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Reader reports on OS X 10.2.1 Update
First Posting: 9/18/2002
Last update: 9/20/2002 1:00 PM EST for more reports

10.2.1 Update Info: (Available via Software Update)
    "The 10.2.1 Update delivers enhancements and improvements to the following applications, technologies and components: Mail, Image Capture, Help Viewer, graphics, printing, networking, Rendezvous, Kerberos, USB, FireWire, SCSI device compatibility and includes additional Digital Hub peripheral device support.
    For detailed information on this Update, please visit
    http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n107036 "

The update shows Build 6D52. See the Kbase doc for a list of changes and install info.

I almost hesitate to mention it without more testing, but after the 10.2.1 update for the first time since installing 10.2 I can switch resolutions several times with the DVI Cinema display and not lose video. Hopefully that issue is really fixed in 10.2.1.

Note on Modified CDRW Support Plugins: Many OS updates including 10.2.1 will overwrite the (modified) plugin files - so you'll need to reinstall the modified file again. (Ensuring it is file made to work with 10.2)

If this update fixes a problem you had in 10.2.0 (or causes a problem), let me know the details.
Especially interested if any Powerbook/iBook owners noted better battery life after the update. (That was a common complaint with 10.2 based on reader reports.)

Reader Reports on 10.2.1 Update: (most recent first, more coming in all the time.)

" Hello Mike,
As for your 10.2.1 update feedback, I would like to add a bug we ourselves are experiencing, which is not fixed by 10.2.1 (like I hoped).

Machine: G4 QuickSilver DP 800
Memory: 1250 MB (also tried 1000 MB)
OS: 10.2.x (probably present before that but not this severe)
Application: Final Cut Pro 3.0.2
Additional Hardware: Aja Kona SD, ATTO SCSI, Stealth serialport.

Final Cut Pro unexpectedly quits when using the timeline extensively. Happens when using 10bit uncompressed video but also when using DV material but less frequently. Problems also occur on an identical machine with or without the Kona card.
At the IBC tradeshow Apple confirmed this problem (they stated it occured on several FCP setups).

I would like to know if there are more people with fine working pre-jaguar setups that are now experiencing problems.
Igor "

Send email reports to add here. (I can't personally reply to all mails - swamped here in them and work, but thanks to all that send info.)

Voodoo 3 PCI card comments (never any OS X drivers for 3dfx cards, no acceleration or 3d/game support but some users still ran them.)

" I have a G4 /733 QS, and use a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card to push a second monitor. The card worked under 10.1.5, but stopped in 10.2. I got it to work temporarily in 10.1..5 by pulling AGP card and making Jag use the PCI card for vid., but this works until I reboot into OS9 (Still waiting for Steinberg to release SX and i don't think echo will be writing OSX drivers for their 20 bit sound cards).
If I got back to Jag, the PCI card is unrecognized. When I updated to 10.2.1 the card worked again, but that was a premature hooray, because, once again, when I went to OS9 then back to 10, the PCI card quit. Starting OS10 with the shift key makes the card work, but I don't know what all is being disabled when i do this- I assume Quartz is the problem, and holding down the shift key disables Quartz. I'd love to find a workaround.
Thanks for all of your site's great information and for support for us music and audio production guys.
Rick "

One Voodoo3 3000 PCI owner noted his card worked with Jaguar in this thread but another reader noted his didn't in this thread.

" Hello Mike,
I also want to note massive probs with my Sarotech Cutie! firewire case (oxford 911 bridge), equipped with an IBM travelstar 12GB drive under 10.2 and 10.2.1.

If (!) the drive appears, everything is fine, no slowdown, no system halt. But in most cases the drive will not appear, instead, the spinning beachball will spin forever. When I unplug the drive (while the cursor is spinning), a warning message appears, telling me that I have disconnected a drive, wich failed in one or more test and that would contain files, not recognazible by the OS. Then After plugging the drive immediately back in, the alert dissappears, but the drive will not show up. When booting into classic (right after), the drive will show up, but in most cases the finder tells me that the volume is damaged and has to be repaired. Disk First Aid did this several times, but Norton had to help for 2 times too.

So what's the matter with the oxford bridge? My old (red/yellow) VST fw drive connects without any problems.
Bene "

" On a QS 733 (1.5 GB, 80 GB Maxtor drive) on a Win 2000 network and server, I have been working OK on 10.2 until 10.2.1. All network printing died after upgrading to 10.2.1. Will not preview or save as PDF - get a printing error dialog, sometimes error -30869. Installed Dave 4 beta but no luck. I'm shifting to 10.1.5 for interim.
Dennis P. "

" I have a base dual 1ghz DDR mac with 256 mb ram. Just purchased it the other day and installed the OS 10.2.1 update. For the most part, all seems well however, I've been noticing a couple of small problems.
I have an external Western Digital 10gb Firewire drive that will prevent OS 9.2 from starting up, extension or no extensions, if the drive is turned off while connected to the computer via its firewire cable. If I turn the drive on before starting up, OS 9 and Classic boots fine. Leave the drive off....no go. OS 10.2.1 will boot with the drive off...but Classic hangs. Anyone having problems with classic hanging and they have a Western Digital External firewire harddrive...make sure the drive is turned on and properly mounted in X before starting classic. This particular drive also caused problems with a beige G3 and a RocketFire Firewire card. If the drive was connected, but not turned on...it would allow the Beige to boot in 9, but couldn't shut down. Weird.

I also do a lot of 3d work and I've discovered problems with the OS 10.2.1 update and Electric Image Universe 4.0.8. Camera will not render. In addition, I use Maya 3.5.1 at work and OS 10.2.1 causes a couple of redraw errors in the preference dialog box. Text disappears. My limited amount of RAM maybe causing some of these issues, so I'll let you know if anything improves once I get my RAM upgrade.
Brian P. "

" Mike,
Since going to Jaguar I've had numerous kernel panics upon startup and mysterious errors that recurred often. so far 10.2.1 seems to have settled my system down. I've had a couple of freezes. but after doing a permission repair from the jag CD seems to have helped.

B&W G3/350 rev. 1 DVD 512MB Sonnet Tempo ATA/100 (ultratek100+ firmware 2.2.3) Original Quantum 6gb on original ata/33 bus, booting from Maxtor 40GB on sonnet card.
--James "

The Sonnet ATA/100 card (promise chip based) is one of the cards noted as having problems in 10.2 and 10.2.1. (Here on this page and on the past page here of problem reports with those cards.)

" I was hoping that the update will solve incompatibility with UDF 1.5 disks (Direct CD) that came up with the Jaguar install. It appears that Apple does not care as well as Roxio for all of us stranded with hundreds of GB of data in this disk format. While it appears that Roxio was discouraged to work on DirectCD version for OS X by the Finder ability to burn CDs, at least Apple should have supplied us with an option to be able to read those disks under OS X.

As it stands now, I wonder if I will purchase a new hardware after January that can not boot in OS 9 if all the old (and new) data is coming in DirectCD format. It is hard as it is to keep Macs in PC only environment.
Grigoriy "

" The 10.2.1 was supposed to fix the problem when using a LaserJet 4MV which crashed under most apps when printing under 10.2. However, the problem still remains.
Robert H. "

" Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that 10.2.1 fixed my problems with an external SCSI DVD-ROM.

I had posted to the forums that under 10.2, my Pioneer 305s in an external case off of an Adaptec 2930 would not mount DVD's. None of the other SCSI work arounds worked, but luckily 10.2.1 fixed it. I can now watch DVD movies through VideoLan again.
Eric P "

" System: Pismo Powerbook (upgraded to G4/500 Powerlogix) w/768MB ram.

