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AirPort Extreme Update 2007-002 (for Intel-based Macs)
Matthew sent a note that Apple has released another Airport Extreme update for Intel-based Macs:

"AirPort Extreme Update 2007-002
This update is recommended for all Intel-based Macintosh computers and improves compatibility with AirPort Extreme base stations and networks.

This update includes the content from the AirPort Extreme Update 2007-001, and addresses a security issue as described in:
("About the security content of AirPort Extreme Update 2007-002" - the security fix that was in the 2007-001 update)

This update also improves compatibility for the MacBook Core 2 Duo and the MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo when using certain third-party access points configured to use WEP Open System security."

As mentioned before here, the Airport Extreme 2007-001 update broke WEP on modems/routers (commonly used by Cable and DSL providers).
I know some readers that upgraded their Core Duo Macbook/Pros, Minis, iMacs, etc. with the Mac Pro card (or Dell 1500 card) may be leery of applying any updates like this until seeing some feedback from someone else that has. I didn' t expect any problems (i.e. no attempts by the mothership to thwart those that did the 'unsupported' upgrade) and within minutes of posting this a reader confirmed all is OK:

" I don't have anything bad to say about the update, I have an upgraded MacBook Core Duo 2Ghz White and installed (Mac Pro) MA688Z/A kit card. Actually I applied the update without looking at the description. Low and behold the update did not break anything and running very smooth.
-Ho-Ting K. "

Several later mails from readers noted improved performance/throughput after the update. (I'll post their comments in Friday's news.)

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Workaround for Age of Empires problem in 10.3.9/QT 7.1.5
(follow-up from a reader that mentioned this problem yesterday)

" Hi Mike, I heard back from MacSoft about the Age of Empires III problem. They confirmed that it's a problem with the QT7.1.5 update on 10.3.9. They said that they're working on a fix, and gave me a workaround to get it going. I noticed later that they also posted it on their support site:
    " Problems with Quicktime 7.1.5 and OS X 10.3.9
    A recent update to Quicktime from Apple has prevented Age of Empires III from starting up on systems running OS X 10.3.9. We are currently working on an update that addresses this issue, but the instructions below will allow you to play Age of Empires III on your Macintosh in the meantime.
    1. Locate the Age of Empires III program on your computer. 2 . Control-click or Right Click on the Age of Empires III icon and select "Show Package Contents," then open up the "Contents" folder, then "Resources," "GameData," then finally the "avi" folder.
    3. Go to the File Menu and select "New Folder."
    4. Drag all of the files in the "avi" folder into the folder you created.
    5. Close all of the windows and Start Age of Empires III.
    Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the end of Act Movies in game until we have an update for Age of Empires III. However, it is possible to watch the movies if you navigate to the folder that you have created in the steps above. It will be necessary to drag the movies back into the "avi" folder after we have an update for the game that addresses this issue.

-Brian "

Note - On March 12th Intuit released a patch for Turbotax 2006 to fix the QT 7.1.5 issue.

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Feedback on USB 802.11g adapters with OS X 10.4.8
Yestereday's news had a reader request for feedback from users of RAlink 2500 chip based USB adapters with 10.4.8. (He had an Asus WL-167G adapter)

" I have an ASUS wireless USB Adapter (WL-167G model) working under OSX 10.4.8 in a Powermac G4 Sawtooth.
Driver I am using is here: (same link as in the FAQ's networking section)
Direct driver download link:

It connects to an Airport Express router with Airtunes sucessfully using WEP security, latest Airport software/firmware default settings. The driver launches at startup and takes a minute to connect, a little slower than an airport card. See images attached for driver settings.
(Config settings (Constantly Awake Mode set) and Security settings)
-Nils "

A D-Link Adapter user wrote:

" I use D-Link DWL G122's extensively with the RALink drivers available here (same link as above)
I've used both the RT2500 and drivers on OS 10.4.8.
Works flawlessly.
Currently have one of them hooked to a Dual 2.0Ghz G5 Power Mac (no Airport Extreme card installed) and also one to a iMac G3/450 Bondi Blue.
-j- "

BTW - the reader that had problems with his Asus adapter yesterday wrote that "Resetting NVRAM and changing the network name to all lowercase did the trick. I'm online and I have a DHCP IP and can surf the net." I guess the network name he was using at the Mac didn't match (case) originally - but if so then I would have expected it to not have actually joined the network, which he said it had before. He later said he had matched case before but had mixed lower/upper case letters and that changing to all lower case worked. (I had originally suggested he try resetting the nvram via OF, just as a common tip for stange problems.)

