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Another DIY Fusion Drive Report (in 2010 MacBook Pro)
Added another reader report to the earlier page here on DIY Fusion Drives.
(This one from a 2010 MacBook Pro owner that used a OWC Data Doubler in the optical bay. Previous reports from Mac Pro & iMac owners plus guides on creating a DIY Fusion drive.)
Another (under $50) 2006 Mac Mini Core2 Duo CPU Upgrade Report:
Added another 2006 (core duo) Mini owner report on a Core 2 Duo CPU swap (another T7200/2GHz cheap from ebay) to our page on 2006-08 Mac Mini CPU/EFI/Lion Upgrades.
Oracle posts Java 7 Update 11 (w/security 'fix'):
Although I don't enable Java typically (in browsers or in OS X), for those that need it (some software requires it), Oracle has posted Java 7 Update 11 to address (sort of) the latest reported security issue (CVE-2013-0422). Oracle's Java page has info/downloads of Java SE Runtime Environment 7 Update 11 for OS X x64 (10.7.3 or later, Safari 5.1.3 or later they say - see Certified System Configurations) and other OS's (cookies reqd for accepting License Agreement) and Java SE Development Kit 7 update 11. There's some Java 7 Update 11 related stories in today's "Other News" listing below.
(For anyone that missed it in previous posts on Oracle Java updates, here's their Java for Macs FAQ. The recent articles page also has some Java Update/Tips related links from the past.)

FYI: Shortly after the release of Java 7 Update 11, there's already another zero-day exploit for it.

[Update (Apple): A Jan. 17th revision to the Apple doc on How to Disable Java web plug-in in Safari added a section on updating Java via downloads at (Oracle's) They'd blacklisted earlier versions via Xprotect and may do that again since even Java 7 Update 11 already has an exploit.]

BTW: Reportedly the downloads (for Windows at least) may include 3rd party addons like the browser toolbar (and per that article, McAfee Security Scanner) that if you're not paying attention get installed as well. For non-Apple posted Java updates, I link to the Java downloads for Developers page (in original post above and in past posts on non-Apple released java updates) - but Apple's doc above now refers to for updates. (I don't use/install Java anymore so can't comment personally on any 'extras' in the OS X download.)

Apple/Products related Benchmarks/News/PR/SW Updates:

New/Updated Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Articles: (includes Friday)

Other News/Reviews/Alerts/Op-Ed/OT:

Recent Articles/Tips/Tweaks/Reviews:
Listing/links to updates, articles, tips and reviews you may have missed. (2006 Mac Mini CPU/EFI Upgrades, Early Mac Pro CPU Upgrades/EFI Updates, 2012 Mac Mini HDMI video problems/tips, DIY Fusion drives, more)
Previous news summary:
    Thursday Jan. 10th, 2013 News Archive
  • HP Printer Drivers v.2.13 for OS X
  • Brother Printer Drivers 2.10 for OS X
  • New 27" iMac shipment delay due to LG Panel production issues, say sources
  • Steve Jobs tried to help Mark Hurd regain his job, says report
  • Schiller Dismisses Notion of a 'Cheaper' iPhone
  • New/Updated Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Articles:
    - OS X Mountain Lion: New users not shown in Users & Groups preferences
    - iTunes screen saver blank or states "Your Library has no songs w/artwork"
    - Printer and scanner software available for download
    - iOS: About Apple Digital AV Adapters
    - GarageBand for iOS 1.3: Red status bar on Home screen
    - Apple TV (2nd and 3rd gen): 3rd-party content provider information
    - OS X Mountain Lion: Cannot connect to Exchange server in Mail after upgrading
    - OS X v10.5/10.6: Finder label changes to files/folders mounted via SMB may not appear to other clients
  • Other News/Reviews/Alerts/Op-Ed/OT:
    - Zero-Day Java Exploit Debuts in Crimeware
    - Java 7 fails to restrict access to privileged code
    - Intel Haswell GT3e GPU vs NVIDIA's GeForce GT 650M
    - Amazon AutoRip Provides Free Digital Copies Of CDs
    - Tri-band Wi-Fi networking gets seal of approval from IEEE
    - New material harvests energy from water vapor
    - Why the Flu Is So Dangerous This Year, and Why It Could Get Worse
    - This year, PC gaming breaks free from your desktop
    - CES: JBL OnBeat Rumble shakes things up in Vegas
    - CNET Blocks Dish From CES Awards Over CBS Lawsuit
    - Best of CES Award Winners

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