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PB Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit
Build Your Own Expansion Bay Hard Drive & Save $$
by Mike
Published: 4/14/2000

Mounting The Hard Drive To The Baseplate

Now that I've attached the circuit board to the hard drive in the previous page, the next step is to mount the drive to the baseplate.

Place the hard drive on the baseplate as shown in the photo to the right. Make sure the circuit board edge is behind the ridge on the metal baseplate. If the alignment is not correct, the drives mounting holes will not align with the 4 screw holes in the baseplate used to secure the hard drive.
Placing HD on plate

Carefully hold the drive on the baseplate while you invert it to allow installing the drive retaining screws. It may help to have a pad under the drive on the work surface.

*Do not press on the top metal cover of the hard drive* The cover is thin and the drive can be damaged if too much pressure is put on the top cover. (The Toshiba drive label has a warning on this, noting to handle the drive by the sides only.)

The kit includes 4 flat-head screws (silver) that are used to secure the hard drive to the baseplate. Align the 4 holes in the baseplate to the tapped holes in the bottom of the hard drive and install the screws. To avoid putting excess pressure on the top of the drive, after the screws are snug, lift the baseplate up and hold the drive by its edges during final tightening of the screws.
Secure HD to plate

The photo at the right shows the drive secured to the baseplate and ready to install into the black plastic portion of the expansion bay housing.

Note the orientation of the black connector in relation to the top of the drive and the baseplate's extended side 'wing' as I like to call it (present on the Lombard/Pismo expansion bay models).
Drive on baseplate

Carefully invert the baseplate with drive attached and position it onto the black plastic housing.

Take care to ensure all edges of the baseplate are properly aligned and flush with the black plastic case edges. If necessary, remove the baseplate and try again. I angle the baseplate into the plastic case starting with the side opposite the 'wing' extension.

Press down on all edges to ensure they are flush (plastic case and metal baseplate at the same level).

The manual includes some tips on this as well.
Mating base w/cover

Next Step: Securing the Baseplate to the Case

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