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Price Cuts on OWC Portable Firewire+USB 2.0 Hard Drives
(from site sponsor OWC)

"The OWC Mercury On-The-Go line offers up to 200GB of data capacity in a reliable, performance solution that weighs less than 12 ounces. All FireWire models utilize the latest Oxford based bridge solutions and the best qualified drive mechanisms to provide the best performance and reliability for demanding audio/video, backup, music, photo, and more!
All models are bootable via FireWire and/or USB2 interfaces (system must support such boot option), bus power with no external power required, are EMC/Dantz Retrospect Backup Certified, and include: All connecting cables, Intech HD Speedtools utility suite, Carrying Case, and a 1 Year OWC Warranty.
**All OWC Mercury On-The-Go Solutions include the full retail versions of award winning Prosoft DataBackup II for OS X and NovaStor NovaBACKUP® for Windows. Available separately for $59.95 and $49.95 respectively, our customers receive the same full support and free updates on these great backup applications as those who do purchase these applications at retail separately. A truly award winning solution all through and through.**

OWC Mercury On-The-Go 2.5" FireWire 400+USB2 Pricing:
40GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $114.99, now $109.99 $ 5.00 Drop
60GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $124.99, now $117.99 $ 7.00 Drop
60GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $149.99, now $147.99 $ 2.00 Drop
80GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $129.99, now $127.99 $ 2.00 Drop
80GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $169.99, now $159.99 $10.00 Drop
100GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $147.99, now $139.99 $ 8.00 Drop
100GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $199.99, now $189.99 $10.00 Drop
120GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $149.99, now $147.99 $ 2.00 Drop
160GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $219.99, now $199.99 $20.00 Drop In your Hand 160GB for under $200!
(200GB model available in FW800 case models as 200GB notebook drive is SATA)

If the USB2 interface is not needed, the FireWire only model of the capacities is also available and priced $5-10 less than the combo FW+USB2 version listed. UPS Ground Delivery from only $2.95; Air Delivery within the US $7.95 or less."

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DuelAdapter (ExpressCard to PCMCIA Adapter) available for order, $20 off Intro Price
(Updated 5PM - see below for later updated notes on compatibility)
A reader sent a note that the DuelAdapter - ExpressCard to PCMCIA Adapter (mentioned in the Dec. 5th, 2006 news page when it was noted as "under test") is now available for order:

" This device I've been waiting for... there's quite a few of us who need PCMCIA slots - now and in the future. Now I can buy a Macbook Pro!
At the moment it seems a bit cumbersome - you need to restart your macbook pro each time you insert or remove the device, but here's hoping that it gets better as drivers improve!
-Alex J.
Begin forwarded message:

Date: March 7, 2007 5:08:50 PM EST
Subject: DuelAdapter Launch

Dear Valued Customer, Duel Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the DuelAdapter(tm), PCMCIA/Cardbus to ExpressCard adapter today, March 7, 2007.

Our new website, was launched this morning and is open for pre-ordering of the DuelAdapter (tm). The Suggested Retail Price is US $119.00, however, we are offering a special introductory price of US $99.00 through March 31, 2007 for on-line orders.

The DuelAdapter(tm) will work with Windows XP and MAC OS X systems. The Adapter allows users of PCMCIA and Cardbus cards who have new notebooks with either a 34mm or 54mm ExpressCard slot to utilize their cards fully and at the speeds specified for the cards.

