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iPhoto 7.1.3 Update released
Available via Software Update and this download page:

"This update addresses issues with wire-bound books and cards.
Requirements: OS X 10.4.9 or later, iPhoto 7.1.2"
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FYI on Kona 3 card Drivers and disabled 2nd Display Quartz Extreme support
A reply/FYI to an earlier post today from an 8800GT owner with no Quartz Extreme Support on the 2nd DVI Port of his 8800GT card (which was caused by drivers for his BlackMagic Decklink HD Extreme):

" Also ask them if they have a Kona 3 card from AJA installed. They had a driver update 5.1 NDD which turned off the Desktop display option. Under OSX 10.5.x drivers 5.1 would cause the second monitor to not support Quartz Extreme. I have an 8-Core mac with 16GB Ram and an ATI x1900 xt card and with 5.1 couldn't even launch iMovie. After reinstalling everything, I discovered the Quartz Extreme disappearing act when I added the 5.1 drivers. A call to AJA and they sent me the new drivers-- now posted on their website. They were aware of the problem and it is now fixed in the 5.1 NDD driver.
(I asked for a link to the driver update/fix.-Mike)
Sure. Here's the link:
From their website:
"This 5.1 NDD version is recommended for OS X 10.5.2 users. Note: The AJA KONA driver version 5.1 NDD is the same as driver version 5.1, but removes the Macintosh Desktop Display feature.
With the regular version of the 5.1 driver, some users may experience issues with Quartz Extreme, the behavior of their computer displays, and in some cases, kernel panics may occur with certain graphics cards installed. If any of the issues mentioned occur, the driver version 5.1 NDD should be used instead of version 5.1. Driver version 5.1 NDD is also the recommended version for use with the latest Intel Xserve with Xeon 5400 series processors, model (MA882LL/A)."

See below for the other post with info on a similar issue with the BlackMagic Decklink HD Extreme card drivers.

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OS X Compatible PCI Ethernet Cards page updated (Combo Gigabit/FW800 card)
I've updated the OS X PCI Ethernet Card Compatibility Reports again today with a G5 tower (PCI/PCI-X slot model) report on a Combo Gigabit Ethernet/FW800 PCI card he said worked w/o drivers in OS X (including Leopard). Updated with his later comments on deep sleep tests. (There were also some reports there from 2006 on other Gigabit Ethernet Combo cards with FW+USB 2.0 ports, but not sure those cards are still available.)
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2nd DVI Port Performance Problems/No Quartz Extreme Support - BlackMagic Decklink HD Extreme card drivers
Got a reply from Graham (2008 Mac Pro w/8800GT card) about any 3rd party addons he had installed - one of which was the source of his 2nd DVI Port problems (poor performance /no quartz Extreme support on 2nd DVI Port).

"No Kona card, but I do have a BlackMagic Decklink HD Extreme card.
What I've added to the system:
BlackMagic Decklink HD Extreme
Highpoint RocketRaid 2522
16 gigs OWC 800 RAM
2x750 gigs Western Digital HDs
(Have you tried booting w/o the card/drivers installed as a check?? (got a 2nd HD with a standard 10.5.2 install to test boot with??)-Mike)
Ah ha! Yes, I removed the BlackMagic HD Extreme card, and now the 8800 GT runs the way it should! Bad doesn't look like there are updated drivers for the BlackMagic card. (For the record in case there's an update later to the drivers - what version are you using. Worth reporting this to them also.-Mike)
Thank you for all of your help

He later wrote that BlackMagic replied this is a known issue with a link to their (Dec. 2007 dated) Support page titled: Quartz Extreme capable video card error which notes:

"Quartz Extreme capable video card error
When launching Final Cut Pro and you have a DeckLink card or Multibridge installed, you might encounter the following error message:

"This system does not meet the following minimum system requirements: Final Cut Pro requires that your system have a Quartz Extreme capable video card".

Testing has found that this problem only occurs if the computer monitor is connected to DVI port number 2 as shown in the following diagram...

To avoid the error message, shut down the Mac, disconnect the computer monitor and then reconnect it to DVI port number 1. Now start up the Mac and you should be able to launch Final Cut Pro without problems.

An alternative solution is to disable the desktop feature in the DeckLink settings in the System Preferences. A restart will be required after disabling the desktop feature.
This error has been reported to Apple."

I asked Graham if he had tried the "Alternative Solution" (disable the desktop feature in the DeckLink settings in the System Preferences)
FYI - see above news item about similar issues with Kona 3 card original v5.1 drivers.

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OS X 10.5.2/Office 2004 user notes on Font Corruption
From a reader mail today:

"Mac OS X 10.5.2 Font Issues and MS Office 2004
Hi Mike, I just resolved a long running issue with my Leopard install that I wanted to share with you and our community.

I had just done a deep cache cleaning with Leopard Cache Cleaner (just to reduce disk usage since I hadn't done it in a long time) and after rebooting, experienced numerous problems in various programs that seemed to be around fonts. PDF displaying page elements in Preview, but no words (because the font was corrupt) and so on.

But the biggest indicator was MS Office 2004, upon the first run of Word, during the phase of startup when it caches font info, it reported (one at a time) hundred of fonts as corrupt.

I started up Font Book and took a look at what Word was reporting as corrupt and it turned out to be a very large font collection that I had added years ago and completely forgotten about (from MacWare).

Lots of trial and error but finally I deleted all System 9 fonts and all of the MacWare fonts and low and behold, Word and Excel are now loading fast without the delay I had gotten used to since installing Leopard of caching font upon every run of these programs.

Numerous other programs have shown dramatic improvement in start times such as iWeb, and Pages and Keynote and several weird font rendering glitches in Safari that I had just ignored were now gone.!!!!!

So I recommend that all users with a legacy installation like mine (which goes back to the Mac OS X beta and has been updated ever since) examine their fonts.

There were also notes here on the 10.5.2 feedback page about problems after the update with FontExplorer X v1.2.2 - they quickly released a v1.2.3 update. (Shortly after that post here Apple issued a kbase doc OS X 10.5.2: Unable to open applications or applications quit if Linotype FontExplorer X is running that also mentioned the update.)

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