The big thing I noticed when I installed 10.2 a while back was my powerbook didn't immediately (almost) go to sleep upon closing my cover any more. It probably took up to 15 seconds.
Now after updating to 10.2.1... It's much faster again. I won't say it's as fast as it was running 10.1.5, but it's pretty darned close.
They've obviously tweaked more system under workings than they've let on in the initial release blurb.
-Steve T "

" ever since i loaded the 10.2.1 and iTunes update i can no longer drag anything system wide. i can't move anything to or from the dock. i can't move files around in a folder or move a file on the desktop to the trash. it's only been a problem on my desktop though my laptop went through the updates just fine.
g4 400 agp
ibook 2001 (white)
matt "

" OS X.2.1 fixed my printing problem. After Jaguar 'broke' the print driver for my Brother 9800 multi-function center http://www.brother.com/usa/fax/info/mfc9800/mfc9800_ove.html, Brother posted a message on their web site about the problem and a table of affected machines http://www.brother.com/E-ftp/macosxstate.htm, but no new drives as of yet.

However, after the OS X.2.1 update, the broken drivers are now working. My 9800 showed up automatically in the Print Center immediately after the upgrade and I have not noticed any difference in print function or quality since before the Jaguar upgrade broke them.

Of course, Brother will likely post a new print driver that fixes something that I haven't noticed they even have a sign-up link to be notified http://www.brotheraskus.com/mac/driverrequest.asp. Fortunately for me, I'm now able to print while I wait for Brother and Apple to settle their differences.
Pete "

" Hi,
OS X 10.2.1 works perfect, so did 10.2.
I just found that deleting all far eastern fonts from the System>library>fonts and Library>fonts, made the system MUCH snappier.

B G3 rev.1 upgraded XLR8 G4 500 (L2CacheConfig). 1GB Memory.
2 IBM 60 GB connected to UltraTek 66 ata controler with the OS X firmware.
1 Maxtor 40 GB on the system ata.
OWC 3 port firewire PCI.
Firewire (CompuCable oxf. 911) case with Teac 524E.
Firewire OWC Hard drive.
Pioneer 104 DVD-R as internal drive.
Original Rage 128 video card
Thanks for the great work,
Gil "

" Hi Mike,
I'm still missing the OVERSCAN feature in Video-Out mode for my iBook. It was last seen in OS 9 :-( Posted some feedbacks to Apple, but I'm like the lonely caller in the desert...
Chris "

" Hi,
I just wanted to let you know, that after updating to 10.2.1, I once again lost support for my Lite-On 32x12x40 CDRW. But I'm happy to report that once I reapplied the hacked 10.2 device plugin, everything works great. Thanks for this amazing site it's truly been a life saver. I check your site many times a day. Keep up the great work.
Daniel S. Beige G3 266 DT (Sonnet Encore ZIF 500 mhz)
448 megs of ram
ATI Radeon 7000 PCI ( Quartz Extreme enabled. Nothing negative to report there. Everything seems to run just as smooth. Even Quicktime Movies)
Internal SCSI Yamaha 4x4x16 CDRW. ( ASP says it fully supported, but it won't burn at all in any version of OS X)
Internal IDE Lite-On 32x12x40 CDRW. Once again fully supported
3- Internal IDE Western Digital 30 gig 7200 RPM HD's
Internal SCSI Zip 100

All crammed into a PC ATX Mid Tower. Thanks to this Site. "

" got a dual gig quicksilver and just updated to 10.2.1. Good news is my brother mfc 9600 (paid $500 bucks for a laser all in one and come to find out half the crap it does won't do it on a mac!) but that is a different story all together. anyway it now works in in 10.2.1 (just printing as of yet). it (happened) all the way up to 10.1.? but not 10.2. Bad news is now my computer will not go to sleep from either the front button or apple menu and i checked the energy panel and nothing has changed. you push the button and it sleep for one second and the comes back on.
Christian G "

" Under 10.1.5 if I plugged in a mouse or other USB device while my iBook 600 was asleep it would not appear when waking up the computer.

10.2.1 update fixes this problem (as it states in the release notes). I can now plug in my mouse while the computer is asleep and it is recognized on wakeup.
Brennan P. "

" Hi Mike,
Just to let you know, updating to Mac OS 10.2.1 solved the problem with Ratoc's CB-31 Pismo PC-Card SCSI adapter. It works fine now with my jaz drive. Still the devices on Apple System Profiler are funny, it lists the jaz drive as a Hard Drive connected to the Bus.
The good thing is that it works.
Gustavo "

" mike:
regarding things fixed in OS X 10.2.1, i've had problems with only emails to certain addresses getting bounced after about 5 days to certain email addresses. i use the UNIX sendmail utility to use my iMac as an SMTP server. the original leaked knowledge base article did mention a fix to sendmail and everything seems to be working fine now!
scott n "

" Hi Mike,
I upgraded my Biege G4 400 to 10.2 from version 10.1.5 and I've been having very bad system freezes, just like in good old OS 9! I installed 10.2 from new, i.e. reformated my main hard drive, didn't bother with the upgrade install. Thing is I never had any problems with 10.1.5, the odd Kernel panic and the odd application crash but I never had a complete system freeze that forced me to reboot. I think I've had about 10/15 freezes this week, and I had 3 last night. It has to be down to hardware as I did make some upgrades when I moved to 10.2. Here's my machine spec with the items I added:

Biege desktop G4 400
OS X 10.2.1
OS 9.2.2
448mb Ram with Radeon 32mb pci
41.1gb IBM ide harddrive & 9.1gb IBM scsi harddrive
Acard ATA 66 pci card (added this for 10.2)
Acard 40mb scsi card (added this for 10.2)
100mb Zip drive
Sony 140E Cd-rw

The processor is an OWC zif. I was using the XLR8 Cache controller but switched to the Powerlogix one as I had read about problems with between 10.2 and the XLR8 controller. I thought maybe there was a problem with the cache controller and it being set too high. It was at 200mhz for the backside cache, so I dropped it to 167mhz (I think). But I had it set at 200mhz using the XLR8 controller under 10.1.5 and I had no problems.

The ata card has been upgraded to the latest firmware. The scsi card has no driver support in X so I have OS 9 booting of the scsi drive connected to the scsi card. I also have an Adaptec 2930 scsi card so I will try swapping that back in, since its supported. But since the system isn't running off that hard drive (OS 9 is) it shouldn't cause a problem. But then again who knows.

I am a bit reluctant to do a reinstall of 10.2, as I'm pretty certain its a hardware issue. A friend of mine who was having similar lockups said he ran the disk repair utility on his main drive and that seems to have fixed his. Might give that a go. But I do remember noting that when I tried this before I was told I couldn't run repairs on the system disk.

It would be interesting if anyone has been having as many system freezes as I am. Oh and another querk I get is this, I never see the much talked about grey Mac logo startup screen. By the time my monitor (Iiyama 17" pro model) comes to life X is halfway through the startup screen. Strange.
As always a great site!
Hope you can help,
Niall "

" My Brother DCP-1200 printer/scanner stopped printing after I installed 10.2. I was able to get it to print again after installing 10.2.1. The scanner, however, does not function yet. No new drivers from Brother are available.

Internet Explorer seems slower in loading pages than it did under 10.2.
Phil R "

Some have noted IE seems faster after the update (things like this are very subjective and system (and even net traffic) dependent.

(reports added 9/19/2002 and earlier follow)

" I can use my Agfa Snapscan 1236S with Snapscan software again. I lost it with the update to 10.2. It worked if I used Vuescan before I upgraded. VPC also works better. I still loose sound if I have Itunes playing when I launch VPC. That may be some kind of problem related to 10.2 on old world macs.
All else seems to be working as well as before.
Kevin B. "

Another report of a SCSI Scanner working:

" Just wanted to let you know that 10.2.1 finally let's me use my Umax 1220S connected to a 2906. Previously, the scanner would show up in system profiler, but no app could see it.
colin "

Another report of Firewire hard drives affecting system performance

" Mike,
I noticed someone also named Daniel mention that his OWC Oxford911 FireWire external HDD bring 10.2.1 to a crawl. On my Pismo 500MHz Powerbook (1gig/40gig), the same happens to me with my VST FireWire Hard Drive (blue 20gig version). Strangely, if I switch the cable on the back of the drive to the other plug, it works fine. The drive is getting power when it's connected and "crawling the system", by the way.
Daniel "

" Hi Mike!
just one quick fix I found in 10.2.1
I often use Pitbull (hotline client) version 2.3.2 and on 10.2 it always crashed on quir. Now it doesn't anymore :-)
It wasn't a big issue, because it worked anyway very fine under 10.2, but I'm glad it had been fixed :-)
Emanuele "

I'm replying to this post in your 10.2.1 Update report:
    "Mike, With respect to the problems with the Sonnet ATA/100 card, I have a rev 1 B&W G3 and have had mysterious problems with Mac OS X 10.2. I had problems installing, but eventually it did work. I now get kernal panics on a somewhat regular basis. What I am wonder is, has anyone had any problems using the VST Ultratek/66 (has the Promise chipset as well) with Jaguar?
    Steve "

The rev 1 B&W G3 / 10.2 /VST ATA/66 combination has been working fine for me. I also have a Grappler SCSI card which works fine in 10.2.

