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PowerBook Firewire Hard Drive Upgrade
(Using IBM's TravelStar 32GB, 5411 RPM drive)
Performance Comparisons & Install
by Mike
Published: 10/13/2000

Intro | Removing Old HD | Installing New HD | Performance Tests

Installing The New Drive

Step 5: Install the New Drive

Before inserting the new drive into the bracket, slide the connector on the ribbon cable onto the new drive as shown in the photo. The photo also shows I've applied the black tape removed from the old drive onto the edge of new drive.
Note: Although my drive had no jumper installed, if yours does remove it. The drive should be set to "master", which is normally the setting with no jumpers installed.

New Drive

Step 6: Install HD Retaining Screws

Side the new drive into the bracket and visually align the screw holes in the drive with the bracket's screw holes. (Again don't press down on the top cover of the drive while doing this.) Install the 4 Torx screws (2 each side) to secure the hard drive in the bracket. Do not overtighten these screws.

Install HD Screws

Step 7: Reinstall the Hard Drive Assembly

Now that the new hard drive is installed in the bracket assembly, you simply slide it back in the powerbook. You may need to squeeze the edges of the bracket in again to clear the edge of the Powerbook's case.

Once the drive installed, replace the CPU cover and secure it with the 2 screws removed previously.

Reinstalling drive assembly

Hardware installation is now complete. Boot the system with an OS CD in the drive while holding down the "C" key. If the Finder prompts you to initialize the new drive, I suggest you cancel that dialog and run Drive Setup to format the drive (selecting 1 partion, or however many you desire).

Note: Make sure you choose "MacOS Extended" format for maximum storage space efficiency. (The older HFS format has less total allocation blocks, therefore on large volumes the minimize block size is very large, wasting huge amounts of disk space.) As with all drives (IDE, Firewire or SCSI), formatted capacity is less than the rated size. This 32GB drive formatted to 29.8 GB (primarily due to the binary vs decimal numbering system where 1000 decimal is 1024 binary). Install an OS from the CD, and if you backed up your old drive with a Firewire or SCSI drive, install any necessary drivers to allow access to that drive for restoring files. (Ideally if you own a Firewire or Expansion bay drive you can copy your old drive's contents over making restoring files to the new drive faster and easier.)

The next page covers performance tests comparing the IBM 32GB drive to a 20GB model as well as an original equipment 12GB Toshiba.

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Intro | Removing Old HD | Installing New HD | Benchmarks

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