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Aperture Speedup Tips
I don't own Aperture but a reader sent a link to his page with 32 Ways To Speed Up Aperture - most obvious items first. (Link removed after no longer working.)
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Leopard Drivers/Apps Updates for (some) USB Canon Scanners/AIOs
This probably isn't news to readers with USB Canon scanners and AIO's that already installed Leopard, but today I spotted a couple Apple kbase docs titled OS X 10.5: Canon CanoScan scanners unable to scan and OS X 10.5: Canon inkjet printer cannot scan that both list updated drivers/apps from Canon as a solution, although no specific models are listed in the Apple docs. (And from my search results below - only some models are supported in Leopard - but see a reply below from a LiDE 30 owner that said it's working despite not being in the 10.5 "supported" list). Both docs say to go to and from the Product pop-up menus select your Multifunction printer or CanoScan Scanner model and download the latest drivers/applications for OS X.
I have an old bus-powered USB Canon N656U model I use primarily with my PB G4 (not running Leopard on that machine) but checked there for updates under the Mac OS X item and was directed to a page that had only "10.1.3 - 10.4.x" downloads for the N656U and this note:

" Do I need to update my drivers to support Mac OS X v.10.5 (Leopard)?

Only the following scanner models are supported in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard):
4400F, 8400F, 8600F, 8800F, 9950F, LiDE 25, LiDE 35, LiDE 60, LiDE 70, LiDE 90, LiDE 500F, LiDE 600F

The current Mac OS X driver download forthe above models will function in Mac OS X v.10.5. However, it is recommended that you check our Download Library periodically for updated drivers."

I didn't search for other scanner models or AIOs however.
Update - a reader said he's using his LiDE 30 OK in Leopard, despite it not being in the list above:

"I have a CanoScan LiDE 30, which is not on the officially supported Leopard list, but it works just fine with the existing drivers on both a G4 PowerBook and a Core Duo MacBook Pro. I had a little difficulty with the installation on the MBP, but at least the Canon scanning application works.
-Alan S."

(Update - see the Tuesday news for More on (officially unsupported) Scanners in Leopard and info on 'TWAIN SANE' drivers.) That reminds me - years ago after a 10.3.x update on my Powerbook my N656U wouldn't work (scanning in PShop) after an update, but reinstalling the software solved it - but I've not tried it with Leopard yet. (Never installed the software for it on the G5 tower - the only machine here that has Leopard on it.) I originally bought the N656U years ago as it was bus powered (no AC adapter/wall wart required) and thin enough to fit well in the backpack case for the Powerbook. (Handy for trips to relatives for scanning old photos they had.)

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Tips for Apache/personal web sharing problems after Leopard Upgrade
From a reader mail this weekend:

"Apache Personal sharing issues (after Leopard update)
Am I the only one who's personal web sharing is denying me access to my local userfolder "sites" folder?
(There's been various networking/shared volume problems reported by some readers after updating to Leopard, the most recent was last Wednesday's G5 owner report on Leopard Problems with Shared Drives)
I did I permissions check in the finder and:
1) I wasn't the owner.
2) there was an "unknown" group.

When I set the permissions to their proper settings via the terminal I was still denied access to the folders and files.

my internet web sharing was set to 'on' before I upgraded to Leopard (I did an upgrade install which never presented me with any problems) and when I looked in the sharing pane it was off. I can get to the general Apache page (/library/webserver/documents) but not my own pages.

(he later wrote)
I found instructions on how to get Apache, PHP and MySQL back up on Leopard. They can be found here and the instructions are definitely doable for anyone who is terminal literate.
Sondjata O. CEO
InnerVisions productions LLC"

The linked page has info on how to get get your virtual hosts back, enable PHP5, and get MySQL running again with Apache 2.2 included w/Leopard.

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RocketRaid 1740/PPC Mac owner still having problems with Leopard
When Leopard was first released I posted many reports from various RocketRaid card owners on problems (at least with PPC Macs) with their 'updated for Leopard' drivers which they revised several times within days (but keeping the same driver "version") - for some card model owners, the later updates helped, but there's also been problems reported earlier from other readers on getting Leopard installed over existing RAID volumes (some could, some couldn't) using other (bootable) cards and onboard interfaces.
Here's a mail from this weekend from a PPC Mac/RocketRaid 1740 card owner that's still having problems:

" I have been trying to get support from HighPoint regarding the RocketRaid 1740 PCI card simply refusing to work under MacOS 10.5/10.5.1 using their "latest" Leopard compatible drivers. The support email address does not return emails with any solutions. Since the new macs don't have PCI slots, it would be a safe bet to say that G4/G5 users are the ones purchasing the 1740 for mac support. I've even contacted the head of their customer support who was kind enough to respond, the same guy on your website, but nothing useful from him either. This is very frustrating, do you have any suggestions? There seem to be no other hardware raid sata cards with Leopard support that I can find.
The web management utility sees the arrays but the OS (disk utility) refuses to partition/format/mount the arrays. The first error returned is "permission denied" followed by I/O error and disconnect messages in the kernel (dmesg). I've supplied all this info to the vendor and still no dice!

(I asked for more info and if he'd had any of the other Leopard problems (like admin login, etc.))
Below is what I sent to Corey Baker, to which I have received no response. I am using the lastest drivers, I download them every other day and comapare md5 checksums on them to make sure they have not updated them on the website. Still no dice. I have not found anyone reporting success with a 1740 card in Leopard via Google. It may be possible that the 1740 card uses a different chipset than those 2200's/2300's? Strange how they claim all these drivers are Leopard compatible yet a) they were not at first and b) they still aren't for me and the 1740. I found the stash of older drivers for this 1740 card on the highpoint website:
There is even a copy of their test plan on there. I've tried every single driver possible and nothing works.

The strangest thing about all of this, I bought the 1740 to replace the 1820A since they wont update the drivers to Leopard for it, and with the1820A card I can mount my arrays and read data using the Tiger driver in Leopard!! The volumes are read-only though, but hey it's more success than with the 1740.
As for any other Leopard problems, nope none at all.
Thank you for your help.
-Rod "

If anyone has a tip/suggestion for Rod (or doesn't have this problem with a RR 1740 card/PPC Mac running Leopard), let me know.

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Intel updates Software Dev Tools for better OS X performance w/Penryn CPUs
A Yahoo/PCW story says Intel has upgraded their software development tools to help OS X Leopard apps perform better on Intel's Penryn processors. It's been long rumored that revised Mac Pros will be announced at MWSF in January and it will be interesting to see what's changed. There's also recent rumors of Mobile Penryn based Macbooks and possibly iMacs, but only time will tell.
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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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