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News Archive for Wednesday March 21st, 2012:

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SI3132 eSATA Cards/Drivers with OS X Lion (Revisited):
Update: Several readers (thanks Dave, Garry, Olivier) replied to my earlier post (below) saying they are still using the SI3132 drivers (from 2010) OK in Lion (v10.7.3 currently). They noted the same thing I mentioned w/10.6.x (and GM 10.7) - driver reinstall after initial Lion update install. (Here's links from 7/15/2011 on OS X 10.7 Lion (GM) and Sil3132 Card Drivers and More on Lion (GM) and eSATA Cards (7/18/2011) which also said the natively supported NewerTech 6G card still worked.)
Update 2: Early Thursday Rob wrote after further tests, his problems may be related to his Ext. drive/enclosure. (Deja-Vu.)
(Earlier/Original post follows.)
     I've still not updated to Lion but had a reader (Rob) report on problems (freezes) in OS X Lion using the drivers for 10.6.x. (Silicon Image's (OEM) 3132 mac drivers haven't been updated since July 2010.) I replied mentioning the old tip that worked when OS X 10.6 was released (and GM 10.7) - reinstalling drivers as they had been removed by Apple's OS updater as incompatible but from his comments ("all the drivers I have tried lock up finder") it sounds like he'd done that. (Although I didn't have a problem using SI's OEM 3132 drivers w/10.6.x (using cheap PCIe and Express cards), a few did back then and said the 'sonnet' installer worked better for them. I had examined the pkg back then and the actual driver was SI's.)
   There are many vendors of OEM SI3132 cards w/different brand labels, but I've never seen any that actually created their own drivers for them. (Usually at most just repackaging the OEM SI drivers w/modified installer and/or readme text for their brand, etc.. Some vendors might get advance/unreleased versions from SI, but typically by the time the vendors released "their" drivers, they were no later than what SI had posted.)

(There was talk back in 2009 there would be no 3132 driver updates (or 64bit support) for 10.6 although they later did. Tons of 3132 cards out there but nothing is supported forever. And as even mfrs note, some issues can be related to bridge boards or other parts of the mix. Even our old page on using the spare onboard (native) SATA ports of early Mac Pros for eSATA had some examples of that.)  

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Mac User reports on NAS updated (Synology DS212+ replacing ReadNAS Duo v1)
I've updated the page of Mac user Reports/Tips on NAS with reader's notes on the Synology DS212+ used with Macs running both OS X Lion (modern macs) and OS X Tiger (PB G4). He was a long-term user of ReadNAS Duo v1 previously but replaced it after problems with later OS versions (Lion) and NAS updates.

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