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Performance Tests: PCI Ultra2 SCSI Controllers
Published: 2/24/99
ATTO Tools Test Graphs of Drive Performance
Adaptec 2940U2W Results in beige G3/AtlasIII U2 Drive

By Examining the graphs below you can see the transfer rates by test file size over time and compare HFS to HFS+ format on the identical system/configuration.

2940U2W HFS Format 8MB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS+ Format 8MB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS Format 2MB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS+ Format 2MB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS Format 512KB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS+ Format 512KB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS Format 128KB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS+ Format 128KB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS Format 32KB File (Max) Tests

2940U2W HFS+ Format 32KB File (Max) Tests

To see graphs of the ATTO Tools tests of R/W performance for the other cards, click on the desired card in the table below.

Links to ATTO Test Graphs (HFS/HFS+)
Miles U2

Compare 0-8MB Rates at a Glance - Click here to open a new window with a tall chart comparing the 3 cards. Graph includes peak/sustained rates as well as performance across file size. If you'd prefer a horizontal format graph - click here.

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