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Reports on 10.2 Problems with Sonnet (Promise chip based)
ATA/100 and ATA/133 cards

(See Firmware Updates below for fixes.)
Posted: 8/23/2002
Last Updated: 3/31/2003

Reader report on Sonnet Tempo ATA/100 card Beta firmware update solving 10.2.4 boot problems: (from the March 31st, 2003 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page)
When Jaguar/10.2.0 was first released there were reports on problems with the Tempo IDE controller cards (booting from them) in Jag (see below), but that was fixed with a firmware update last fall (noted below). A Tempo ATA/100 card owner wrote regarding a beta firmware update that helped with issues he had with 10.2.4:

"News about OS X 10.2.4 boot problems in combination with Sonnet Tempo ATA100
Since I bought the Tempo ATA 100 more than 6 months ago, I've experienced nothing but OS X boot problems.
Even firmware upgrade 2.3.9 didn't solve the problem.
Friday I contacted the Sonnet Helpdesk again. They aknowledged the problem: "OS 10.2.3 and 10.2.4 definitely created some problems with our ATA cards". Attached in their response there was beta version of firmware 4.1.0.
I applied the firmware upgrade, reinstalled OS X. For the moment all seems fine. But I can only be sure if the firmware fixed the problem after a week or 2, after intensive usage.

So, if anyone is experiencing problems with their Tempo ATA 100, contact the Sonnet Helpdesk and they will send you the new firmware.
Stefaan B., Belgium"

Just a FYI in case anyone else sees this problem. (The original Jag. issue affected other Sonnet Promise chip based cards like the ATA/133 non-RAID card and Tempo Trio, although I'm not sure if the reader problem above is common with other card models.)

(Previous info here from fall 2002 follows) Firmware Updates for Sonnet ATA133/Tempo HD/Tempo Trio and Tempo ATA/100 Cards (from the 10/25/2002 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page)

Here are the Macupdate pages with the download links:

  • Sonnet ATA133/Tempo HD/Tempo Trio 3.2.5
    "updates the firmware on the Tempo ATA133, Tempo HD, and Tempo Trio to version 3.2.5.
    What's New:
    Version 3.2.5 addresses compatibility issues related to Mac OS X Version 10.2. The firmware also enables firmware version reporting in the Apple System Profiler.
    Sonnet Tempo ATA133 (Non-RAID card - Tempo RAID card is Acard chip based-Mike), Tempo HD, or Tempo Trio.

  • Sonnet Tempo ATA100 Firmware 2.3.9
    "What's New:
    Version 2.3.9 addresses compatibility issues related to Mac OS X Version 10.2. The firmware also enables firmware version reporting in the Apple System Profiler.

If you're not using Jaguar or don't have any problems - often it's best to leave well enough alone regarding firmware updates. (I didn't see a readme file with these downloads - but usually having drives disconnected before flashing has been recommended with the Acard models, but if in doubt ask Sonnet Tech Support.) I don't own any of the Sonnet controller cards so I cannot test this update personally. However here are several reader reports on the above firmware updates:

Reader Reports on Latest Firmware Updates: (latest first)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Mike,
I read your posts on the 3.2.5 Sonnet firmware update and have similar problems with waking from Deep Sleep. (I think the sonnet firmware updates were primarily to address general/functional issues with 10.2 and those cards (when a connected drive was used as a system/boot disk at least). Recent comments on deep sleep were on the Acard OS X driver update (for Acard chip based cards - see IDE articles page for that article) and wake from sleep issues with some G4 AGP or Cube CPU upgrades (most often PL upgrades, less common with Sonnet upgrades based on database reports.-Mike)
My Sonnet ATA 133 Tempo Trio (Firmware v 3.2.5) Wake from Deep Sleep crash with OS X 10.2.x occurs on my Dual 1 Gig PowerMac G4 (Summer 2002 Quicksilver) with 1.5 MB RAM.
The Tempo Trio card is connected via PCI slot 5 to a Seagate Barracuda 80gig ATA drive. This wake from sleep FREEZE occurs with both Mac OS 10.2.1 (Disks spin up audibly, but screen remains black) and after upgrading today to Mac OS 10.2.2 (Disks spin up audibly, Finder and screen appear, but clock, mouse and Finder frozen.) The hardware Restart button must be pressed to reboot and return to normal function.

