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Reports from iPod Video owners on problems w/recent 1.1 Update
Here's a few mails from iPod (Video) owners on the recent 1.1 udpate (from iPod updater 2006-01-10). I don't have a video iPod personally to try but posting as a FYI.

" Hello, Long time reader here.
I would like to alert you and the rest of the readers of Xlr8YourMac to a problem with the new iPod 1.1 firmware that was released by Apple on Jan 10, 2006. Apple's newest iPod will not correctly play back videos that the user has converted him or herself with applications such as iSquint, Video2Pod, etc...

Quoted from the iSquint homepage ( by author Tyler Loch:

    "There's a bug with the new 1.1 iPod Software Update released yesterday by Apple that seems to only affect 60GB iPods.
    Video files may skip ~30 seconds into playback, then continue without sound.
    It doesn't seem to be limited to iSquint-produced files, and it's one of a few reported problems with the new update.

    If you've already updated, either sit tight and hope for a 1.1a fix, or you can revert back to 1.0 iPod software using the CD that came with your iPod (it'll erase everything in the process)."

Strangely, this only affects the iPod 60GB and not the 30GB version. According to iSquint's author Tyler Loch, "The only hardware difference (other than the drive, obviously) that the 60 has over the 30 is a 64MB buffer - double the 32MB in the 30. Looks like some sort of bug around that bigger buffer, and filling it/not filling it correctly." But he admits to not being an expert on such matters.

As Mr. Loch points out, it is possible to roll back to version 1.0, and operations will proceed as expected. I have personally experienced this issue with my iPod 60GB and it definitely exists.

You can read about this problem here:
iSquint forum
Apple discussions forum
iPod lounge forum.
thanks very much, and keep up the good work!
-Saul G. "

This is one of 2 reports so far on problems getting the iPod to work (at all) after the update. The 2nd report has some notes on how he finally got it working again.

" Be wary of new iPod Updater 2006-01-10
I attempted to update my 30GB video iPod today and now it's broken. :(
I followed the iPod Updater instructions and afterwards found that my iPod would not mount on my desktop. So, I rebooted my Dual G5 Mac (June 2003 version) and it still wouldn't mount. In fact, there was no display at all on the iPod, like it was totally off.

So I removed it from the dock and tried to manually reset it using the Menu and Select buttons held down for 6 or so seconds. Doing this, the iPod gave me three musical beeps and brought up a blank white but lit display and pressing any of the buttons would make the usual click noise but they didn't play any music so it wasn't a case of just a bad display. Now there's no way of turning off the iPod in this state. It's stuck in some loop!

Called up Apple Support and they just said, send it in. Blech.

System specs:
Dual G5 2GHz June 2003 version
4.5GB ram About 10 hard drives (internal and firewire 400 and 800) :)
ATI 9800 OEM version
-Ed "

I sent Ed a note to check out the following in case it might help get his back from the dead. (He later wrote it did - along with some revised button combos. See Friday's news.)

" Hi Mike;
Maybe this hasn't happened to others yet, but it did to my wife's new iPod Video 30GB. I plugged the iPod into my G5 tower's front USB port, as I usually do, and a dialogue came up (after downloading the 1/10/2006 iPod Update) asking if I "wanted to do the update now." OK, I thought, this new software is self-starting, so I'll go for it.

The update commenced after I hit the "Yes" button, but after it was done doing its thing, the screen on the iPod froze with the Apple symbol displayed, in grey. Then the screen went blank after about 45 seconds. NOTHING worked to bring the iPod back to normal. (Another reader that applied it ok said it took awhile to finish the update - if you look closely (hard to do since the screen backlight isn't on) you can see the firmware update progress bar filling in.-Mike)
I tried resetting it, both connected and disconnected to the G5 without success.
Meanwhile, the screen would intermittently turn on bright, but a projector's screen when there's nothing on it. Then it would go back to dark grey, blank. I must have tried resetting it 10 times. And the iPod would make a very strange musical sound, da-de-da-de-da-da, after each unsuccessful reset attempt. Finally, I gave AppleCare a call.

