectly. And I have extensions out the wazoo.

I did find that my B/W G3 on a cable modem was already blocking access before installation (NPF gives a report of past attempts at access) so I don't know how important it is to have NPF. I also noticed that AT&T @home scans me 6 times a day to see if there is a news server on my system ... what's up with that?

It's interesting to see the amount of hits I get to enter the system from all over the world. Especially Trojan horses targeted toward the PC.
Steve Mitchell

I welcome your comments and experiences/bug reports/fixes regarding OS 9.1. Please list your specific Mac model, 3rd party extensions/software and installed hardware (PCI Cards, etc.).


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