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Apple releases Security Update 2007-006 for Tiger and Panther
Available via Software Update or these download links:

See About Security Update 2007-006 for details on WebCore and WebKit fixes.

(NOTE A couple 10.4.10 users said this update did not appear in Software Update/would not apply using the download, but it does show up in Software Update/applies on my G5 running 10.4.10 (as well as a friend's Intel-CPU macs w/10.4.10). The Apple docs for the PPC download and "About" the update note 10.4.9 or later, although the Universal D/L page says 10.4.9 (not "or later" - I assumed that's a typo/omission). One of those saying it would not install in 10.4.10 also said he installed the Safari 3.0.2 beta (which has Webkit security fixes) but one reader that said it wouldn't install on 10.4.10 said he had not installed Safari 3 and was running a CPU upgraded G4 tower. He later wrote that installing/removing Sarari 3.0.2 beta resulted in the Security Update appearing in SU. Bizarre...)

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Apple posts Safari 3.0.2 Beta Update for Mac/Windows
Apple's Safari 3.0 Beta download page has v3.0.2 available now that notes it includes the latest security updates, improved stability and improved WebKit support for Mail, iChat and Dashboard. (Windows version also lists Fixes for text display, non-English systems, and start-up times.)
They've also posted docs About the Safari Beta 3.0.2 for Mac OS X and About the Safari Beta 3.0.2 for Windows.
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QuickerTek PCI 802.11n and USB 802.11n Adapters (coming in July)
Tuesday's news had info on Quickertek's announcement of an 802.11n cardbus card for PowerBook G3/G4s (due to ship late June/early July I was told then) and Rick at QuickerTek had mentioned to me they were going to offer a USB 802.11n adapter also. Today a reader (Thanks George) sent a link to Quickertek pages for a PCI 802.11n adapter card that looks just like this DW-GS300N card mentioned here in the April 26th news page except the Quickertek photo has the 3 antennas removed and their "label" on the card (I should have already made a deal with an importer to get some of these and put my logo on it LOL) and a USB 802.11n adapter. Both are priced at $149 with "Coming in July" availability notes.
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Review of MacBook Pro 17in w/Hi-Res Display
" I've published a review of the new MacBook Pro 17" 'Santa Rosa' (with 1920x1200 display option) at
regards, Matteo G. "
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Mac Pro CPU Upgrade/Overclocking Guide
(from a reader mail yesterday, didn't spot it then due to no subject line)

" Hi Mike! Good news! i updated my site with a new guide!
As always my english could be better...Have a nice weekend! Tommaso
(clip from the linked page)
Since i bought almost a year ago my Mac Pro, i dreamed about the upgrade possibilities with other Woodcrest (x51xx XEON Socket 771) processors or, more recently, with Clovertown ones (x53xx XEON Socket 771). (Last fall I posted links to some Mac Pro Clovertown (quad-core) CPU swap/performance tests, although at that time those CPUs were not readily available at retail yet)
About 2 months ago i found the ideal choice: the nice E5320 (SL9MV). It's power and thermal specs are quite similar to the 5150: 80W instead of 65W!!! Also is the best for trying the BSEL mod since it has a default bus of 1066Mhz, so modding it to 1333Mhz we can push it to 2,33Ghz from the stock 1,86Ghz! And best of all, they cost only 350Euros each, or only 250 on eBay!!! "
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More Feedback on OS X 10.4.10 Update
I've updated the page of reader feedback on 10.4.10 this morning, including notes on a problem w/USB Drives in Parallels after Update, problems with Missing Sync (didn't note version though), Halo 2 (OpenGL) Gaming (upgraded Digital Audio G4 tower), Merlin XU870 HSPDA Modem Problems, "Lost" (unrecognized) RAM (PowerBook G4), and Safari 3 Beta Quits. Also includes a note on an update to "Deep Sleep Widget" (v0.9) that works with 10.4.10.
Updated with notes/links on problems with some FW Audio devices not recognized after the update (although the first FW Audio user report was positive about the update). Disconnecting/reconnecting USB devices is an old tip if it's not recognized after an OS X update (has helped with UPS', Printers, etc. in the past) but this may be a different issue as a couple readers said it did not help.
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Other News/Misc. Software Updates
(includes new/recently revised Apple support docs)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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