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Apple posts Security Update 2008-003 (for OS X Tiger)
A busy day for Apple updates - here's another from Apple's download page (for "Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later" - OS X 10.5.3 update includes these fixes)

Apple's also updated their Security page with a doc About the security content of Security Update 2008-003 / Mac OS X 10.5.3.

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Yamaha (USB) DP-U50 user notes 10.5.3 update fixed previous issue w/Leopard
Anyone else see the 10.5.3 update fix a USB or FW device issue?
"Yamaha DP-U50 (USB) and OS X 10.5.3
My Yamaha DP-U50 now (finally) shows up correctly as a USB in and out device in Leopard Sound Pref Panel after applying OS X 10.5.3 (see earlier post today for info/DL links) on my dual G5 1.8GHz. (It didn't previously - see post on previous problems with it after OS X Leopard update)
Thanks, Francis"

If you find OS X 10.5.3 (as always I'd suggest using DL updaters and having NO other apps running when applied) fixes or breaks anything let me know the details. Thanks.

(I applied the 10.5.3 Combo D/L updater here on AL iMac (after clean reboot) - no issues seen so far at least...)

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Apple releases OS X 10.5.3 update (and server admin tools update)
(1PM eastern) Kevan sent a heads-up that OS X 10.5.3 update appeared in Software Update. (I'm going to use the download/Combo updater as always (see below for D/L links) - I've now applied it on an AL iMac, which did a double restart (as seen at times in the past) and seems OK so far...)
Here's the info from the Software Update window (AL iMac w/10.5.2 here):

"Mac OS X Update 10.4.3 (420MB)
The 10.5.3 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: ("About the Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update" with itemized list of changes/fixes.)
For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website:"
(They now have a doc there with details About the security content of Security Update 2008-003 (for Tiger) and OS X 10.5.3)

If you apply 10.5.3 and see any pros or cons (including any issues with 3rd party software or hw addons) let me know the details. Thanks.
Update - Apple's now posted download versions (Combo, delta and Server) and Server Admin Tools update:

They've also posted several new kbase docs related to these updates - see the listings below in the Apple Support Doc updates.

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Apple posts Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.1
"About Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.1 (2.4MB)
This update extends RAW file compatibility for Aperture 2 and iPhoto '08 for the following cameras:
  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/Kiss Digital x2/450D
  • Epson R-D1
  • Leaf AFi 7
  • Leaf AFi 6
  • Leaf AFi 5
  • Pentax K200D
  • Pentax K20D
    OS X 10.4.11 or later
    OS X 10.5.2 or later"
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    Logic Express 8.0.2 Update
    "About Logic Express Update 8.0.2 (73.7MB)
    Logic Pro 8.0.2 addresses specific customer and compatibility issues of Logic Express 8.0. This update is recommended for all Logic Express 8.0 users.
    Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later, Logic Express 8.0"

    (On May 20th they posted a Logic Pro 8.0.2 update.)

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    Hitachi rebate on 320GB Notebook and Portable Drives
    (from site sponsor OWC)
    Hitachi has graciously expanded and extended rebates they are supporting for customers of OWC on both Hitachi Hard Drives as well as OWC & NewerTech solutions which utilize Hitachi hard drives inside. Product is priced extremely competitively straight up, so the rebates sweeten these great deals even further. Today's feature highlight is on 320GB 2.5" SATA Notebook Drives for MacBook, MacBook Pro (and PC laptops using SATA) and OWC On-The-Go External solutions:

    Get up to $30 back per drive on up 5 qualifying Hitachi 2.5" hard drives purchased from OWC on or before June 22nd. Rebate details:

    320GB Hitachi Travelstar 5K320 5400RPM 8MB cache SATA Notebook 9.5mm HD with 3yr Warranty - now $104.99 After $30 Rebate

    Get up to $30 back per solution on up to 5 qualifying OWC Mercury On-The-Go 2.5" Bus Powered Portable Solutions Rebate details:

    320GB Mercury On-The-Go USB 2.0 Bus Powered Portable Solution - $139.99 after $30 rebate

    320GB Mercury On-the-Go USB 2.0+eSATA Portable Solution (USB Bus Power, eSATA requires External Power) - $157.99 after $30 rebate

    320GB Mercury On-The-Go FireWire 400+USB 2.0 Bus Powered Portable Solution - $165.99 after $30 rebate

    320GB Mercury On-The-Go FireWire 800+USB 2. Bus Powered Portable Solution - $185.99 after $30 rebate

    All current rebates can be viewed at on our site at:
    Best Regards,
    Lawrence O'Connor
    Other World Computing"

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    Pioneer (Eu) notice on potential CD R/W issue with some DVR-112's
    From a reader mail today (Pioneer page is from Sept. 2007 - not sure if this was just an issue with a certain production batch/lot or not - as many readers have used DVR-112 drives from US sources at least and I don't recall this being a common issue).
    Here's a quote from
    CD Read/Write Function in Certain Computer Drive Models

    Notice issued 6th September 2007
    We would like to inform you of a potential service issue with the following Pioneer computer drive models:

    • DVR-112
    • DVR-112BK
    • DVR-112D
    • DVR-112DBK
    • DVR-112DSV

    The issue occurs only under limited environmental and use conditions that are not typical for most end users, so we anticipates that most users will not be affected.

