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Apple posts MacBook Pro ExpressCard Update 1.0
Brennan wrote that Apple has posted ExpressCard Update 1.0 for the MacBook Pro:

"The ExpressCard Update v1.0 resolves an issue that prevented the system from sleeping when some cards are inserted in the ExpressCard/34 slot.

System Requirements
- Mac OS X Version 10.4.7
- MacBook Pro"

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Crucial's comments on Mac Pro RAM (why std FB-Dimm listings were pulled, future plans)
As I mentioned yesterday I wrote a Micron (Crucial) contact to ask about why they removed their standard (flat heatsink) FB-Dimms from the Mac Pro compatible listing. (I.E. Were they going to offer them later and were they pulled due to their own tests or due to Apple's heatsink notes.) Here's the reply:

" Hi Mike,
We've been experiencing an inconsistency with the current heat spreaders on our Mac 1GB FB-DIMM modules after extended use. We're currently working on a redesign of our heat shield due to these thermal issues and will be releasing a revised part at a later point in time.

As you can imagine, we've been working closely with Apple and value our good relationship with them. Although our parts electrically meet the specifications of the Mac Pro systems, their custom cooling solution incorporates additional thermal characteristics that require less cooling than the standard FBDIMM heat spreaders. We are in discussions with Apple to ensure our upcoming cooling solution for the Mac Pro line of computers is inline with Apple's approved standards. Be assured we will offer a complete product line once we have their approval.

(I asked about price impact for the revised modules-Mike)
After speaking with our product marketing team, the new design could potentially impact cost. However, they are still finalizing those details and don't have exact information to share at this point.
Thanks, Kelly

Update: on August 24th they started listing large heatsink FB-Dimms for Mac Pros (originally 512MB only, but now lists 1GB/2GB dimms also). A reader that had placed an order when Crucial originally listed (standard heatsink) Mac Pro ram sent a note wrote with a copy of the order reply:

" I saw your article mentioning that Crucial no longer ships Mac Pro memory. (Yesterday's news reader post that they no longer listed Mac Pro compatible FB-Dimms. They had the day before as mentioned/linked here.-Mike)
But I'd already ordered memory from them, this is the mail I received. Thought you were interested to see this.
Regards, Dieter (from Belgium)

Mail from Crucial as of today:
"Hello, Thank you for your order placed with Crucial Technology. Unfortunately there will be a delay in processing your order as we don't currently have sufficient stock of the part you ordered. We expect delivery here on 14 August and will ship the material to you as soon as possible.
My apologies for the delay.
Kind regards
Crucial Sales Administration "

Dieter promised to report back after he received the memory There's many vendors offering FB-Dimms (with standard heatsinks) that should be functionally compatible, although with an unknown effect on Mac Pro fan speeds and cooling. (That Apple memory note/large heatsinks on the OEM dimms has created some concerns about using other untested FB-Dimms in a Mac Pro.) As of right now the only 3rd party FB-Dimms I know of with larger heatsinks are OWC's Mac Pro memory. Still waiting for feedback from a Mac Pro user on FB-Dimm that don't have large heatsinks like the OEM Apple RAM. (Apple notes their large heatsinks were used to reduce airflow requirements/reduce fan speeds.)
If any Mac Pro owner uses FB-Dimms that do not have large heatsinks, let me know if you notice higher fan speeds than with the OEM memory or any other problems. Thanks.
(Update: On reader actually received his Mac Pro Crucial Memory. He added some supplimental (VGA) heatsinks on them but after several hours of use said ASP reported one of the dimms had a couple ECC corrections (2 errors corrected, not sure if that was heat related or just a suspect dimm). He's ordered other heatsinks to try. I suggested he return them and wait for the 'revised' dimms, but he said he was told they were not going to support the Mac Pro - perhaps the support person wasn't aware of what Crucial has told others (above).)

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Mac Pro vs Dell Precision 690 Features/Price comparison
Matt sent a note that has a Mac Pro with 20" Cinema Display vs Dell Precision 690 (tower only) features/price comparison.
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Security Update 2006-004 for Mac Pro and 10.4.7 Server
Missed this last night but Apple has now posted Security Update 2006-004 for Mac Pro and Mac OS X Server v10.4.7 (Universal)

Security Update 2006-004 is recommended for all Mac Pro systems running Mac OS X v10.4.7 (build 8K1079), and systems running Mac OS X Server v10.4.7 (Universal), and improves the security of the following components:
For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:"
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