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Reader Notes on Panther CDRW Drive Support, Mods for unsupported Drives
Posted: June 27th, 2003
Updated: Oct. 9th, 2003 (notes on 7B85 replaced frameworks)
Updated: Nov. 12th, 2003 (d/l link to 7B49 frameworks)
Updated: Nov. 28th, 2003 (to note D/L for frameworks no longer working)
Updated: Dec 1st, 2003 (for link to itunes4allburner patch)
Updated: Jan 13th, 2004 (for patchburn II for panther)

Patchburn II for Panther/10.3.x (from the Jan 13th, 2004 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page) Although the previous (1.1) version of Patchburn utility (for adding burn support for unsupported drives) was only Jaguar/10.2.x compatible, the author has released a beta version of Patchburn II for Panther:

" This might be interesting for your Readers:
Good News!
PatchBurn II for Panther has finally arrived. Please download the first beta. Any feedback would be great.
You will find PatchBurn II here:
Greetings, Chris "

Note: I've posted a page of Reader reports on Patchburn II for Panther with various brands/models of unsupported drives.

iTunes4allburner patch (Dec. 1st, 2003) A reader sent a note that Macbidouille has posted what is said to be a universal patcher for iTunes (incl. 10.3) to allow burning to unsupported drives called "itunes4allburner". For more info and a download link see this page. They note there that to use the iTunes patch you "must not create a profile". I have a profile made for my Plextor PX-708A (in OWC Firewire case) and with 10.3.2, it burns discs in the Finder and iTunes OK.
Update: The next day Lionel sent a note he's posted a page with info on replacing the "DiscRecordingEngine" with a patched version that avoids the need to patch iTunes as mentioned yesterday (above). (Note - Hussein Holland replied that "I had to amend (their info), as the file path was not entirely correct "Version" should be "Versions" for english-language Panther.")

Update regarding 10.3/7B85 release Build (from the Oct. 9th, 2003 main site news page)
A reader wrote yesterday (Oct. 8th) about changes in later builds of Panther regarding burn support mods for unsupported drives, saying that the edits posted here (below) don't work with later Builds of 10.3.

" ...sorry I missed the excellent June post (this article, info below on editing previous panther disk recording frameworks for unsupported drive mods-Mike). It was correct for the then-current Panther builds.
HOWEVER, the point of my note was that "edit by hand" of the DeviceSupport.drprofile NO LONGER WORKS in Panther. I know it worked in build 7B49 and earlier, and does not work in 7B78 and later. Since I did not see every build, I'm not sure exactly where it changed. I suspect that there is nothing you can easily do in DeviceSupport.drprofile alone to make it work.

So far I see no negative impact from using the entire 7B49 DiscRecording.framework in 7B85. (7B85 is the 10.3 release - and remember you have to edit the older frameworks for the unsupported drive as posted here in late June.-Mike) When I have a chance I'll see if I can figure out where the apparent software block is within 7B85's DiscRecording.framework.

Overall, Apple seems to be getting significantly more aggressive in Panther about making it more difficult to use 3rd party upgrades. As you alluded to today, "not supported" is no big deal, but deliberately blocked just makes more work for the too few Ryan Rempels (Xpostfacto) & Christian Moellers (PatchBurn) in the Mac community.
Bill "

Update: The past link to the 7B49 panther disk recording framework no longer works as of late November. (I can't mirror the the older framework here since it's from a dev. version and I don't want any potential legal issues with apple.) If any readers know of another mirror of it, let me know.
Remember you have to edit the older frameworks as mentioned in the original instructions below for the unsupported drive model, before replacing the entire disk recording framework in 10.3/7B85.
**NOTE** When Apple releases a 10.3.x update that updates/revises the 7B85 disc recording framework, I can't say what will happen with installs that have this mod. (I.E. will it just overwrite it or will it cause problems - no way to tell that until an update happens, so I'd save your original 10.3 frameworks and/or backup your 10.3 install using Carbon Copy Cloner before doing this mod.) Several readers since early October have done this mod but I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone/all drives. I've had only one reader with a Sony CDRW drive report problems with edits/replacing the frameworks with an earlier build (a Nov. 3rd, 2003 email), but no other problem reports like that to date.

I was hoping that there may be a 10.3 compatible version of PatchBurn but the author comments in the Oct. 31st news page notes that's not possible unless Apple changes things in a later 10.3 update. (Note - there have been other burn support mod methods posted on the web - but none add itunes burn support, only Discburner/disk copy support. As mentioned in the previous news pages, macbidouille had the first post of another method (no iTunes support), later that tip was repeated at macosxhints.)

Feedback on Older framework Editing (below): A reader w/Sony drive sent some comments on editing steps posted below (late June) that may not be needed.

" This is regarding the modification of the DeviceSupport.drprofile. If you have a Sony Drive, you don't have to do steps 4 and 5 (in guide below) in order to make it work. If your brand of drive doesn't have this in it's section of the file:


or this:

</dict> <key>DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDSAO</key> <false/>
you don't have to change them, and of course you can't if they're not there...
Steve F. "

(the original article from June 27th, 2003 follows) A reader sent a note that unlike previous OS X versions which have separate device-plugin files for each 'brand' of drive, Panther has a single file. Therefore the past mods (edits to individual brand plugin files) to add support for 'unsupported' drive models won't work. However he sent a guide to how he edited the file in Panter to add support for his Samsung combo drive.

(copy of his mail follows)

" (CDR support mods for Panther)
Right now I only have my samsung SM-352B working for this file but i'll give steps on how to change it, but using my drive as the example

  1. Navigate to:
    and make a copy on the desktop and make a backup as well.

  2. Open the DeviceSupport.drprofile in textedit

  3. Do a search for your drive manufacture ex. samsung there will be a string that lists the current model, (go to the apple system profiler to get your drive model)
    change the string that has the current model number to your model
    e.g. I changed CDRW/DVD SW-250 to CDRW/DVD SM-352B

  4. from there look up and look for
    <string>XXX</string> whatever XXX says change it to your model brand name (eg, sony, samsung etc...

  5. a few lines down you'll see
    </dict> <key>DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDSAO</key> <false/>
    change the false to <true/>
to replace this file with the original you'll have to back-track to the previous folder "Resources" and get info on the folder and change the privileges so you have read write access and finally replace the edited file with the original save and restart.

hope this makes sense
-Shayne s. "

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