    Important: If you are not experiencing any issues currently (as described below), then there is no need to take any immediate action. Please note: The potential service issue does not pose any health or safety risk.

    We are aware of a potential issue with the above drives' CD (not DVD) read/write capability. Under certain environmental and heavy use conditions, the above drives may become unable to read and/or write to CDs.

    To address this issue, for any of the above drive models that become unable to read and/or write to CDs, we encourage you to contact your original ĚPlace of Purchase", who will then provide a replacement unit (which may be a newer model number) subject to the terms and conditions of our standard limited warranty (excluding duration).

    Again, we anticipate that most drives will not be affected. However, if your DVR-112, DVR-112BK, DVR-112D, DVR-112DBK or DVR-112DSV drive becomes unable to read and/or write to CDs, then we kindly request for you to contact your original place of purchase. Please do not return your drive to your original place of purchase without firstly obtaining their authorisation.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation."

    I know a ton of readers have used DVR-112's in the past and I never heard of this issue (but again it sounds like it's not common, and conditional). Sponsor OWC also sent a reply to this post:

    "Wish they had more information on the DVR-112 issue.... We really didn't see any rate of failure on that model to suggest any issues. The DVR-115s are going A-OK too.

    We sold 10s of thousands of the DVR-112D/112DBK drives and external solutions. We stopped selling them in early January (08) when they were replaced with the next, new DVR-115 model...

    Anyway - our total actual defective units through May of this year are well under 1% and that includes DOAs as well as warranty units... And I am sure a few units may have been beat up. Less than 1% is very solid IMHO for this kind of product (less than 10 per 1000). We started selling the DVR-112 in Feb of 2007 too...

    Anyway - if there is more info or detail, let me know - nothing in any returns or return volume provided any indication of a trend from our experience.
    Larry (of OWC)"

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    PowerMac G5 Coolant Leaks page updated
    I've updated the page on PowerMac G5 Coolant Leaks again with a reports from two more G5 tower owners. (As noted in several previous reports here, in some cases (although not all) even leaks out of warranty were covered. Page also includes links to photos of the 2 brands of LCS, DIY repairs some owners have done, photos of leak damage, etc.)
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    Reader Request: Looking for GSM/Edge adapter (USB)
    (from a reader mail)

    "Need help to connect to GSM cell system overseas with Powerbook G4 w/OS X 10.4.11
    Can you suggest a "non PCMIA" device I can buy that will allow me to connect my G4 with a GSM service provider outside the US that is not using 3G but is using Edge. I would buy it, and then work with the local cell company to get the service. Thanks...

    I wrote to ask Lee why a PCcard/PCMCIA card wasn't preferred (he later wrote he had plans for a MacBook Pro). If anyone has a suggestion for Lee, let me know. Thanks. I wrote him suggesting a cellphone w/modem capability. (I have a friend in CA that uses his Cell phone connected to his PB and Macbook Pro as a modem when traveling - he has avoided getting a (current) iPhone because it lacks that capability.) Several readers have written suggesting the same thing - here's a sample:

    " I think that the best way might be to go through a cell-phone, like a Nokia 6300?
    I live overseas and connect my Macs, via bluetooth, for internet service. I use GPRS, since my Sony T610 only supports that, but most newer phones, like the Nokia 6300, use GPRS/Edge. I believe Edge is also called GPRS +. I was just told by my cellphone company that the Nokia 6300 does support EDGE.
    Jeff P.
    Lilongwe, Malawi"

    Another reader sent a link to a USB 3G Broadband modem:

    " I'd recommend something like this:
    I use it quite successfully on my mac and windows machine, it contains a mini usb stick with the installer, quad band coverage etc
    They also have an express card options
    Works a treat
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    More on Water Cooling G4 Towers (source for kits)
    In a follow-up to last week's post on water cooling G4 towers, Kenneth P. sent links to a mac parts dealer's listing of Liquid Cooling Systems, Adapter Kits For Mac G4s and Cooling Blocks.
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    Mac Drive Upgrades/Compatibility Database Updated
    The Mac Drive/Storage Upgrades Database had 3 more reports added this morning. Current total - 16,431. (Searching by drive type, brand, mac model etc. listed below will show the full reports, most recent first)

      DVD+R/RW + DVD-R/RW Drives:
    • IDE Samsung SN-S082H in (Pismo) PowerBook G3 2000 (OS X 10.4.11)

      Hard Drives:
    • IDE Seagate ST3160815A 160GB in iMac G4 (OS X 10.3.x)
      (used original iMac G4 15in take-apart guide here for upgrading HD and internal RAM)
    • IDE Seagate ST9160821A 160GB in PowerBook G4 (OS X 10.4.x)

    You can read full reports (latest shown first) by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches). The database includes reports on Optical Drives (Blu-Ray, DVD, CD/CDR, etc.), Hard Drives, Tape drives, Removable media (ORB, ZIP, MO drives), NAS (Network Attached Storage), in all interface types (IDE, SATA, Firewire, SCSI, USB, adapters).
    If you've added/upgraded a drive in your Mac send me the details (drive info/speed rating/mac model/OS used, etc.). Note: Please use the drive for at least a week before reporting on it and test for booting from Disc with Optical Drives (as well as burning discs). Thanks.

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    New/Updated Apple Support Docs

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    Other News/Articles, Mac Software Updates

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    Recent Articles and Reviews
    Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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