Each DuelAdapter(tm) comes with Windows XP and MAC OS drivers on a CD ROM. A Windows VISTA driver will be available via download from the website in the near future. The product is fully compliant with FCC, CE, UL and RoHS standards. Full 24/7 support is available via our hot line numbers listed on the website.

Initial shipments for product pre-ordered from are expected to begin shipping in 3-4 weeks. Your credit card will not be charged until the order ships to you.

We appreciate your patience during the development process and hope you will enjoy using the product.
David T. Ciembronowicz
Director of Sales & Marketing
Methode Electronics, Inc. / Duel Systems Inc. "

"To All DuelAdapter Customers:

1. Panasonic P2 Card and MAC OS X users with DuelAdapter:

(a) Panasonic will be releasing a MAC OS X driver for the Panasonic P2 card(s) on their website by the first of April 2007. This Panasonic driver update will allow you to use your P2 card in the new DuelAdapter product.

(b) When using the DuelAdapter (a peripheral) in MAC OS X Systems, it may be removed from the computer only one time. A second insertion and removal of the DuelAdapter will require a system restart (to use the DuelAdapter). This is due to a peripherals management limitation that exists in MAC OS X (10.4.8 or 9). A fix to this issue to allow multiple insertions in MAC OS X is expected in a future release from Apple Computer and/or Duel Systems.

2. Compatibility: A PC card and computer compatibility list is available on the website,, in the Product Support Section. You may check for compatibility of your cards on-line. Although we have tested many PCMCIA cards and notebook computers, it is possible yours may not be listed. If your card is a standard PCMCIA card, 16 or 32 bit, and the card driver runs on Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4.8, it is highly likely that your card will work with the DuelAdapter. If the card doesn't work with the DuelAdapter, you can return the product within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

3. For questions related to Technical Support of the DuelAdapter, please call our 24/7 hotline at:
1-888-765-0347, US and Canada only; English only.
1-408-848-3832, International; English only

4. Please check the DuelAdapter website for updated drivers:"

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OS X 10.4.8 User on Problems with forced QT 7.1.3 reinstall
Yesterday's news had a 10.3.9 user's notes on reinstalling QT 7.1.3 using Pacifist as an (undesirable) workaround to fix problems with some apps after the QT 7.1.5 update, however 2 readers running OS X 10.4.8 said they saw major problems doing that:

" I used Pacifist as was discussed to reinstall 7.1.3 on a Mac Pro, and it only broke Quicktime (crashes on open) as well as various system menus such as the Spotlight Menu, which would keep closing and opening: giving it a blinking appearance. (It may not have mattered but I asked if he ran RP after the 7.1.3 reinstall - he later said he had.) I had to reinstall QT 7.1.5 and the 10.4.8 Intel Combo Update before both Quicktime and the System Menu returned to normal. I don't know if I just installing the 10.4.8 Combo update after installing 7.1.3 would have done the trick. Maybe someone else can try that.

With QT 7.1.5 Sorenson Codec 3 decompressor playback is broken on the Intel Macs as far as we can tell. It works fine on PPC Macs. I reported the problem on anyone else having this problem should likewise report it.
(he later wrote)
Repairing permissions is the first thing I tried. I have a feeling that using Pacifist to install 7.1.3 and then installing the 10.4.8 Combo Updater should do the trick, I'm just not in a position to test it out right now.
- Jack "

Another reader that had mentioned many 'unexpected quits' with Adobe CS2 apps (under rosetta) on a Mac Pro in 10.4.8 after the QT 7.1.5 update also wrote about similar problems after reinstalling QT 7.1.3:

" I did the same install 7.1.3 with pacifist, RP, restart. then run the 7.1.5 installer, RP, restart and got the same blinking spotlight, no system clock symptoms. Also System Preferences would not open, it kept 'unexpectedly quitting'. A full round of Applejack, Cocktail and Diskwarrior did not fix it.
So I ran the (OS X 10.4.8) Combo updater just like the other poster and it's now back to the level of stability from Tuesday.
-Jason Q. "
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