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Price cuts on Mercury Elite AL-Pro Quad Interface Ext. Drives
(from site sponsor OWC)

" New Pricing, up to 10% lower, on the OWC Mercury Elite-AL 'Quad' FW800/400/USB2/eSATA Performance Solutions. Mercury Elite AL-Pro 'Quad Interface' drives provide maximum performance and reliability for your demanding Audio/Video, Backup(perfect for Time Machine), Music, Photography, general data, movies, and more. With two FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port, one USB 2.0 port, and one eSATA port - this solution also gives you the maximum flexibility in making use of whichever interface that best serves is available on any of the computers you may use the Elite-AL Pro 'Quad' with. The Elite-AL Pro places Vertically or Horizontally and has dimensions of 9.0 x 2.1 x 5.8 Inches. Performance, High Reliability - in an amazingly small physical space. Features include:
  • Oxford 924 based performance bridge solution
  • 2 FW800 Ports, 1 FW400 Port, 1 USB 2.0 Port, 1 eSATA Port
  • Large Data Buffer up to 32MB
  • Audio/Video & Backup Certified
  • Compact, shock resistant Aluminum design
  • 2 Year Warranty w/Up to an addtl. 3 Years Factory Warranty on the drive inside.

    ALL OWC Mercury Elite-AL Single Drive Solutions include full retail versions of award winning Prosoft DataBackup II for OS X (a $59.95 retail value) and NovaStor NovaBACKUP® for Windows (a $49.95 retail value).

    Current Solution pricing online now:

  • 250GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer now $169.99
  • 300GB 7200RPM w/16MB Buffer Special for $175.00
  • 320GB 7200RPM w/16MB Buffer now $186.99
  • 400GB 7200RPM w/16MB Buffer remains $199.99
  • 500GB 7200RPM w/16MB Buffer now $217.99
  • 750GB 7200RPM w/16MB Buffer now $297.99
  • 1.0TB(1000GB) 7200RPM w/32MB Buffer now $439.99

    Also Available - Mercury Elite-AL Pro "Quad Interface" 0GB Kit for $109.99

    UPS Ground is $2.95 for any of the above solutions. 2nd Day Air is also available within the USA for $7.95 or less."

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    Tips on burning a Disc with Multiple Apple Hardware Test Images
    Follow-up to yesterday's post on an Apple page with Apple Hardware Test CD images (downloads) for some models of Powerbooks, iBooks, iMacs/eMacs, G4 Towers and Xserve (PPC):

    " Hi Mike... As a follow up to the link of amin (aht):
    Over the past 3 years I bought every hardware test cd from ebay I could get. Often mactracer gave me the help I needed to specify which machine it was for.

    As I did not want to carry one disc for each model with me, after some test I figured out, you can burn a multi-aht-disc.

    With the link from yesterday, you just need to burn each of the images to one multi-session-cd!! e.g.

    • Open Toast
    • Select 'Burn Image'
    • Drag one of the .dmg in the Toast window
    • Be sure to choose 'multisession' in the advanced burning prefs Burn
    • Repeat with the next .dmg...

    After the last .dmg you should have a bootable disc, ready to use with all the old models the ahts are for.

    If anyone knows the technique to extract the AHT of newer ppc's MacOSX installer discs, please send it in for posting, so we can expand the multiboot aht-disc with younger (PM G5...) models.

    If anyone has done this let me know. Thanks. (Reminds me I need to find my 2003 G5 tower Disc...)

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    More Price cuts on RAM for Intel-based Macs, Portable FW800/400/USB 2.0 Drives
    (Price cut again at 8PM Eastern) Another round of price cuts from OWC on the xlr8yourmac specials page:
  • 1GB SODIMMs for MacBook/MacBook Pro/iMac Intel/Mac mini Intel - $24.75
  • 2GB SODIMMs for same - $50
  • 4.0GB Kits (2x2GB SODIMMs) - $99
  • 4.0GB (2x2GB) FBDIMM Kits for Apple Mac Pro Quad & 8-Core Xeons - $157.50

    They also sent word on price cuts on portable hard drives:

    " Mercury On-The-Go FW800/400+USB2 Portable drives bundled with retail Prosoft DataBackup III for OS X (a $59.95 retail value) and NovaStor NovaBACKUP® for Windows (a $49.95 retail value), All connecting cables, Intech HD Speedtools utility suite, Carrying Case, and a 1 Year OWC Warranty included. New Pricing as follows:
    • 80GB 5400RPM w/8MB Buffer remains $139.99
    • 120GB 5400RPM w/8MB Buffer remains $149.99
    • 160GB 5400RPM w/8MB Buffer remains $177.99
    • 250GB 5400RPM w/8MB Buffer now $229.99
      (*Fastest 5400RPM & Best Value Per Gig!*)

    • 80GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer remains $167.99
    • 100GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer now $184.99
    • 120GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer remains $209.99
    • 160GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer now $249.99
    • 200GB 7200RPM w/16MB Buffer now $289.99
      (**Fastest In Class**)

    View the full line

    UPS Ground Delivery for only $2.95; 2nd Day Air within the US $7.95 or less.
    Also available, On-the-Go 2.5" Enclosure Kits - 'add your own drive' from $29.95."

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    More Feedback/Tips on Canon Scanners with Leopard
    I've added several more reader reports to a separate page on Canon Scanners with OS X Leopard (Tips and Alternative Drivers). I've included copies of previous news page posts/links/info on SANE drivers, etc. (Reports so far are related to Canon USB Scanners, although feedback on other brands/models are also welcome.)
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