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SoftRAID 3.6 Issues w/10.4.10
(Update: Softraid released v3.6.2 to address this on June 29th.)

"SoftRaid 3.6 does not recognize 10.4.10, and will not allow access to preferences for changes or statistics. The only option is to close the software. To paraphrase the error message, it says that I don't have the proper OS installed and that I should install 10.4.X.

I sent an inquiry to SoftRaid, LLC about this and I received an answer back in under 5 minutes as follows:

    "Either go back to 10.4.9, wait until 3.6.2 is out, or ask to be on the beta list for 3.6.2.

    This is caused by Apples hack to make a 10.4.10 possible, which violates their naming standards."

I haven't determined if mirroring still works, that'll have to wait until later in the day. I assume from the response that this is not a machine-specific error, but my specs are listed below:
PowerMac G5 2x2.5GHz (late 2004), 2GB ram,
2X160GB HDs; single partitions (Raid1), 9800 Mac Pro SE graphics
-Jay R. "

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OWC Reader specials on Hard Drives, Superdrive/Bundles
(from site sponsor OWC)

"General Maxtor deals here with external solutions of 1.0TB for $279.99:
But - special XLR8YourMac pricing on the 500GB Bare Drive and bundle on the XLR8yourMac specials page:

500GB MaxLine Pro SATA II Enterprise Class 7200RPM 16MB Cache for $99.00
Brand new with full 5 Year Seagate/Maxtor Warranty.

Also available, above drive with Prosoft DataBackup III (Mac OS X) & NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows) for $125.00. These applications included are the FULL RETAIL VERSIONS with full upgrade privileges for newer versions - not limited OEM.

Also - have the new ULTRAFAST Western Digital Tornado 750GB SATA II for $237.50 for XLR8YourMac Readers
Seagate 750s on the XLR8yourMac specials page from $227.50
Rocking deals on BIG Storage!
Ground delivery for $4.50 or less, 2nd Day Air from $7.95 or less.

(he later wrote)

Brand new Pioneer DVR-112D/D-BK solutions provide DVD Burn Speeds at up to 18X, DVD Dual Layer 8.5GB up to 10X, and CD Burn Speeds at up to 40X. It's a great upgrade from a slower DVD burner and/or a great way to add the latest DVD and DVD Dual-Layer burn capabilities to your Mac. Free online installation videos make it super easy too!
Pioneer DVR-112D Beige or 112D-BK Black Bezel SuperDrive now $39.99 Or Check out our 'Value Bundles' from $45.99 which provide options that include Prosoft DataBackup III (Full Retail $59 version!) & NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows), Apple iLife, NTI Dragonburn, Apple iLife(Limited Supply!). "

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Any readers using the Creative Labs Live! Cam Optia AF?
" Mike, We've been researching webcams since the stand alone iSight has dropped off Apple's radar. I've read through various reports on your site and wanted you to put out a call to see if anyone has tried this one?
Creative Labs' Live! Cam Optia AF
Their own specs say it works with iChat, has dual microphones, and autofocus. To me, that makes it heir apparent to the iSight. (I liked the Firewire iSight, thankfully got one years ago-Mike)

I think my wife's lab is going to buy one and if so, I'll let you know what happens. Their boss has relocated to Washington and wants to conduct video group sessions remotely.
-John "

If you've used the Live! Cam Optia AF with OS X/iChat, let me know what you think of it. Thanks.
(10.4.9 added support for most any USB cam that is UVC compliant per Apple, although some readers had problems with some brand/models, although several Logitech users noted PNP in 10.4.9 and yesterday's news had notes on an Xbox live cam that worked PNP.)

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First Feedback on 10.4.10 Update
I've posted a page with initial reader feedback on 10.4.10, including some positive notes regarding Firewire audio. Also included are notes on Expresscard/sleep, NT Univ. HD adapter and Deep Sleep Widget 0.8 (broken). Updated 4:30PM with more reports and notes.
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Notes on EyeTV 250 and USB 1.1 PB G4, USB 2.0 PCcard
" Mike, Just wanted to let your readers know that I just bought an Elgato EyeTV 250 for my PBG4 667.
Elgato states it will run on a USB 1.1 bus, and it does, but does not allow for all options available.

So I bought a Cardbus USB 2.0 card and all options now work. No drivers needed for the card as Apple 10.4.10 includes the drivers.
-Greg M. "

Just for the record I asked Greg what brand of card he used (perhaps one of these models, from $29). All USB 2.0 PCcards may not have native support but for years OS X has supported (w/o addon drivers) NEC chip based and another mfr's chipset that I can't recall now (was a subject of discussion many years ago). They may have expanded that with tiger but always good to note the card you're using. Greg later wrote:

"The Cardbus card I bought is a generic card, no brand name and system profiler says "vendor unknown".
I bought from because it has the dongle.
Here is the weblink
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Rumors on Google buying Apple
"hi mike, (fwiw) i got a phone call from somebody last night that was (i thought) messing with my head when they said, "how would you feel if google bought apple?"... and then this shows up.
Apple 2.0: Anatomy of a Rumor: Google To Buy Apple?
i could take it a step further, based on a previous communication with another friend, but (smile) i'll leave that on 'the back burner' for now... ???
best2u, ~@~ "
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PL post on CPU Director and OS X 10.4.10
As expected, Powerlogix's CPU Director page has a warning that OS X 10.4.10 is not compatible with the current version of CPU Director and links to a status of CPU Director Support for Apple OS 10.4.10:

"At this time we do not have a definite release date for the next update of CPU Director required for 10.4.10 compatibility. Rest assured that the next CPU Director version will be released as soon as such a release is possible.

Please do not e-mail asking when this release will occur and rather please visit this site for such update as it will be posted here first when the update is approaching release and/or is posted for download.

PowerLogix G4 7447, 7455, and 7457 single and dual processor upgrades do not require CPU Director for proper operation or performance. Upgrading to 10.4.9 will not cause loss of settings or performance, but will disable CPU Director and it's temperature view pane as well as Dynamic Frequency Switching feature (DFS is a 7447 only option).

Owners of certain PowerLogix G3/800MHz to G3/1.1GHz PCI, Pismo, and ZIF upgrades may require CPU Director at startup to enable the higher processor speed of the PowerLogix G3 750FX or 750GX based upgrade. If your are using OS X, we highly recommend waiting for our next release prior to installing the 10.4.9 upgrade.

Your patience and support is appreciated. Please visit this site for updates to the CPU Director software status."

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Site Specials price cuts on Memory, Hard Drives
The OWC xlr8yourmac specials page has been updated with price cuts on several items and a couple additions:

  • 2GB SODIMM for MacBook/Pros now $108
  • 4GB (2x2GB SODIMMs) for new MacBook Pros now $215
  • 4GB (2x2GB) Mac Pro RAM now $315
  • 2GB kit (2x1GB) DDR400 now $134
  • 500GB Maxtor Maxline Pro SATA drive now $99
  • (new) WD 750GB Caviar SATA - $237.50
  • (new) 500GB FW/USB 2.0 Ext. Drive - $149.99

(See later post above for more info on Drive specials.)

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