I went through the normal diagnostics on the phone with the Apple tech, trying to reset, again, connected and disconnected from the G5. No luck. I even let him hear the strange musical sound through the phone, and he was dumfounded as I was..."I've never heard that before," he said.
So, finally, we tried one last reset attempt (he was going to have me take the iPod in to my local Apple Store for an exchange with a new one, since this one's only 3 weeks old). Toggle the "Hold" switch off, and on, then hold down "Menu" and "Select" for 10 seconds, but after that hold down "Select" and "Play" for 1/2 minute. He said normally this would force the iPod into "Hard Disc Mode", where you can use the iPod for data storage. Sometimes, the tech said, this sequence helps a frozen iPod because after it's in Hard Disk Mode you can then do a normal Reset to get the iPod software working right.

Well, that apparently didn't work...yet...but about 1 minute later, while we were talking, the iPod came back to life, with the "Do Not Disconnect" dialogue and the circle with a line through it. It mounted on the G5 desktop and opened iTunes, as it should, and I ejected it in iTunes. Unplugged it from the G5, and sure enough, checking "About" revealed that it now had software version 1.1. So it had updated successfully.

The Apple Tech said he was going to make a "case note" about what had happened, because he'd never heard of this happening before, in case other iPod techs would run into the issue. If any of your readers have the above happen to their video iPod during the update, that's how you fix it.
Best Regards, David "

" At first I thought it was just a random freeze (only had it 1 day though - not confidence inspiring LOL) but after seeing some other reports of problems with the 1.1 update, I thought I'd mention it just in case.
I bought a new iPod (Video) 30GB yesterday (at Target - chose them for the $30 gift card offer) and perhaps foolishly, immediately updated it using the iPod Updater released 1/10. It took awhile for the iPod to come back after the update but at first all seemed well. I copied a few hundred iTunes songs (mostly MP3s, but some AAC) and 4 Videos from ITMS (SNL skits, free Monk episode).
After playing a few songs and then a couple of the SNL skits, it froze with a black screen at the end of one of them - it hung at the point where it should return to the video menu/list after playing the video. Since it was only about an hour old I wasn't thrilled but a standard (center button) reset brough it back to life.
Couldn't repeat the freeze again after playing the same videos a few times. Maybe just a random freeze/glitch but to have it happen in the first hour bothers me. How common have freezes like this been with video iPods before the 1.1 update?
PS: Until I saw one in person I didn't think I would buy one. I like it a lot. Just wish the SNL individual skits were cheaper. $1.99 each and most are just a few minutes. No wonder some ITMS reviews mentioned ripping/converting them from the complete DVDs that are under $10. "
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PC ATI USB TV Tuner user notes on EyeTV 2 compatibility
"I just wanted to let you know, for those of us that had the PC version of the ATI USB tuner that ElGato sells, if you get EyeTV2, which is now 49$ (intro price), you can make it work, I would assume that would hold true for any other hardware they sell under they're name that was purchased else where.
I purchased EyeTV2 yesterday and now my USB2 wonder is working flawlessly with my Quicksilver 2002 2x1ghz.
-Dave "

Yesterday's news had notes/links on EyeTV 2 and also on iEye Captain bundles.

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More info on High-Def MPEG-1 Video
(in reply to a post/movie link in yesterday's news)

" This forum topic has some information about HD-MPEG1 and discussion about how it compares to other HD video codecs.
This is the company that makes the software that encoded the HD-MPEG1 video you posted on your site (they were the source URL of the sample movie yesterday also)
I _think_ the product they used to encode it is "MegaPEG Pro HD" MPEG1/2 encoder.
--Charlie "
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Mozilla releases Thunderbird 1.5
Curtis wrote there's a press release on Thunderbird 1.5 (mail client). He also mentioned a change in the system requirements, which now says OS X 10.3 or later.
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PL CPU Director 2.3b2 for OS X 10.4.4 available now
Just after midnight last night Powerlogix wrote to say that they've posted a 10.4.4 compatible version of CPU Director (2.3b2) at their software downloads page. (As with all Tiger updates so far, it broke the previous version of CPU D)

" CPU Director 2.3b2 (502.30KB)
adds support for Mac OS X 10.4.4"

For readers that were using 2.3b1 and updated to 10.4.4, let me know if 2.3b2 works.
(Feedback so far from several CPU D. 2.3b2/10.4.4 uses said it's works, although one user that had problems before 10.4.4 w/2.3b1 said the update didn't help.)

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Recent Reviews and Articles:
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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