Before Jaguar, I had been using 9.2.2. I applied the OWC firmware update, wiped the Maxtor HD that was connected to the VST card, and installed 10.2. Installation went smoothly, no problems booting off of the Maxtor, and no kernel panics so far. I haven't run the 10.2.1 update yet.
Your site is a great resource. Thanks.
Roberto K. "

Another VST card owner (using the OWC OS X firmware update I assume) wrote:

" Mike,
Here's my system:
PL g3 375 OC'd to 420
832 meg ram
VST card with these connected:
40 gig Barracuda
10 gig Maxtor
Generic 32x cdrw
Lg dvd rom drive
usb card
Ati radeon pci
OSX 10.2.1

10.2.1 fixed cd burning in toast 5.1.4. Before it would say 1 minute to burn and would actually take 10 minutes, now it is MUCH close to the 1 minute time. My major problem (not really, i don't use it much) is that I lost classic support. I was running the 10.2.1 beta 6D42 for a few weeks and didn't notice either of these 2 changes. My install was an upgrade of beta C115 of 10.1.5, and then the 10.2.1 beta followed by the final.
thanks for the site
Andrew V. "

" Mike-
I was previously running 10.2.1 (6D42) and everything was fine, minus the fact that my old AGFA scsi scanner wouldn't work. I updated to Apple's 6D52 today, and to my dismay, I cannot get classic to start up at all, nor can I get disc images to mount unless I go thru toast. Is my only solution a complete reinstall? I have tried the repair privs utility, but it unexpectedly quits. This is the case on 3 different machines. Exact same symptoms. 1 B&W upgraded w/ Sonnet G4/500/512MB, 1 ibook 300MHz/266MB, and 1 iMac 350MHz/320MB. I would prefer to avoid a complete reinstall for obvious reasons. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Mike H. "

I have not had a classic startup problem on my two 10.2.1 updated machines, but I asked Mike for more info (what OS 9 version installed? on same disk/partion?). I also suggested he search Apple's support page knowledgebase for tips (searching for 'classic won't start' shows several docs on the issue - which may or may not help.) Meanwhile, suggestions for him welcome.

" Mike -
I'm fairly underwhelmed with Jaguar so far. I haven't had a chance to try out any of the new features, because I've been too busy trying to recover previous functionality. Here's my configuration:

PowerMac G4 Gigabit Ethernet 500DP
Stock ATI Radeon w/ Samsung 770TFT analog LCD attached to VGA port ATI Nexus 128 PCI w/ Samsung 770TFT analog LCD attached to VGA port
ATTO PCI UL3D SCSI Adapter w/ Seagate Cheetahs attached striped with Apple RAID
SIIG ATA/133 Card with Maxtor 160Gb disk attached one channel (this is the 10.2.1 boot volume) and the stock 20Gb IBM disk attached on the other channel
Stock internal Apple DVD-RAM drive
Internal 250Mb Zip Drive
VST USB Hub attached to one USB port
Apple Pro Keyboard, Logitech Wireless Mouse Receiver
VST Tri-Media Reader, Sony Memory Stick Reader
Belkin UPS attached to 2nd USB port
Epson 1640 Perfection Scanner attached to FireWire port (usually off)
EZQuest Boa CDR/CDRW attached to FireWire port (usually off)
Old Apple Pro speakers
Microphone attached

This system has been rock solid from Mac OS 8.x through 10.1.5. Under 10.2 and 10.2.1, CDs, Zip disks and Sony Memory Sticks no longer automount in the Finder. I can force the issue from the Terminal app by using 'mount' and 'umount' and relaunching the Finder, but that's a real pain.
Brian D. "

" Hi Mike,
Not much of note to report: installed 10.2.1 straight over a vanilla 10.2 installation (which already had iTunes 3.0.1 on it)... and everything just works (to coin a phrase), much as it did before (I must just be horribly lucky, I don't seem to get all the problems everyone else reports!).

I'm not convinced that Help Center is actually any faster than before, but there does seem to be an speed-increase in Dock-minimisation animations, which suggests the promised Quartz Extreme improvements have made the cut.

The only thing I'm waiting to find out about (and it's going to take a week or so) is the slow wake-from-Sleep issue, where the drive spins up, and the system seems to emerge from Sleep but shows no image on the monitor and doesn't power up USB peripherals (keyboard, mouse, you know, the important ones!). Experimentation has shown that it does wake eventually, but the delay gets longer the longer the system has been up... MacJanitor and repairing permissions don't make any odds, but after a restart, waking is instant again. We'll see.
G4 Cube 450 (with fan)
GeForce 2MX video card
Apple Flat Panel Display
Keep up the good work.
jof "

Wake from sleep with my PB G4/800 in 10.2.1 in literally instantaneous (internal LCD only used).

" Mike,
Just to let you know that my Dr Bott 4 USB hub which prevented my Quicksilver 867 sleeping under 10.2, is no longer a problem under 10.2.1.
Peter S. "

Scot later noted via email that the tip below worked.

" Mike, Scot's problem

    " Since updating to Mac OS X 10.2.1 I can't print to a networked HP 970CSe. The printer is networked through an HP JetDirect print server and shows up in the list of AppleTalk printers in Print Center. When I try to print to it, the job is added to the queue, but it never prints. Checking in Print Center reveals that the job is stalled at trying to open a connection to the printer. Printing worked fine before the upgrade... -- Scot" "

sounds suspiciously like a problem I've had since 10.1.x with a JetDirect-connected DeskJet 935C: print jobs just stall at "Opening printer connection". 10.2.1 makes the situation no better and no worse for me.
The workaround I've discovered is to print a job -- even if it's just a blank page -- using some other driver (either the GIMP- Print pcl-900 driver or the DeskJet driver from Classic). After that, OS X printing with the HP driver works until I have to reset my network equipment for whatever reason. I have contacted HP about this and have apparently gotten past their front-line tech support.
Alan "

" Mike,
Since the 10.2.1 update I have noticed a few issues and would like to know if anyone else has seen these. Dual 1ghz stock all around except for an ATA card an additional three hard drives. The system will automatically reboot after shutting down. Not sure why this would happen but it started after I updated to 10.2 and continues into 10.2.1.
The other interesting thing is that Classic will now often freeze on startup in OS 10.2.1 and have to reboot completely. Those are the most obvious issues I have noticed so far and would like to know if anyone has come across them as well.
Mike P. "

I've not seen this with 10.2.1 personally. the classic startup freeze sounds like an extensions issue (try starting classic w/o extensions). Also try searching apple's support page knowledge base, not always an answer there, but worth checking. And I keep harping on it, but even with clean 10.2 install I have seen permissions errors fixed/shown by booting from 10.2 CD and running disk util/repair disk priviliges. May not help at all but just a fyi that it also seems to improve performance.