Other than Deep Sleep freeze, the Tempo Trio card works as expected. Bob D. "

(added 10/31/2002)
" Mike,
... I recently installed a Sonnett Tempo ATA 133 card (non-raid) in my G4/400 AGP. Before hooking up the hard drive (Western Digital 80MB Jumbo Buffer) I applied the new firmware update from Sonnet while running OS 9.2.2. The card works like a charm under OS 10.2, but will not wake up from a deep sleep under OS 9.2.2 (system power back up, but screen stays black). I reported this issue to Sonnet and here are the responses I've received:
    We're forwarding your posting to the engineer who writes the firmware for these cards to see what he has to say. We've never had anyone report this sort of problem before.
    I'll email you back when he gets back to us or if he needs more information about your machine.
    Sonnet Customer Service

Second email came a couple of hours later with this response..

    Just got this from one of our engineers:
    We've recreated the problem here and have the appropriate engineers working on it.
    I'll keep you posted.
    Sonnet Customer Service

So it looks like there may be a problem with the firmware update. I did not attempt to run the card without the firmware update, as I flashed the card right when I took it out of the box. It is interesting that they have been able to recreate the problem, and I hope they are able to come up with a solution. For those who are interested, my set up is a follows: G4/400 AGP/Gigabit Ethernet, ATI Radeon 32MB AGP card, Pioneer DVR-104 DVD burner, 1.5GB RAM, Two physical hard drives attached to the on-board ATA controller, one Western Digital hard drive connected to the Sonnet Tempo (this is not the boot volume). OS 10.2 and 9.2.2 installed on seperate partitions - Classic is not used.
Adam D. "

(added 10/28/2002)
" Dear Mike,
Just writing to say that the new firmware update for Sonnet ATA 133 works flawlessly on my Quicksilver Dual 800, 1.25GB, 10.2.1. Before the update the Sonnet would allow the Quicksilver to go into Deep Sleep (unlike the SIIG card); however, when the system was brought out sleep all connected drives on the Sonnet Card would be unavailable (wouldn't wake-up) essentially locking up the Finder or any program accessing the Sonnet connected drives. Did some stress testing of the new firmware by throwing some DV-based Quicktime files onto a connected Western Digital 120GB hard drive (Special Edition, 8mb cache), looped four movies in Quicktime player. As Quicktime was playing the four files, I put the system into Sleep; after the fans shutdown, I reawakened the system and all four movies started playing immediately (within 5 seconds)... pretty impressive update... whereas the same test before the update would lockup (spinning pinwheel) Quicktime and the Finder.

Thanks for the great site and I would like to mention that OS X is a great system, light years beyond OS9. Unfortunately the Mac community seems mixed about the adoption of OS X. But when I capture long clips of DV footage in Final Cut in the background while surfing the web there is absolutely no looking back. Just wanted to chime in and encourage people to give X a try and enjoy its wonderful multitasking and stability.
Thank you for a wonderful resource,
Alex L. "

(added 10/28/2002)
" I updated the firmware on my Sonnet Trio PCI card today (to version 3.2.5) and it resolved a problem I was having wherein the Apple System Profiler would crash with a type 2 Error while attempting to save an ASP report. It didn't matter which version of ASP I tried...they all crashed with the same error message. I'm running OS 9.1 (needed because of the Sonnet Crescendo G4 800 CPU installed) on an 8600/300. Next step is to install OS X 10.2.1 once I can get my hands on one of the new IBM 180 series 8 MB cache ATA drives.
Jim D. "

The main issue with these promise chip based sonnet cards was seen when 10.2 (Jaguar) was the boot/system disk connected to the card. Sonnet also noted that the update fixed the ASP firmware reporting bug.

(added 10/28/2002)
" Mike,
Just a quick note and yet another THANK YOU. The Sonnet Tempo 100 ATA note was very timely. My parents had struggled and struggled with installing 10.2 on a G3 BW, even paying someone to help them. No dice. Finally, they mailed me the machine while they are out of town, and I struggled too, eventually deciding that the culprit must be the Sonnet board since the machine worked beautifully with OS 9 and passed all the Disk First Aid/ Disk Warrior tests. Once I got to that point, I immediately found the Firmware update and now 10.2 is working great.

I've ordered a PowerLogix G4/550 card for the BW....be interesting to see if this can squeeze a couple more years of use out of this machine.
Thanks again for a great site. BTW, I did order the g4 from OWC, partly because they are a good source and partly because they sponsor your site.
Chuck B. "

(added 10/28/2002)
" Hi Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that i had the luck to beta test the ATA133 firmware (3.2.4 and 3.2.5) and it solved all the problems i had under OSX 10.2.x (the disk used to not wake from a deep sleep causing kernel panic on my sawtooth upgraded with a dual 500 card from sonnet).

