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Quake 4 v1.2 Timedemo results from Quad G5/7800GT, Q4 Tweaks/CFG files
" hello Mike, thanks for the tip! (info on running timedemo in v1.2 - see earlier news post on v1.2)
here are some results for the "id_demo001.netdemo":
640x480, high quality, noAA, SMP OFF: 34.8 fps
640x480, high quality, noAA, SMP ON: 57.3 fps (+65% vs SMP OFF)
640x480, high quality, 4xAA, SMP ON: 57.5 fps
640x480, high quality, 16xAA, SMP ON: 57.5 fps

1920x1200, high quality, noAA, SMP OFF: 36.5 fps
1920x1200, high quality, noAA, SMP ON: 48.4 fps (+33% vs SMP OFF)
1920x1200, high quality, 4xAA, SMP ON: 48.9 fps
1920x1200, high quality, 16xAA, SMP ON: 48.2 fps

Quad G5, GeForce 7800 gt 256MB
2.5 GB RAM, Mac OS X v10.4.6

Prior to testing I removed the existing "Quake4Config.cfg" from ~/ Library/Application Support/Quake4/q4base to make sure all settings were default.
I discarded the very first timedemo result just in case (even though i did set r_preloaddemos 1).
Then I changed video quality to "high quality" (ideal for 256 MB video memory) and the other settings like use of multiple CPUs, resolution and fullscreen anti-aliasing as described above.

Other stuff:
BTW, i have written a script to load monsters and characters. It's lots of fun to have monsters fight soldiers... =)) I wrote this for myself, but if anyone wants to try it's available at
Most commands i used i got from the info at

Also available is a script to toggle thirdperson view, as well as zoom in/out and rotate around the model (I didn't write this one, but merely adapted it for Quake4, as it was originally written for Quake3 by someone).
At the top of the respective files is a short how-to-use...

the single player map game/walker is great for monster vs human fights. loading a multiplayer map also works well. i particularly like to put a bunch of humans somewhere, then at the opposite end of the map some monsters. some, like the "boss buddy" seem to find the humans even when far away...
BTW i forgot to put the light tank monster (spawn monster_lt_tank) into the script, will add it later.
best regards, oliver"

If you have Quake4 and the v1.2 update (see earlier info below), let me know what your timedemo results are. (Include system details and game settings used - thanks)

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Quake II X v1.1 Update (Universal Binary)
MU lists a Quake II X 1.1 (thanks to Fuitz of Dojo) that's now a Univ. Binary:

" Changes for v1.1:
  • Recompiled as Universal Binary.
  • Redesigned startup dialog.
  • Optimized the software renderer for windowed modes.
  • Windowed modes (software renderer) are now resizeable.
  • The game will renderer inside the Dock document icon (instead of the application icon) if minimized.
  • Screenshots are now saved in PNG format.
  • Minor bug fixes.
    Mac OS X 10.1 or later, Quake II (retail version)."
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    SpeedIt extension updated (Intel CPU Mac extension for CPU temperature reporting, more)
    " ... as many user request we updated the SpeedIt kernel extension to be compatible with all the Intel Macs, providing temperature information about the CPU, current CPU speed, maximum and minimum cpu Speed. Next version caming very soon provide Voltage information, and much more information about the Intel MACS.
    You can download from,
    you can download too a Installer to run always this little tool as many user and 3rd party Monitoring tools request.
    Un fuerte abrazo

    Friday's news had a post about Temperature Monitor/Hardware Monitor and other GUI utilities adding support for the SpeedIt extension.

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    Roxio Toast Survey (Wish List for next version) and EyeTV 200 contest)
    (from a reader mail this weekend)

    Roxio is doing a survey about what people want in the next version of Toast and giving away an Elgato EyeTV 200 PVR. It seems to ask a lot about what features you use most and prompt for suggestions, might be cool for your readers
    - devoted :) "
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    Mac Quake4 1.2 Update Info, Timedemo Performance Tests

    "Hello Mike, I downloaded and updates Quake4 with the 1.2 update, which adds SMP support to the game. (see below for full list of changes in v1.2 update) Here are some timedemo results from the demo included with this update.

    To start the timedemo:
    timedemo started with the console command "\playnettimedemo id_demo001.netdemo"

    NOTE: The demo has to be moved to the user's library as per the instructions in the 1.2 update manual.

    My Machine:
    Dual 2.5GHz G5, 2GB RAM
    nVidia Geforce 6800 Ultra 256MB (AGP)
    Pioneer DVR-109 drive, OEM 160GB SATA hard drive
    OS X 10.4.6 with all the latest updates

    Results (All tests run three times):
    NO SMP
    High Quality, No SMP, No AA, No Vsync, all other options on.
    640x480 33.72, 34.16, 34.12
    1024x768 33.77, 34.11, 34.00
    1600x1200 33.61, 34.05, 33.94

    Low Quality, No SMP, No AA, No Vsync, all other options on.
    640x480 34.58, 34.82, 34.81
    1600x1200 34.49, 34.87, 34.73

    Low Quality, No SMP, All other options off.
    640x480 41.83, 41.81, 41.68
    1600x1200 41.82, 41.95, 41.54

    High Quality, No AA, No Vsync, all other options on.
    640x480 51.30, 52.12, 52.39 --> MP Speedup: ~1.53x
    1024x768 51.15, 52.32, 52.33 --> MP Speedup: ~1.53x
    1600x1200 45.97, 47.04, 47.04 --> MP Speedup: ~1.38x

    Low Quality, No AA, No Vsync, all other options on.
    640x480 52.58, 53.34, 53.44 --> MP Speedup: ~1.53x
    1600x1200 49.69, 50.77, 50.78 --> MP Speedup: ~1.46x

    Low Quality, All other options off. 640x480 65.81, 65.86, 66.14 --> MP Speedup: ~1.58x
    1600x1200 64.68, 64.80, 65.01 --> MP Speedup: ~1.56x

    The addition of SMP support in the Quake4 1.2 update gives about 1.5x increases in framerates.
    Hope this is useful to some gamers and interested folks out there.

    If you have Quake4 and this update, let me know what your timedemo results are. (Include system details and game settings used - thanks)
    Here's info on the Quake1.2 update released this weekend:

    "Quake 4 v1.2 (102MB)

    Version 1.2:
    Aspyr Media, Inc. has released a free update for QUAKE 4, which updates any previous version of QUAKE 4 to version 1.2 (Universal). This official update addresses issues found in both multiplayer and single player since the release of the game, and includes several new multiplayer maps. In addition to the changes and fixes outlined below, this update enables QUAKE 4 to take advantage of the SMP of Intel Dual Core Processors. Players who have computer systems with this processor will notice significant performance gains in QUAKE 4. With the update, Macintosh systems with an Intel Dual Core processor, which uses the SMP, will have a performance jump of 15 to 30 percent. In short, systems with this technology will see the game run faster and smoother than before. As with any new technology, SMP is reliant upon several components working in unison. Such components include the motherboard, CPU, GPU, system ram and sound card.

  • dual core support
  • a fixed pure server system
  • fixed widescreen and aspect ratio support
  • fixed server IP information within non-dedicated server

    Quake 4, PowerPC G4+, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, Radeon 9600 or GeForce 6600 or better, 64MB of VRAM."
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    Apple Knowledge base Doc Updates (Mac Maintenance, disk repairs, FCP/Studio, iDVD, iChat, Garageband)
    (from apple's weekly list)

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    Other Net News/Misc. Software Updates
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    Recent Reviews and Articles:
    Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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