Note on Mail app fix:

" hi mike,
installed 10.2.1 yesterday. only problem so far was mail didn't seem to want to open. the installer apparently placed a dummy app in my applications folder. when i clicked on the mail icon in dock the dummy app would show up and then quit right away. i read in the forums that other people have had this problem but didn't see a fix for it so i thought i would write u to say that all i had to do was trash the dummy app and mail works fine (i'm using it to send u this:). it is probably worth mentioning that i have all my applications in subdirectories of my applications directory. (Note - it's not recommended to put apps in subfolders in the Apps folder, or moving apple installed apps. A common source of problems with updates.-Mike)
G4 400 AGP
768 MB
Tinkertool is only 3rd party add on i have installed.
Chris H "

" Hi Mike:
3 reports -

10.2.1 has apparently fixed an intermittent problem with Now Contact 4.2.1, which used to quit 'unexpectedly" whenever I quit and/or logged out of the system. It has only been a day since I installed 10.2.1, but this problem seems to have stopped.

Also, as others have already reported, SCSI CD burning (Adaptec OEM card and Yamaha 6x4x16 CDRW) works again.

And, best of all, iPod/Firewire problems seem to have been repaired. In 10.1.5, updating my iPod would time out after transferring a few songs, and I had to hot unplug/replug my Firewire drive(s) to restore functionality with itunes. This problem has been addressed. Yayyy!
Seth A.

" Going from 10.1.5 to 10.2 made me leave my Sony Spressa USB CD-RW behind (early CRX-100E/X model) -- 10.2 no longer recognized it as a valid CD burner. My 3rd-party burner software is Discribe, and it,too could no longer recognize the Spressa as a CD writer. Yesterday, I installed the OS 10.2.1 update and I see that I can again burn CDs from the Finder, and Discribe now recognizes the Spressa as a valid burner again. The folks at Charismac were aware that 10.2 "broke" Discribe (hence their $99 offer this summer of a FireWire case that accepts the Spressa internals). The tech I exchanged e-mails with seemed surprised to learn that the Spressa drive was back in action after the 10.2.1 update.
John H. "

" Does it seem that to everybody that Unsupported machines seem to have less problems with X and upgrades?
Anyway, 10.2.1 and iTunes seem quite stable on my upgraded 7300. I installed from the Software Update preference panel, rebooted and I'm chugging along quite well.

My system is a little quicker after the 10.2.1 update, and installing over my prefs (Mail, etc.) has caused no loss of data. One thing that makes me happy is that iTunes now does not give me and clicks/artifacts with highly compressed MP3s.
My system:
7300/XLR8 450Mhz w/336Megs
Sonnet ATA 66 card
Orange Link USB 2.0/FireWire card (Epson 777 printer, Canoscan 670U, and Logitech Cordless Mouse connected to it.)
Radeon for Mac 2000 (Extreme hack installed)
Yamaha 8424S (connected to the built in SCSI)
Myrddin "

" Hi Mike,
I saw this post on your reports page:

    "Dear Mike:
    I have problems in 10.2.1. My machine is UMAX Pulsar + XLR8 G3/400 + 384MB DRAM + Acard ATA66. XPF 2.2.2

    My ADB keyboard did not work in 10.2.1. It did work under 10.2.1 6D46 but began to fail from 6D51...."

A solution to this was posted on Mac Bidouille:
Here's the translation:

    "The 'loss of the internal keyboard' problem is familiar to ADC members who had the intermediate builds (normally confidential) and who did not remove the old package before installing the new one (e.g. D51 on top of D46). This happened to me (but my USB keyboard worked [plugged into the external USB port]). I asked ADC about it and they told me what to do: just remove the 10.2.1 receipt from /Library/Receipts (/Library/Receipts/MacOSXUpdate10.2.1.pkg) before you install a new build. This problem shouldn't affect non-ADC users as they normally don't have access to the intermediate builds."

I've heard of this affecting a Wallstreet I, an iBook, and a TiBook before, but never a desktop.
John J. "

" Hey Mike,
I got an e-mail from sonnet tech about my tempo ATA 133 card that I purchased after they told me it was 10.2 compatible. They now state that their star tech is working on a firmware patch that will fix the bug that we are all having. They hope that it will be available in about a week. They issued me a RMA number to return my card to them but suggested I hold on to it since all will be well soon.

Hope this clarifies this issue. BTW they stated that the problem was not apparent until the final release of os X 10.2
David S. "

" I too am having a problem with my Mac not getting past the blue screen after updating to MacOS X 10.2.1. I have a B/W G3 upgraded with an XLR8 Mach Zif G4 500mhz mpe card and 1gig of ram. The Mac was running perfectly prior to the update, has anyone given any clue as to what can be the cause. I've tried fixing the permissions with the MacOS X CD disk utility and it was no help. I wanted to try a few things from CTRL-S but once it gets to the prompt I don't have any keyboard functionality to type. It looks like I might have to do a clean install (again).
Mel "

Not all B&W G3/G4 upgrade owners had this problem though.

10.2/10.2.1 Loss of Monitor Settings Workaround (from a reader email today - hopefully this will help those like the Sony 300 series monitor user that noted a problem on the 10.2.1 update reports page here. The 10.2 EDID data issue was noted here last week.)

"10.2/10.2.1 Loss of Monitor Settings Workaround
Hello -
The problems where monitor color settings in the Display System Preferences won't stick, e.g., the failure to read the monitor's EDID data to generate a default ColorSync profile, are still present in Mac OS X 10.2.1, unfortunately. However, an engineer whom I can't publicly identify (but whom I thank profusely for their quick help) gave me the following *unofficial and unsupported* fix which appears to address the issue completely. If I were a gambling man, I'd say the chances that this fix appears in an Apple KB article shortly and that the root problem is definitely gone in 10.2.2 are quite high. But that's just my opinion. ;->

ColorSync pulls the name of the monitor from the EDID data, and tries to generate a default profile with that name. Unfortunately, if that name has a '/' in it, Jaguar's version of ColorSync will be confused by that and not generate a profile. ColorSync in 10.1.x does not have this issue. Here's the workaround:

1) Open the Display System Preferences and take note of the name in the title bar. If there is not a '/' in the name, this workaround does not apply to you. In my case, the name is 'S/M 770TFT' - a Samsung SyncMaster 770TFT analog LCD flat panel display.

2) As the administrator user, backup and then use TextEdit (make sure that it is not already running) to edit the following file:

I prefer to use the Terminal.app to do this, but there are other ways.

% cd
% sudo cp -p Localizable.strings Localizable.strings.bak
% sudo
/Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit Localizable.strings

It's important to use TextEdit to do this, because this file is in UTF-8 (Unicode) format, and TextEdit is the easiest way to modify it.

3) Add a line of the following form to the bottom of the file:

"<Name from step 1>" = "<Some name without any '/' characters in it>"

For example,
"S/M 770TFT" = "Samsung 770TFT"

4) Save the file and quit TextEdit.
5) Restart your machine.

The problem should now be fixed. This will also cause these troublesome monitors to start appearing in the Devices pane of the ColorSync Utility.
Cheers -
Brian "

" Since updating to Mac OS X 10.2.1 I can't print to a networked HP 970CSe. The printer is networked through an HP JetDirect print server and shows up in the list of AppleTalk printers in Print Center. When I try to print to it, the job is added to the queue, but it never prints. Checking in Print Center reveals that the job is stalled at trying to open a connection to the printer. Printing worked fine before the upgrade...
-- Scot "

*Update - see this later post for a tip that Scot later wrote worked:

    "It worked! Thanks a lot for the tip about printing to my networked HP 970CSe. I don't understand why it worked, but I'm glad that it did.

" Mike:
The 10.2.1 update seems to have fixed my problems with DHCP-connection-after-waking-from-sleep on my indigo iBook.
Chris "

" Hi Mike
Mac OS X 10.2.1 update fixed a problem I had been experiencing after upgrading my PowerBook G4 800 from 10.1.5 to 10.2 (clean install, reformatted by hard drive).
The problem was that when I put my machine to sleep when it had an Apple keyboard and a Logitech wheel mouse connected it would never wake up from sleep. The hard drive would spin back and CDs would start spinning, but the display would stay black. Now this is fixed and my machine wakes from sleep even with all these peripherals connected.
petteri "

Another Promise chip based Sonnet card Jaguar problem report:

" Mike,
OS 10.2.1 still has the annoying problem with a hd attached to the Tempo Trio.

