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Apple posts QT of MacWorld Keynote
As promised, the Webcast of today's MacWorld Keynote is available now.
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Apple releases QT 7.4, iTunes 7.6, iMovie 7.1.1 and Front Row 2.1.2
(Available via software update also but I prefer to use the download updaters. Windows iTunes and QT updates released also)

Applied these on the iMac (running 10.5.1) after a clean reboot (with nothing else running as usual and then a force prebinding from the terminal just for good measure).

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New Products/Updates from MWSF
Product announcements from the Keynote (and Apple Store back online)

FYI - Apple now has pages About the security content of iPhone v1.1.3 and iPod touch v1.1.3 and About the Security content of QuickTime 7.4.

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ElGato announces EyeTV 3
ElGato today announced EyeTV 3.0 with a new User Interface, Smart Guides, and New Options for Streaming and Sharing. (See the linked page for details.) They've got a page with a Features comparison of EyeTV v3 vs v2. EyeTV 3 costs $79.95 (US) for the full verison, $39.95 (US) to upgrade from EyeTV v2.x. (Still wishing for an option to force a consistent LiveTV window size when switching from 480i to 1080i broadcasts...)
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Apple revises Nvidia 8800 GT card kit page to note PCIe 2.0 required
"The applestore page for the 8800GT card kit now says specifically that it requires PCIe 2.0:

    * Requires Mac Pro with PCI-Express 2.0

So I guess this pretty much proves Apple's not going to fix it.

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OWC MacWorld specials
(From site sponsor OWC)

"OWC Online MacWorld Specials (ram, drives, video cards, enclosures, etc.) These are ONLINE Specials, Special Macworld Expo 'floor' pricing is found at our booth at the show. Also, for those making it to the Expo, stop by our booth for a free sample can of 'Brain Toniq' - a great refreshing drink with cognitively enhancing boost.
Best Regards,
Lawrence R. O'Connor
Other World Computing"
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OS X Leopard Scanner Compatibility reports page updated
I've updated the page of Scanners with OS X Leopard (Feedback, Tips/Tricks and Alternative Drivers) with reports from a Canon Canoscan 3200F user (problems noted - suggested trying VueScan) and an Epson Perfection 1260 owner (OK).
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Mac Pro 2 spare/unused SATA Ports - Tips for Bootcamp/Windows XP use
This may have come up in the past and I'd forgotten it (don't own a Mac Pro yet) but in reply to a post yesterday on the Pioneer SATA Blu-Ray reader/Superdrive combo drive (w/link to an article last year on Using the 2 extra ports with an External SATA Case Kit) a reader mentioned the spare SATA ports are not usable in Windows XP at least with the standard drivers with Bootcamp. (Most readers have used the ports in OS X although I've not searched drive db reports for anyone that mentioned using Bootcamp/Windows also. BTW - The spare ports are bootable for OS X use, as noted in the article above on ext. drive use - although drives are not shown/usable when booted from Windows with standard drivers.)
(Update) Here's a reader mail w/tips on using the spare ports with Windows via a replacement chipset driver install and grub bootloader edit:

" after finding this thread in the onmac forums I finally was able to get my pioneer sata drive to work under bootcamp.
basically you have to do the following:
- Install Win XP and ubuntu linux with a pata dvd drive in XP, change the ide 2680 driver to the intel ahci driver found here ( S5000 Based Server AHCI SATA Storage Driver for Windows.
- Boot into ubuntu and change the stage1 file of the grub bootloader to this:
This keeps the mac pro in ahci mode when booting a foreign OS
Now you can boot windows using the linux partition, this will start grub and keep the mac pro in the correct mode

I also installed Refit to make things a little easier but as far as i know using Alt key when booting should work too.
if anyone tries this and has any questions feel free to ask

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Other News/Articles, Misc. Software Updates
(later added items first)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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