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OEM (G5) 9800 Pro card blown Fuse
Can't say as I'd ever seen this before but maybe some readers have. Late Christmas eve (Monday) I received an email from a reader (Steve) with a note his G5 Tower (2003 model) OEM 9800 Pro card had failed (Fan failed/card overheated he said). After removing the card he noticed a blown fuse (F1) and also that a trace near some adjacent diodes appears to have gotten hot enough to cook off the soldermask. He asked for a pix of an (undamaged) card to try and locate a replacement fuse for a repair, so I dug up my OEM 9800 Pro I had used for awhile with my 2003 G5 Tower and sent him a pix of my OEM 9800 card's F1 Fuse. (Not a great pix - rushed taking it as it was Christmas day and I wasn't supposed to be 'working'.) I didn't get a reply back from him so posting this here in case my email was flagged as spam.
I retired that 9800 card after replacing it with later/faster models (6800 Ultra, then an X800) back in 2003, but not before replacing the OEM 9800's 'dentist drill' sounding fan with an overpriced (but very quiet) Verax G03 cooler. (There's many more other/cheaper cooler options as shown in later articles on the Video topics page, Coolers section)
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Apple doc with OpenGL Features support by Graphics card/GPU model/OS X Version
I've seen a similar page elsewhere on the web in the past, but a recent Apple developer mail including a link to their Technical Q&A QA1536 - Requirements for Quartz GL which also links to a page listing OpenGL capabilities of graphics cards/GPUs used in Macs. (GL feature support listing by graphics card model and OS X version - including cards going as far back as the Radeon 7000 and GeForce 2MX and also the "software renderer".)
It's updated to include OS X Leopard and GPUs like the GeForce 8600 (used in SR MacBook Pros) and ATI 2400/2600 (used in AL iMacs) but does not include the latest onboard Intel graphics used in the newer MacBooks. (The Intel GMA 950 used in earlier MacBooks and current Mini is listed.)
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Updated Sprint OS X drivers for Novatel EV-DO Modems
(from a reader mail Monday - not breaking news but maybe someone else missed it)

" On Nov 8th, Sprint PCS updated their OS X Drivers for the Novatel series of EV-DO Modems. The only thing that seems to be new is the addition of an OS X version of Sprint's Location & Search GPS software (dated Nov 2nd 2007), although I'm sure they made some fine-tuning adjustments to the basic OS X modem drivers.

On Dec 6th, the downloadable archive was repackaged with updated PDF format quick start guides for both Tiger and Leopard operating systems.
Download link:
I just noticed it today (Monday). And EVDOForums is still under the impression that only the Franklin CDMA 680 EVDO modem has native OS X GPS support. (of course, I posted it on their site right after I emailed you.)
-Joel S."

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Other News/Articles, Misc. Software Updates
(some I missed on Monday)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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