I am able to install the Tempo Trio attached 20 gig WD, but it is far from stable. Usually 3 to 4 resarts later the system will not boot, or if it does everything on the hd will be corrupted or at the bsd prompt.

Works like a champ when using the internal bus with both the original hd and the 20 gig wd. I even flashed the trio with the new large drive firmware dated Aug 22 from the Sonnet site just for kicks.

Also, firewire devices and usb devices still do not appear in the profiler, however they do work.
My system:
Beige G3/266 revision B rom
Newer Tech G3 400 oc to 434
512 megs of ram
ATI Radeon 7000
Original 4 gig on internal bus
20 gig 7200 RPM WD on Trio
Internal Zip Drive
Internal Yamaha 4416e cdrw that works in disk burn at itunes in 10.2
(original 24x cd used for install).
Canon Lide 30 Scanner
Olympus C4040 digital camera

BTW...this setup was rock solid in 10.1.5
Brian H "

It was hoped that the 10.2.1 update would fix this, but the other option mentioned was a firmware update - but no idea if that will happen. All I can suggest is owners write sonnet tech support. (I can't post the reader's copies of tech support mail replies since they include 'confidential' footers in the mails.)

" Mike,
With respect to the problems with the Sonnet ATA/100 card, I have a rev 1 B&W G3 and have had mysterious problems with Mac OS X 10.2. I had problems installing, but eventually it did work. I now get kernal panics on a somewhat regular basis. What I am wonder is, has anyone had any problems using the VST Ultratek/66 (has the Promise chipset as well) with Jaguar?
Steve "

OWC had a firmware update for the card for use with OS X but I don't remember if I've read any reports from VST ATA/66 card owners on 10.2. Other reports from card owners are welcome for posting here. *Update* - another VST ATA/66 owner replied to this post reporting it worked with 10.2.

" Mike,
As stated in the release notes, 10.2.1 fixed a problem I had with Mail - all outgoing email on my cable modem account was being rejected by my SMTP server. Under 10.2, my only working "outgoing" email account was my mac.com address. Now all outgoing mail is fine.

10.2.1 is installed and running fine on 2 machines - iBook 600/DVD w/ 384 RAM, and my unsupported 8500 XLR8 G4/450 w/ 256 RAM, ATTO ExpressPCI, Radeon 7000, and RapidFire Combo FW/USB PCI cards.
Greg A "

" Mac OS 10.2.1 Update fixed two problems that I have had since 10.2. My Canopus ADVC-100 analog/digital converter now works great. I did have a problem with Internet Explorer 5.2 not completely drawing the screen but that issue is gone as well and it works great. Even if font smoothing is selected within IE preference pane.
-Jay B. "

" Mike,
I still have a problem even after the update to 10.2.1. I have not heard anyone else complain about this but it is happening on all of my OS X.2 macs. We access a W2K Advanced Server via SMB for OS X and via DAVE for OS 9. They cannot turn on Services for Macintosh due to using the built in Clustering services.

In OS 9 via DAVE all of my file type and creator codes seem just fine and icons appear as normal. In OS X all of the file type and creator codes are ???? And there are no icons. I cannot force the applications to open with the Open With... Command and cannot do a Change All. 10.2.1 did not fix this at all. Has anyone else seen this problem. This is occuring on about 50gbs of Art Files mostly Illustrator, Quark, and Freehand.
Corey "

If anyone has a comment/suggestion/tip let me know. (My brain is toast from lack of sleep, but isn't this related to the metadata issue with OS X?)

" Mike,
I installed OS 10.2.1 this morning on my DP 533. Reinstalled the Radeon board and the computer booted! I then installed iTunes 3.0.1 and I can no longer boot without either pulling the Radeon board or a 512MB stick.

Don't think iTunes did anything to change my initial success. Had a feeling it was too good to be true anyway.
George O. "

Another report below noted this issue was not solved. (problem originally noted in 10.2 in a prev. article/news items here.)

" I don't have benchmark results, but 10.2.1 has definitely improved my quake3 (urban terror) performance. Under previous versions of OS X I suffered a lot of "stutter", which is only now gone in 10.2.1... Almost back to the os 9 level of smoothness of play.

My theory of what is going on is that while I increased the hunkmegs, it was never properly allocated. I always felt like it was hitting the virtual memory - chugs and slowdowns.
My machine is a stock cube 450/rage128/640MB ram.
One weird thing is that in 10.1.x, I could alt-tab from Quake back into the Finder/desktop.. Gone since 10.2...
Noah "

When running Q3 mods you often have to increase hunkmegs setting, but personally I have never seen any actual FPS gain from it. I get a good FPS boost from the s_chunksize mods noted in my reviews here in the past.

Another Sonnet card owner (ATA/100 or ATA?133 non-RAID card I assume) reported 10.2.1 didn't fix the problem noted with 10.2 and the Sonnet Promise chip based cards.

" I can also verify that the Sonnet issues with the Tempo card. I notified Sonnet of this issue more than 3 weeks prior to the release of 10.2. They emailed me back and stated that they saw no isues from their techs (using the same build i had).

Day of 10.2 release, they email me back and say they found a problem and are awaiting an Apple patch to fix it.

Even worse, they dont mention that the issue even exists on their page. Do you have any insight into this company? This issue is bringing my G3blue revA server to a halt.
Thanks for your time. Regards.
(I asked jeff what card model he had-Mike)

I do have the ATA/100 an yes this is a serious problem that I wish would go away.

My initial discussions with them also stated the fact that since 10.2 was not out, they could not officially suppoort it, but the more kernel logs I sent them showing the issue, the more their supoort guy helped me out. My biggest concern is that the card is now obsolete and will not work. I assume and hope that, in good faith, Sonnet will replace this card completely... (I doubt that, but hopefully a driver or firmware update will solve the problems-Mike)

Also, I know of a few folks that swear they do not have issues with it, but they are also not booting from the card. I can deifnietly verify the kernel panics on the following 2 systems.
Dual G4/450
IBM 120GXP 40Gb (master on Tempo ATA/100 card)

Blue G3/350 revA
(both fail as master on tempo ATA/100 card) "

" Mike:
It appears that 10.2.1 has fixed a problem that 10.2 caused: loss of SCSI scanning ability. All works fine again!
Thanks for the great site.
San Diego
(I asked for details on the scanner/scsi card, etc.)

Epson 1640 Photo
Adaptec 2930 (a great "pull" from OWC) in PCI slot
Running Epson Twain in Photoshop 7.01
Dual 450 MHz G4
Would see SCSI Epson Scanner in 10.1.5
Wouldn't see SCSI Epson Scanner in 10.2
Will now see SCSI Epson Scanner in 10.2.1 "

" Mike,
10.2.1 update killed Toast on my OEM 2002 933 QS.
Just thought I'd drop a note since I hadn't seen anything about it yet.
David P.
(I noted toast 5.1.4 seems fine here on the PB G4 in 10.2.1 and he wrote)
I discovered it was Unsanity's Metallifizer that was causing the crash with Toast 5.1.4.
After removing the Metallifizer from /Library/Application Enhancers and logging out and back in, it works fine.
Unsanity's Clear Dock, which is also an "Application Enhancer" does not appear to be conflicting with Toast. "

" Dear Mike:
I have problems in 10.2.1. My machine is UMAX Pulsar + XLR8 G3/400 + 384MB DRAM + Acard ATA66. XPF 2.2.2

My ADB keyboard did not work in 10.2.1. It did work under 10.2.1 6D46 but began to fail from 6D51.

Another thing is the Aopen CRW1632 CDRW drive shown as not supported under Apple System Profiler and shown as supported under 10.1.5.

Here is the message I clipped from /var/log/system.log:
mach_kernel: verifyCompatibility(): Extension
"com.apple.iokit.IOADBFamily" cannot be found.
mach_kernel: getDependencyListForKmod(): Dependency
com.apple.iokit.IOADBFamily of com.apple.driver.AppleADBKeyboard is not compatible or is unavailable.
mach_kernel: load_kernel_extension(): Can't get dependencies for kernel extension "com.apple.driver.AppleADBKeyboard".
mach_kernel: IOCatalogue: com.apple.driver.AppleADBKeyboard cannot be loaded.
It looked some things about ADB was removed in 10.2.1.
Best regards,
Yu-Hung L.
(he later wrote the tip later posted) "

*Update* - see this later post for a tip on ADB problems like this.