Now i can boot directly from a disk hooked on the card. It boot on a maxtor drive (ata100). There is also an another maxtor drive (ata133) on it and a seagate (barracuda IV, ata 100).

Note that i didn't had to unplug the disks from the card to upgrade it's firmware, but i guess people should follow your advice (it's always better to be prudent). (I didn't know if that was recommended by Sonnet, but mentioned it since past Acard IDE card firmware updates had a readme file that stated you should disconnect the drives (while shut down of course) before applying the firmware update. That's the safest way in my opinion, but without a readme file in the download (which I checked Friday) I didn't know what Sonnet suggested-Mike)

The only problem I had so far is with the old quantum fireball plus drive apple put first on my g4. It don't wake from sleep (but don't crash the mac). I'm not sure if the problem com from an incompatibility between the ATA card and the drive or if the drive I dying ... (personally my pick go to the second option since sos disk always reports some problems with it, even when it's hooked on the main ide bus; ATA66).
Thanks for your great site,
Yann. "

(added 10/28/2002)
" I tried installing the new firmware onto my Sonnet ATA/100 controller and, while it solved my Jaguar problems, it didn't have any effect on the other problem I had with the card.

I have two identical IDE hard drives (one set to master and the other set to slave) connected to the IDE 1 port of the Sonnet card and Mac OS refused to mount the first one (the one set to master, my boot up drive unfortunately). Drive Setup could see the drive fine, but it just couldn't mount it. I resorted to initialising the disk and starting again from scratch, after that the drive was fine. I've been using it with Jaguar for a week now without a hitch, plus it even supports deep sleep.

Moral of the story, check Drive setup if the icon doesn't appear on the desktop.
(Note - I asked if he had originally formatted the drive on the IDE card. If it was formatted using onboard IDE with Drive Setup and then moved to an IDE card, the drive won't mount as noted here previously.-Mike)
Antonio S.
System Summary :
PowerMac G4 QS (733Mhz), 512MB ram, 2 x 20 gig IBM IDE hard disk drives, Sonnet ATA/100 (Promise chipset), No other PCI cards installed
MacOS X 10.2.1
MacOS 9.2.2 "

(added 10/28/2002)
" Hey Mike,
I was one of the one who reported problems with the sonnet ATA133 card when I first purchased it a month ago. I applied the firmware patch yesterday and rehooked up my drive the the sonnet card and finally it works. Sonnet tech told me to hold on to the card but I was tempted to return it. They issued an RMA number as well.
I am glad I waited, so far so good. It really makes that hard drive move compared to my internal ATA bus in my G4 450 mghz AGP model. I am using it with a maxtor 80gb (ata)133 drive.
David S. "

(Previous Update from 10/4/2002 follows - info/reports below were posted before the latest firmware updates above which seem to solve past issues.)
Sonnet ATA/100 Card Firmare Update for 10.2: I previously noted Sonnet had a beta version of the firmware update available by request to fix the Jaguar/10.2 issues seen with the card (noted here in this past article). On 10/4/2002 now posted a v2.3.5 ATA/100 card updater at http://www.sonnettech.com/downloads/adapter_sw.html. (Scroll down the page to the "Firmware Updater for Tempo ATA100" listing posted: October 4, 2002. See their notes there on applying the update (don't run the updater when booted to OS X or in Classic mode, etc.).
See below for previous problem reports in 10.2 from owners of Trio and ATA/133 cards. (Should be fixed by the above firmware update.)

10.2.1 Update: Released 9/18/2002, but according to two Sonnet ATA/100 card owners, did not fix the issue noted first seen with 10.2.0. I've posted a page of 10.2.1 Update feedback from readers.

Note: For a listing of Acard IDE controller cards compatible with 10.2, see the update to our previous page on OS X and IDE PCI Cards. (Acard models are also sold by other 'brands' like Sonnet, SIIG and Miglia. Some Sonnet cards are Promise chip based however - like their ATA/100 and ATA/133 non-raid card.)

Friday's (8/23) news page had the first report of 10.2 problems with Sonnet ATA/100 and ATA/133 cards (the promise chip based cards, not the Acard based ones). Other readers replied to that story to say they also have seen the problem. There may be other reports on this in my overloaded inbox, but here are the latest (five) emails I've gotten to so far noting a problem. [Updated with more reports, including one Sonnet ATA/100 owner's comments on how he got the card working in 10.2 in a DP 1GHz.]

