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2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme iMac Internal/Device Temperature Readings
" Hey Mike, Here are the readings (from Hardware Monitor or Temperature Monitor) for my 24" Core 2 Extreme 2.8Ghz iMac.
-Danny Z.
(I asked him how long it had been running/what apps had been used before the reading was taken-Mike)
It has been on all day and night, and I took the reading right in the middle of moving all music from my external drives to my internal drive and while doing some iPhoto file management work.

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Hardware/Temperature Monitor author comments on new iMacs
(Updated 3:20 PM) Yesterday I wrote the author (Marcel Bresink) of Temperature Monitor (free) and Hardware Monitor asking about support for the new iMacs. I wasn't sure if the new models were fully supported as he often updates them for changes in new Macs but had sent Marc (a 20in iMac owner) the links yesterday. Marcel replied he doesn't have a new iMac yet but has gotten some initial feedback, although no info yet from a Core 2 Extreme (2.8GHz) owner. He's asking for owners to send him a hardware report.

" thanks for your technical question. I didn't order any of the new iMac models yet because they appear to be a step backwards.
Unfortunately I haven't received any customer feedback yet which would confirm or deny compatibility of Hardware Monitor with the new systems. However, I would expect that all basic functions should work fine.

Maybe one of your readers could send me a Hardware Compatibility Report generated by Hardware Monitor? Especially testing the internal DTS sensors of the Intel Core 2 Extreme would be important.

(He later wrote:)
as a follow-up to my previous e-mail:
Just a few minutes later I received a first hardware report for the new 20" iMac. As expected, the application works fine. There is only one minor issue: The System Management Controller appears to be monitoring the GPU's voltage and amperage values although this does not seem to work for the Radeon HD 2600. (This is a hardware issue. The iMacs with the NVIDIA 7600 GT on an MXM card had a similar problem.) Hardware Monitor may display zero or near-zero readings for the GPU supply although it should better suppress this display.
This will of course be corrected in the next build of Hardware Monitor.

So the only remaining question is whether the applications will process the readings of the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme processor correctly. I would still be interested in receiving a Hardware Compatibility Report for the new top model iMac.

(he later wrote)
Hello Mike, thanks a lot for your help. The owner has indeed sent me a hardware report for the 2.8 GHz model. I can now confirm that this processor is supported correctly. As expected it is an "Intel Core 2 Extreme X7900" (Merom XE core, 65 nm technology) with stepping code "10".

So besides the problem with the Graphics Processor Supply voltage/ amperage sensors already mentioned, the new iMac series is correctly supported by Hardware Monitor or Temperature Monitor 4.2.
Best regards, Marcel "

A 2.8GHz owner comments (on the linked page below) mentioned running iStat nano (system stats widget) with it so I sent him links to Temperature Monitor and Hardware Monitor to try. (Update - see above for Danny's temperature readings on his 2.8GHz iMac after extended use.)

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More reports from 2007 iMac Owners
I've posted several mails from new iMac owners (including a 2.8GHz owner) to a separate page on 2007 iMac owner feedback. Includes notes on temperatures, features, isight, keyboard, one owner's problems installing Windows via Bootcamp (solved by disconnecting 3rd party USB devices/Drives) and more.
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More Feedback on AirPort Base Station Update 2007-002
I've added a couple more Airport 802.11n base owner's reports to the page on AirPort Base Station Update 2007-002. One noted problems with his USB Airdisk - a Maxtor 300GB (mac OS extended/journaled format), another reader said the update seems to have fixed an issue where his Airdisk could not remain connected while using a Cisco VPN client to his office.
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Other News/Software Updates/Apple Docs
Updated 3:35PM Eastern
(includes new/updated apple support docs)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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