" 10.2.1 fixes my Yamaha scsi burner, previosly I had to use classic to burn cd's. It works both with toast and with disk copy, haven't tried itunes yet.
my system is:
b/w G3 350 DVD (oc 400) pci radeon, 640mb ram
Adaptec 2906 scsi pci card
sonnet tempo ATA 100 pci card
Yamaha CRW 8824sx external cd writer
Alex "

" filemaker pro would not launch a file at boot time or from Script Timer in 10.1 or 10.2. It would launch the application into the dock and then ask for attention (and time-out if you ignored it) before launching the file.
It works now in 10.2.1 "

" Dear Mike,
Connectix highly recommends all Virtual PC users running Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar) update to Mac OS X version 10.2.1. This update from Apple includes several enhancements which improve compatibility with Virtual PC.
Nancy S.
Candelori Communications Inc."

" Hello Mike,
I have a question for the guy with the "the notorious "missing resolutions" problem."... (earlier report from yesterday, one of the first added-Mike)
I also had this problem, but now I always startup with the monitor switched off, and only put it on when I am sure it logged in...off course the monitor is then in 800 x 600, but strangely then I am able to switch to more resolutions including the ones that were unavailable before.
Greetings, and keep up the good work,
igor "

(Update - see the above tip that may help with this.)
The "monitor off" trick was also an old tip for restoring 'lost' resolutions after some driver or OS updates in OS 9 (noted in the FAQ). Griffin's Superres (free) and the shareware program Switchres were also suggested. There was another old tip for Sony 420GS monitors in the FAQ which may not apply to the 300 series Sony monitorf the reader noted he was using.

" Hi all,
here my first (frustrating) impression:
after updating my Pismo 400 and Powermac G4/400 printing is broken on both systems! If I launch Printcenter on my Powerbook it jumps 1 or 2 times and then disappears without a message. On the G4 I can open Printcenter and add printers, but if I try to print from any app, the app crashes if I press "print" in the print dialog. I hope there will be a workaround soon.
Sascha - Germany "

" Hi, I updated to 10.2.1 today and for me it broke Apple's mail program. Anyone else have that problem? I haven't noticed any difference in battery duration, but my battery is so old sometimes I swear I can see the menubar icon ticking down! My computer is a Pismo Powerbook 500mhz with 384MB of RAM and upgraded to a 40GB travelstar HD.
Thanks for a great site!
-Chris "

Mail still runs here but I use Entourage now for OS X 10.2.

" Mike,
I installed the 10.2.1 update on the following machine:
400 MHz G4 Yikes ( upgraded with Other World Computing 550 MHz ZIF)
Acard ATA/133 card
Radeon PCI
Yamaha 8424 CDRW External SCSI
Toshiba SD-R1202 CDRW/DVD-ROM internal IDE

Here's what I saw:
My Yamaha SCSI works! No need for additional tweaks or drivers. On the other hand, the Toshiba CDRW stopped working until I reinstalled the patched system file you have on your site (I had it working with the same patch under 10.2). (The 10.2.1 update will overwrite the modified plugin file, requiring that it be reinstalled.-Mike) The new update must have replaced the Toshiba system file Once I reinstalled the patch, the drive worked again flawlessly. No other problems/changes noted at this time.

" Hi there. My Sonnet ATA/100 card (which worked fine in 10.2 in my 9600) has been moved to my beige G3, and worked fine in 10.2. I just performed the update to 10.2.1, and it is working fine here as well. I have a Maxtor 40 GB and an IBM 27 GB (Apple OEM) drive connected.. I also installed OS X Server 10.2.1 onto a 6 GB drive on the built-in ATA bus (don't ask-just preparing a drive for another Mac that will need Server installed), and I can use the drives on the Sonnet card when booted from there as well. I have not tried 10.2.1 server on the drives attached to the Sonnet card.

Could there be a different version of the Sonnet card that I somehow lucked into getting, or could something else be causing the problems others are experiencing? I'm willing to do any tests to help solve the problem for others.

System details: PowerMac Beige G3 ROM B with OWC G3/533 ZIF overclocked to 583MHz on an 83MHz bus. 512MB PC100 RAM, 27 and 40 GB drives on Sonnet ATA/100 card, 6 GB drive and Sony CD-RW drive on logic board ATA, Matsushita 12X (Apple OEM) SCSI CD-ROM and Iomega 100MB Zip on logic board SCSI, Kingston 10/100 ethernet card, generic FireWire/USB PCI card. System is mounted in a Marathon PowerRack case. OS X 10.2.1 (clean 10.2 with 10.2.1 update.) OS 9 is not installed.
Adam M "

I asked Adam if he's actually booting/running OS X 10.2 from the Sonnet ATA/100 card's attached drive, and for the card's firmware version/chip details from Apple System profiler, since the Promise based cards (not the acard chip ones) are the models that have been reported to have the problem (if the drive is used as a boot OS X 10.2 drive). The Sonnet ATA/100, ATA/133 (non-RAID) and even the Trio card reportedly have the Promise controlller chips - the Sonnet ATA/66, ATA133 RAID cards are Acard chip based. A few of the many mails on the Sonnet promised chip based cards with 10.2 were noted in this past article. (And another reader below w/Sonnet ATA/100 noted it was still a problem in 10.2.1.)

" I have a Quicksilver 867Mhz with 1.2Gb of physical RAM, two 80Gb WD HDDs with the special edition 8Mb cache buffer, and a GeForce 2MX.
Before migrating to 10.2 I was on 10.1.5. I had an ATI Radeon (not the 7000, just the bog standard RADEON). Since the migration it is impossible to boot with the card in my machine. I was hoping that this update would fix things, but it seems not to be the case.
Looks like someone has to get a new video card. It's not vital that I have two displays, but it's a "nice to have" feature, which doesn't cost a bomb.
best regards,
commander "

When 10.2 was first released, there were reports here on problems with an AGP and PCI graphics card installed (see this article). One common tip was to reduce installed ram to 1GB or less - but that may not help everyone. And of course removing RAM is not a desirable thing.

" OS X 10.2.1 fixes SCSI access to a Fuji Pictrography 3500 photo printer using the export module within Photoshop 7. It used to work in 10.1.5 and Jaguar broke it . Now it works again under 10.2.1 When under 10.2 the module could not find the Fuji Printer on the SCSI Chain.

10.2.1 also fixes Lexar Firewire card readers for Compact flash cards, under any previous version of OSX you could not re-acquire a flash card if you had previously ejected one The work around was unplugging and replugging the firewire reader from the firewire port. Now it works properly.

Nikon View 5 Flash card acquire mode is still broken unfortunately.
Art B.

" I had a mildly annoying problem in 10.2 where I was getting no useful status while printing to my JetDirect-connected DeskJet 935C. The status would say "Idle" and I'd get the "barber pole" progress bar. Since installing 10.2.1, I actually am getting a proportional progress bar and textual status.
Alan S. "

" Whenever I plug my OWC Oxford911 equipped FireWire external HDD into any 10.2.1 system, the system slows down to an unusable crawl. As soon as I unplug it everything is fine again.
The drive works fine on anything running 10.1.x...
Daniel "

Anyone else seeing this?

" Help is fixed for sure.
(was) Very slow loading and frequent crashes.
Chris "

" 10.2.1 has been workin pretty smoothly on my iMac so far. I haven't noticed anything wrong with this build yet. This update seems to have fixed a problem I've had with Quake and other fullscreen games after the recent security update, causing them to crash when they startup. I'm still wondering if the menu extra for iChat will ever let u send an instant message instead of a chat invitation. I've been missing that since I installed Jaguar.
Zack "

" Mike,
I installed both the 10.2.1 Update and the iTunes update this evening.
I noticed no problems with the OS update specifically but I did have a problem with iTunes.
When any song is played -- This is a "tink" noise that comes, alternatively, from each speaker. I have external Altec-Lansing speakers and this problem never occurred before. I unplugged the speakers and played some songs through the internal speaker but the noise was still there. If a play a song with QuickTime or Windows Media Player, the problem does not occur. Also, the noise does not occur with system sounds or in any other application.

