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News Archive for Wednesday August 24, 2011:

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iMac Graphic Firmware Update 3.0 (Freeze Fix for Lion)
(D/L page linked)
"iMac Graphic FW Update 3.0
This firmware update fixes a graphics issue that may cause an iMac to hang under certain conditions.
Do not shut off the power on your iMac during this update. Loss of power could result in your iMac failing to start up.

System Requirements: OS X Lion (OS X 10.7 or later)"

When I posted this the linked doc didn't include iMac model (or GPU) specifics. Normally I'd assume it's for a current model but Software Update should list it if you have an affected iMac and don't want to download the updater to check. (I didn't D/L and dig into the pkg info.)

FYI: A reader (Thanks RC) that dug into the installer script sent a note it checks for ID "iMac12,1" (a 21.5" Mid-2011 iMac IIRC), Graphics Card ROM version 113-C2950K-193 and OS X 10.7 build 11A511. (But does that mean it won't run under 10.7.1/later builds even for a matching iMac/GPU rom?)

(2012 Re-Release: On Feb. 29th, 2012, Apple re-released this (same title/description, etc - and still no iMac series/year on the D/L page) - my guess is they may have revised the installer script to work with later builds in case some old stock with that ROM version was still out there. And as of Feb 2012, the Apple page of Intel-based iMac updates lists it under "Late 2011" iMacs now. (If someone checks the pkg contents/scripts to find any other changes, send a note.) If it was really a new firmware update it should have had a later update number.)


Info on Mounting Screws for Mini-PCIe Airport Cards:
I'd hoped to have already added this info to previous posts on cheap Airdrop compatible cards (for anyone that was not just swapping out an older card), but if anyone knows the screw size (and appx length) of the 2 screws that retain the Airport card in Mac Pros, MacBooks, etc let me know. TIA. (One reader salvaged some screws out of the battery bay of an older macbook he said.)
  Update: - Norman B. sent a note that the screws are listed as M2x3mm. (A 'mac parts place' has them for $14.95 (!) a PAIR for "original apple parts" - insane... Almost as much as some WiFi cards. I had another reader (in the biz) that mentioned the same Apple P/N 922-7734 (Airport/BlueTooth Screws) but said his listing showed a package of 5 (not 2) at $5, but said with shipping from Apple his total cost was $13.75. Still too high IMHO. Not sure if any B&M apple stores would have these in stock to avoid shipping costs.)
  If you don't have any possible 'donor' items (unused/scrap items that may have screws to take from) - Check local hardware stores (or even some parts stores like radio shack) to see if they have any in stock. I've seen some lowes that had a good assortment (trays) of screws (at very low prices) but not checked for these specifically. (I suggested that to a reader last week but at that time I didn't know the exact size.) Otherwise Norman said a bag of 100 from McMaster-Carr was $4.45 plus shipping. ( and search for item 92005A011.) Thanks Norm!

(FYI: If a local source doesn't have a 3mm long M2 (only longer), you can use a toothpick as a rough gauge of how deep the mating insert/standoff is, then add the thickness of the wifi card to see what the max depth allowed is without adding washers under the screw head.)

(BTW - the above might be worthwhile for ebay sellers of the cards. Including screws would be a bonus for mac buyers that aren't replacing an existing card and need mtg screws. And maybe help their auction stand out from the others.)

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