(Note: I can't post the comments from tech support due to disclaimers in the email signitures, but this was reported to be a bug in the 10.2 first release that will be fixed in the next update.)

    " Hi Mike,
    Well it has been over a year since I last tried the Sonnet PCI ATA 100 card. You have a previous email from me depicting that I could not get the card to reliably work in my then new Dual 1 gig G4 QS.
    Recently I bought and installed OSX Jaguar into my dual GS 1 gig computer. Initially I had problems with the Sonnet card. Such as the white screen during boot. I eventually got the hard drive recognized but along came the same problem I had a year ago: ie boot into OS9 and do a desktop rebuild, the G4 would hang when I selected the hard drive attached to the Sonnet card.
    So here is what I did to try to solve the problem:

    1. boot OS9 hard drive not attached to the card.
    2. updated the Sonnet firmware once again.
    3. reboot the computer...got the white blank screen.
    4. zap the pram...now the Dual G4 power light would not stay on. Could not boot the Dual.
    5. zap the pram numerous times ...same result.
    6. this time as a desperation move...kept the Dual door open...kept power on to the computer....reset the pram....the Dual booted...light stays on(thank goodness)
    7. hard drive on the ATA 100 card was recognized....could even partition it.
    8. booted into OS9...ok
    9. rebooted with the OS9 hard rive on the Sonnet while doing a desktop rebuild...ok...was the first time I could do that even since my problems last year.
    10. been running the Dual for last 3 days without any unusual symptoms like I had last year.
    11. tried deep sleep without the Sonnet software upgrade...only OSX.2 ... worked fine.

    I think I'm happy now !
    good luck
    Don Harris "

    " I too experience problems with the Sonnet Tempo Trio (ATA 133 + USB2 + FW) booting 10.2 (server) GM on a Beige G3 233 (w. new 80GB Seagate drive). I always get the no entry sign (circle with a dash) when trying to boot from it. Booting into 9 works fine, as does booting 10.2 from the internal ATA bus (w. the card connected). B.t.w. the Radeon 7000 PCI seems to support Quartz Extreme on my config.
    Anders Sjy´gren "

According to Apple, no PCI graphics cards support Quartz Extreme.

    " Hello there, I just read your article on:
    "10.2 Problems with Sonnet (Promise chip based) ATA/100 and ATA/133 cards? "

    I just wanted to let you know that I have also been experiencing this problem. It took me an entire night without sleep to determine that it was the Sonnet Tempo ATA/100 card. I am running a G4 400 Yikes (PCI) with OS 10.2.

    The reason it took me so long to figure out is because I got my Sonnet card, IBM 120GB ATA drive, and OS 10.2 all at the same time, so it could have been any number of possibilities.

    I should note that as long as I use my original 20GB drive on the internal bus as the startup disk, the Sonnet card and 120GB IBM drive can be connected to the computer without issue. It is only when I try to BOOT from the 120GB IBM drive through the CARD's ATA bus that this problem occurs.

    The symptoms vary for me. Sometimes it boots all the way, only to have every program crash when trying to launch. Mostly, though, I don't get past the grey apple screen. The status circle will either freeze or loop endlessly. Sometimes a band of "snow" will appear over the apple logo and freeze completely. When I boot into single user mode, either I get a panic or it hangs on various random processes.

    After all is said and done, I'm so thankful you posted this! I was at my wit's end trying to see if anyone else had this problem. Thanks,
    Christian W."

    " I have a Rev A Blue & White G3 with a Sonnet ATA100 card and seem to be having the same sort of problems your other reader described. I've had kernel panics, crashes during the 10.2 install (dumped to an empty blue screen), and the gray screen at boot up. I also have a Radeon Macintosh Edition card and I added 512M more of memory so I am not sure what component is causing the problem! I am saving my important documents to another computer and then I will try installing on my original boot volume and see if I can get away with having my Users folder on the big drive on the Tempo card until this can be resolved.
    -- Mike N. "

    " I've got both a G4 upgrade (OWC G4/500) and a Sonnet ATA 100 card. 10.2 was installed on a partition on the ATA 100. The system ran for a while with some Finder restarts and now won't boot at all. Either the boot hangs forever or crashes with several horizontal bands of gray/white trash on the screen. Booting in verbose mode shows the hang at "Starting Application Services'. The gray bands show a kernel panic. Reinstalling (both archive & update) didn't help. I put the G3 CPU back in with same results. Since Disk Utility and Drive 10 now report nasty sounding disk problems on the 10.2 partition, I suspect the disk controller.
    Mike G. "

    " Mike:
    I have also encountered the problems with Sonnet Tempo ATA100 (Promise PDC20268M) in a B&W Rev A G3 400 (the 9GB SCSI version) and 10.2. The drive is a 40GB Maxtor ATA100.