I solved the problem by removing iTunes 3.0.1 and then reinstalling iTunes 2.0.4. I then upgraded to a copy of iTunes 3.0 that I had stored locally. The problem is gone.

My system specs are listed below:
Power Mac G3 Blue and White - Rev. 2
ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition
PowerLogix 550 MHz G4 Upgrade
768 MB RAM
OS 10.2.1 and OS 9.2.2
Great website and thanks,
Michael "

" Hi Mike, Just to let you know the 10.2.1 update fixed my pci usb/firewire combo card from Firewire Direct problem. Prior to this I could not mount my firewire hard drive. Thanks again Mike for all your help over the years.
Mike S. "

I asked Mike for his system details.

" Mike
It fixed the clicking noises that were coming from my Hard Drives. I started hearing them when I put in the SIIG ATA133 raid card. Running 2 120GB GXP IBM's in a striped 0 array. I noticed clicking noises in 10.2 6C115, Especially when I was not doing anything or close to nothing on my Mac. As in reading a web page. They would happen often once every 5 to 10 minutes. and They sounded like the clicking noises that drives make on startup, however there was no accompanying spin up sound. I checked my Energy Saver settings and my settings were all set to "Never Sleep," I was getting worried that My IBM's were going bad on me. I had just bought them about a 2 weeks ago. And was starting to wonder if I had gotten a bad batch of IBM's. However after I updated to 10.2.1, all the clicking noises have disappeared.
System: Dual G4/500, SIIG ATA133 IDE Raid card updated with Acard 6880 "firmware." Also "DO NOT" use the Acard 1.3 driver updates. This will make 10.2.1 unbootable. (a note/warning on the acard web site 1.3 driver was mentioned in Friday's news page here - OS X 10.2.0 ships with v1.4.-Mike)
Also you must have the "full install" version of Jaguar in order to be able to Archive and transfer all your settings to fix the nonbooting problem. I had tried at first to use the Jaguar 10.2 update disks but there were no recovery options, and it also will not let you install over the newer OS. Hope this helps.
Mar "The MacMekanik"

" In 10.2, when I rebooted my Mac, the sound balance would be shifted either left or right, not balanced. With 10.2.1, all is good again.
I have a 15" flat panel iMac 800 Mhz/Superdrive/512MB RAM.
Matthew M "

" Mike,
Well, another successful update on my heavily upgraded Blue+White G3 rev.2. The details are:
Blue+White G3 rev.2
XLR8 G4/500
Radeon 7000 video card
Sony CD-RW CRX1611 burner
IBM 40 GB ATA, Quantum 40 GB ATA
ATTO ExpressPCIPro UltraWide SCSI card with 2x IBM 16 GB UltraWide
Iomega Zip Drive

No problems at all. 10.2 installed fine (clean install and archive) and after rebuilding permissions was as speedy as ever. 10.2.1 has installed fine as well.

Rebuilding permissions is the key to solving the slow down in Sherlock and Help.
L2 cache is controlled by OtherWorld L2CacheConfig. (Ryan Rempel's utility linked at OWC's OS X center pages-Mike)
I had never heard of (Powerlogix) Cache Control X until I read about it in your reports.
Peter "

" Hi. 10.2.1 fixed a deep sleep problem with my Power Mac G4 533/DP. Since at least 10.1.2, anytime a hub was plugged into the machine, the machine would go into, then immediately jump out of deep sleep when told to sleep manually. If left idle, the machine would only "shallow" sleep (monitor and hard disk sleep, but not CPU/fan). With 10.2.1, the machine now deep sleeps as it does in OS 9. Hooray!
Rex R.
RexRay Vision Computer Services "

" One other welcome bit of news -- As of Jaguar (or maybe the 10.2.1 update) Apple System Profiler in OS X finally works correctly at identifying FireWire drives!! It has a whole new look, too, which is very welcome. A lot cleaner and easier on the eyes, easier to read as well.

In any event, ASP now correctly identifies my FireWire CD-RW drive, giving the right model number and everything (previously had identified it as an IBM hard drive).
Joe M."

I don't know if 10.2.0 helped, but in the past ASP in OS X could often misreport drives in ASP (for instance once I saw it showing a FW CDRW as a "Quantum" which was the hard drive).

(reports from 9/18/2002 follow)

" Hi Mike.
The Dark Tower on 10.2.1 reports:
Non AGP 350 G4/DVD/512mb /2x 60g ATA Baracuda's
Apple Cinema display
Adaptec 2906
Netopia gateway/router: confg as gateway, no port routing (simple a class setup)
3com 3300 switch 24 port

Classic and classic apps cause loss of socket connection for all tcp/ip connections. Strangely enough it requires the user to switch in sys prefs/ network/TCP back and forth from DHCP and manual. This seems to reset the socket connection (even though the IP # doesn't need to change!!). I haven't tried proxy surfing and really don't want to. The L3 cache machines don't suffer from this, neither do the iMacs (266's). I haven't investigated whether it's a piece of classic software or a hardware condition. Bad DAT day, too tired. Any wisdom for the weary?
Love the site. Your poor wife...

If anyone has a suggestion for 667 - send it on for posting here.

The second Yamaha SCSI CDRW owner reporting 10.2.1 worked with it.

" Hi Mike,
10.2.1 fixed my non working Yamaha SCSI 8/4/24 external cd-rw. It was rendered useless by Jaguar and I am happy to have it back. Now if only I can get my Microtek 3600 usb scanner to work...
B&W g3 350 rev. 1 Adaptec 2960 SCSI Card "

I'm waiting for the "october" promised (by canon) drivers for my USB Canon N656U also.. $40 (shareware) Vuescan supports it however (and many others), but I would like to avoid paying 50% of what the scanner cost to use it in OS X, so I'm waiting on Canon's drivers.

" just wanted to let you know that after installing the update, ITunes finally recognizes my TDK24X10X40 drive. Disc copy also sees the drive. I was afraid it would be broken for good after upgrading, but Apple came through for me!
It's a standard IDE drive, which replaced the CD writer that came in my dual 533 'digital audio'. System profiler lists it as CDRW241040B and the vendor as TDK.
(name withheld by request)

The first list of changes I saw noted support for a Firewire TDK 24x CDRW (IDE drive in FW case), so the same mechanism used on the onboard IDE should also be supported. (If anyone has a 40x or 48x TDK drive, let me know if there is support for those models now.)

" I'm using 10.2.1 on 7300 G3/400 and using PL 2.1b to adjust backside cache. Runs fine and no trouble booting, restarts or cold start.
Haven't tried Classic or switching to/from OS 9 but I don't expect a problem.

I also have it on my B&W (G4/500 - which also uses PL 2.1b just to check on temp, cache, etc), and Beige (G3/466).
Gregory "

The first Powerlogix G4/550 owner report earlier (below) noted a boot problem after the update. I suspected perhaps a cache enabler issue (since it froze at about that stage), based on later reports like the one above and below, that must not be the problem. (unless he was using a very old version of the enabler, but then I'd have expected problems with 10.2.0 if that was true.)

" Hi Mike,
I read where one of your readers, with a similar system to mine, couldn't boot after applying the 10.2.1 update.
The only thing I noticed on my system is that it took a while to optimize after Software Update had installed the update. Everything else has been working fine so far.
My system:
Rev. 1 (B&W G3 I assume-Mike) G3 motherboard
Powerlogix G4 550MHz ZIF running at 600MHz
ATI Radeon PCI (not 7000)
1GB of RAM
SIIG ATA/133 Controller
120GB Western Digital HD
(I asked for more info and he wrote)

Yes I have a Blue & White G3 mobo. The only thing I noticed is that I tried to start Powerlogix's Cache Control and it said that the config file was from a newer version and either delete the config file or start from the newer Cache Control app. That was weird.
(he later wrote)
The reason I was getting the strange error from PL Cache Control 1.2 is because I also have Cache Control 2.1b3 on my system.
PL Cache Control 2.1b3 is working fine, so far, with with 10.2.1. Sorry for utter confusion.
Will "

This is the 2nd person that has said the update did not fix the Sonnet ATA/100 card issue noted previously with 10.2.0:

" As of 10.2.1, reinstalling my Sonnet Tempo ATA/100 controller card still causes a kernel panic upon startup. I had hoped this update, which claims to "fix various kernel panic situations" included mine, but no dice. I bought this controller card and haven't been able to even use it! It is very aggravating.

