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World of Warcraft problems with QT 7.1.5/10.3.9 (Deja-Vu...)
Ben sent a link to a Blizzard Wow forum post on WoW Does Not Launch after Quicktime 7.1.5 (OS X 10.3.9) that notes the exact same log error message (Symbol "_JVTDecoOpen" not found) as reported here on Wednesday with TurboTax 2006 (and Age of Empires III) in 10.3.9 w/QT 7.1.5. The WoW user did the same QT 7.1.3 reinstall (using Pacifist) as mentioned in Wednesday's news. There were other game specific workarounds for this involving removing/moving .AVI files from the app's pkg contents - see earlier post today on Full Tilt Poker Workaround and yesterday's Age of Empires III workaround.
Blizzard's first reply in that thread said they could not replicate the error - but their later post said they had:

" We've now reproduced the issue and have filed a bug with Apple on it. It does seem to be uniquely tied to movie playback, so setting aside the Cinematic files (.AVI's) so the game can't play them is one workaround. "

(FYI: On March 12th Intuit released a patch for Turbotax 2006 to fix the QT 7.1.5 issue.)

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Transintl site specials page Price Cuts on Memory and Drives
Sponsor Transintl sent a list of price cuts on the site specials page (reflected now in the sidebar also)

"Mac Pro Memory With Apple Spec HeatSink
2GB Kit $298, 4GB Kit $598

MacBook/MacBook Pro, Mac Mini/iMac Intel Core Solo/Duo
(DDR2 667Mhz PC5300 SO DIMM)
3GB Kit $399, 2GB Kit $158, 1GB $79

G5 Dual/Quad Core, iMac G5 (DDR2 PC4200)
2GB $158, 4GB $308.00

PowerBook G4 DDR333 SODIMM
1GB $99, 512MB $45

DDR1 PC3200 1GB $79, 2GB $158

100GB 2.5in 7200RPM PATA or SATA - $119
250GB miniG FireWire400 External Drive - $115 "

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Reports on Airport Extreme 2007-002 Update (including Card Firmware Updates)
I've posted a page with reader feedback on the Airport Extreme 2007-002 update released yesterday. (Updated again at 4PM Eastern.) Included are screenshots from a Core Duo MacBook Pro with Mac Pro 802.11n showing improved performance and the updated 802.11n card's firmware version after the Airport Extreme updates. (He shows the card's original firmware version, which was updated after the AE 2007-001 update and again after the AE 2007-002 update.) FYI: It appears the firmware update is just a loaded file (like ATI's ROM extender) and not actually a flash update of the card.
So far most everyone noted improved performance after this update.
BTW - For those readers that used a Dell 1500 (notebook N wireless card) in their Core Duo Macs (instead of the Mac Pro kit card) - let me know your card's firmware version. (The page has been updated with notes from a Core2 Duo owner's Atheros chip based wireless card before/after firmware versions.)
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Full Tilt Poker Workarounds for QT 7.1.5/OS X 10.3.9
(Updated with 2nd workaround)

" No word on a Turbo Tax workaround, however...
Inspired by your AoE 3 workaround (in yesterday's news), I decided to dig into the package contents of the Full Tilt Poker client. (command click on app, then 'show package contents')
If you move all of the files out of Contents / Resources / Waves (see below - only "connect.avi" needs removing), the client launches. You won't have sound, and I don't know if there are any other issues, but I was able to sit at a table and play.
I'm going to post this on the Full Tilt forums as well as sending it to the tech support people at Full Tilt -- maybe it will help them debug.
(he later wrote)
As a followup to my earlier e-mail; I posted this workaround on the Full Tilt forums and someone came back with an even better solution. The only file that needs to be removed from Contents / Resources / Waves is "connect.avi" Leaving the wave files and moving only the .avi file seems to allow everything to work.
Still hoping Apple gets on the ball soon on this one...
-Mike "

If you missed it, yesterday's news had a workaround for Age of Empires III with QT 7.1.5/10.3.9

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Review of ICY DOCK Hot Swap 4 Bay eSATA Enclosure
"Mike, AMUG has posted a review of the ICY DOCK Hot Swap 4 Bay eSATA enclosure model MB561S-4S. The enclosure provides a great visual design, a strong SATA hard drive mounting system, activity lights, hot swap capability and a good cooling system. The only drawback with the ICY DOCK MB561S-4S is the noise level created by the power supply fan. The review compares the performance of the ICY DOCK MB561S-4S against the WiebeTech SilverSATA IV, Sonnet Fusion 400 and the FirmTek SeriTek/2eEN4.
Have a great weekend,
Michael Bean
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Other News/Misc. Software Update
(Updated 6:30PM eastern, includes revised Apple kbase docs)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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