    Here's how it happened for me: A clean (Archive and Install) install from 10.1.5 to 10.2 using the retail CD (Build 6C115) installed Disc 1 without any problem. Reboot to Disc 2 worked, and the Disc 2 install completed. I logged in without a reboot and worked in 10.2 for about an hour. I decided to restart since a few items seemed slower than I had experienced with 10.1.5. On the restart I began to have the freeze/garbage pixel problem.

    I decided to try another clean install. Everything worked fine for Disc 1 and Disc 2. I successfully rebooted immediately, however was unable to load Explorer (5.2.1) or Toast Titanium (5.1.4) due to an unexpected quit error. [Note - many people are noting problems with Toast 5.1.4 - reverting to 5.1.3 is one common tip.-Mike] Other applications, like Excel, iTunes, and the new Calculator for example worked just fine. Upon the next reboot, the freeze/pixels returned.

    I hesitate to hook the drive back to the internal ATA bus; afterall that is why I have the Sonnet card. Perhaps I'll install 10.2 on the 9GB SCSI drive and see if the problem persists with the Sonnet installed but not running the start-up disk.
    Erik W. "

    " Hi Mike,
    In reply to your recent news post regarding Jaguar and Sonnet Tempo ATA cards, I'd just like to mention that I too seem to be having exactly the same problem as the other reader.

    I purchased my copy of Jaguar this morning and decided to choose the upgrade option for installation. The first restart after Disk 2 had been installed went without incident, however a majority of the subsequent restarts ended up freezing at the grey Apple logo, complete with the horizontal band of garbage in the center of the screen.

    I had a hunch that the culprit was either my after-market PCI Radeon card or my Sonnet Tempo ATA/100. Apple's knowledge base and discussion threads didn't seem to cover anything relating to my specific problem, so I'm glad I stumbled upon this article on your site which basically confirmed my suspicions I had all along.
    Joel E.
    P.S. I'm using a Rev. A B&W G3 400 (stock standard CPU) "

[Original report from Friday's 8/23/2002 news follows]

    I had a Jaguar booting problem on my unaccelerated B&W G3/400. It would start to boot up, but then would freeze with garbage pixels thrown up on the screen. Well, I just heard back from Sonnet's technical support. They've confirmed that problems exist running OS X 10.2 with their Tempo/100 and Tempo/133 cards.

    An excerpt from the email:
    I was able to re-create the "freeze" under Mac OS X 10.2 (build 6C115). The "freeze" very often gets manifested in a Kernel Panic. Tempo/133 does create the "freeze" more frequently than Tempo/100. The Kernel Panic backtrace shows a bug in Apple's ATA code.

    There is no "freeze" or any similar problem in the Mac OS X 10.2 build 6C92, 10.1.5 does also work fine. 10.1.5 is fine with Tempo/100. There is no issue in all versions of "X" up until (and including) 6C92.

    Therefore it seems, Apple did introduce a bug in 6C115 which does frustrate the customer. Unfortunately, even if I am not on the vacation we could do very little to stop this because the bug was introduced in the GM and very likely the CDs went to the manufacturing.

    As a separate issue, I've also been unable to get 10.1.5 to run correctly. All I did was install the Sonnet Tempo/100, upgrade its firmware, install a new Western Digital 800JB drive, install OS X 10.1.2 from the CD, upgrade to 10.1.5... and problems immediately began. Every cold boot displays the happy mac and then hangs for about a minute before continuing. The /var/log/system.log file shows errors, as well as showing the system date as 12/31 of some crazy year. It's as if my motherboard battery were dead, but it's not (the log file is correct when booting off of my usual drive).

    Perhaps the problem lies not with G4 upgrades but with the Tempo cards. Do you know if other IDE cards work?
    Jeff B."

If anyone else can confirm this with the Sonnet Promise chip-based cards let me know. Earlier this week it was reported that they were saying that 10.2 was to fix the deep sleep issues with some of their cards that was broken in 10.1.5.

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