I spoke with Sonnet technical support today and they are aware that the problem still exists. They had hoped Apple would fix it with this .1 update, but obviously they didn't. Sonnet said that they are possibly working on a firmware update that could address this issue. No date or exact time frame was specified, but from the sounds of it relief could possibly be coming relatively soon. I hope!
-Christian W. "

" After updating my ibook 600 to 10.2.1, I am no longer able to login! It just doesn't boot up to the login screen anymore, but rather a blue screen (of death) - this is strangely familiar to my long gone Windows days ;) If anyone knows how to fix this , it would be appreciated since I am sick of, yet again, re-installing Jaguar from scratch... BTW, I have had nothing but problems with Jaguar on my Beige G4 and ibook. In my opinion, 10.1.5 was slower with things like disk access, app load times etc.. but it also was much more stable AND the graphics were faster than 10.2 on both my Macs. Lastly, it seems as if multi-tasking has greatly depreicated with 10.2 - Using 10.1.5, I cold burn CD's , download & web surf all at the same time with no problems, now with 10.2, my systems can barely handle it - what gives?
Any help is appricated,
(MM) "

The first thing that came to mind was booting from the OS X 10.2 CD and running disk utility/repair disk priviliges.

" Hi Mike,
10.2.1 now allows Toast 5.1.4 and iTunes to recognize my 4416 Yamaha CD-RW burner, which had been recognized prior to 10.2, but not since. All buring tools seem to work.

At the same time I was hoping that the audible pops which are on any audio recording I have been making in OS X would go away with 10.2 or later. No luck. Although now the burner is recognized, it still produces the clicks on audio recordings.

I have an Adaptec 2930U SCSI card (Apple pull, OWC) in a PM G4 350 Sawtooth. When I boot into 9.2.2, there are no pops and everything works great.

I have written this up earlier in your database, but no one had any suggestions. I've already changed cables, tried music burning in both iTunes as well as Toast, with the same bad results. Data files are recorded without problems.
Istvan "

" hi,
i unfortunately have a problem that was NOT fixed in 10.2.1. not sure if its an apple problem or a tascam problem, but i have the tascam us-428, and i can use it successfully for a couple of minutes and then get a mess of digital distortion and ultimately sound cuts out. i seem to remember reading about this problem with other audio/midi interfaces, which would suggest it is a system problem, but it may be a tascam thing.
just thought i'd mention it in case others are experiencing it.
ted "

If anyone else has this problem let me know (use email link above).

" Hi, 10.2.1 fixes the problem with the jerky/unusable mouse when Entourage accesses its mail database.
Andrew "

" Well I just installed the 10.2.1 update on my G3 tower that has a PowerLogix G4 550 upgrade and a Mac Radeon Edition and it will no longer boot up. The computer will sit on the Apple start up screen for a few minutes and then crash with two white lines across the screen. I have no way to boot into OS X so I guess I will have to boot to Classic and recover whatever data I can before doing a clean install of 10.2. Just thought other readers may want to know my experience and hold off on the upgrade if this is going to be a common thing.
Peter H.
(more info on Peter's system)
The machine is a Rev. 2 B&W G3 tower with boot ROM 1.1f4. The machine model is "Power Macintosh G3 Series (version = 11.3)". I have reinstalled 10.2 and am going to maybe try to install 10.2.1 on top of the fresh 10.2 install. "

Other PL G4/550 owners had no problems with 10.2.1 as noted above, so not sure what the problem was. Booting from the 10.2 CD and running disk util (and verify/repair permissions) is one tip that may or may not help with problems.

" mike,
with my g4/450 dually, 10.2 (upgraded install, not a clean install) suffered from extremely slow app launches. 10-30 second delays with just as many bounces were common across all native apps. my ibooks didn't have this problem (clean installs).

10.2.1 has cured that, apparently. i suppose it could have been an optimization thing, dunno. i'm zipping along now, though.
take care,
george "

Another tip I'm told is to boot with the 10.2 CD, then run Disk utility from the CD and do a repair priviliges on the disk. (I had a friend say this helped performance and launch times.) I just ran that on my PB G4 with fresh 10.2 + 10.2.1 update install and it noted a long list of repaired permissions. (Even though everything seemed to run ok - and the old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' may apply.)

" SCSI is much improved. All my burners are now seen without the patch that person put out on macoshints site awhile back. The kext was replaced by this update. Heck apple probably used his code fix lol.
All video drivers where updated too as well as opengl
Russ "

" My Brother MFC- 5100c shows up again
lost it in the Jaguar upgrade
I wondered why Brother didnt seem to be adressing the issue
Jeffrey S. "

(Update - see this tip that may help with the problem noted below)

" I can tell you one major problem still unresolved in MacOS X 10.2.1, the notorious "missing resolutions" problem. I'm absolutely at wits end trying to solve the problem, and Apple tech support has been no help at all.

I frequently heard complaints on almost every incremental upgrade of MacOS X that monitors suddenly stopped supporting resolutions over 1280x1024, but it never affected me until now. I have a Sony 300sf that will do resolutions like 1600x1200 and 2000x1600, but only at 65hz refresh. When I had this monitor attached to my old Rev1 B&W G3/400, at first it would support these resolutions, but after a few reboots, suddenly it lost the ability to switch to higher rez (yes, I have "show modes recommended by display" turned off). I had ordered a new PowerMac dual-1Ghz (mirrored drive doors) and I figured the new Radeon 9000 Pro card would have no problems. But I had exactly the same problem on the new machine. It would allow the switch, then after a few reboots, it lost the ability to switch.

Booting under MacOS 9, the standard Monitors control panel did not offer the higher rez, so I tried the shareware program Switchres and was successful in switching to higher rez, so the Radeon card definitely supports these settings but the OS doesn't, it's a MacOS X bug. A new version Switchres X is in beta, but it also cannot switch beyond 1280x1024. There is a note in the readme that MacOS X prevents switching to the higher rez. I traded a few emails with the author of Switchres, he says a kernel patch would be necessary to allow this to function. I'm no kernel hacker, but I'm prepared to download the Darwin source and start hacking. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be in the Aqua windowserver. The file /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist contains these settings, perhaps someone who can switch to 1600x1200@65hz could make a copy of the plist as it is at that setting, and send it to me?
So now I'm stuck with Apple's outsourced support, which has offered "helpful" suggestions like reformatting and reinstalling MacOS X, one tech made the ludicrous suggestion that I get a firmware update for my analog CRT. Where do they get these people? From Dell? Microsoft? Mac users don't reformat and reinstall to solve problems. I reinstalled the OS just because Apple won't help me further unless I tried it. No good. The 10.2.1 update was my last hope.

(he later wrote)
To clarify: My 300sf worked fine at higher rez @65hz under MacOS X 10.1.5, but switching to high rez failed after the 10.2 update. The 10.2.1 update did not clear the problem, as I hoped it would.
(as the msg reads, it looks like the monitor failed in 10.2.1, which is not the case. Sorry for the confusion...)

If you have any suggestions, or can put this problem before your readership, I'd be very grateful.
Charles E. "

" Just wonder how I can be able to install the update on a disk that wont boot? I have the wellknown trouble with the Sonnet ATA100 card and as Sonnet I was hoping the fix was on the update allthough it is not mentioned in the text. I managed to install the update on my small 6gb disk, but that was only temporarly.
:-) Kjell E "

I welcome other OS X 10.2.1 comments. (Please note your system details also.) Thanks.

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