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Samsung 500GB M6 Notebook HD based Ext. Portable Drives
(from site sponsor OWC)

"OWC received an allotment of Samsung 500GB 2.5" M6 Spinpoint 5400RPM SATA 'NoteBook' Hard Drives, the first and only 9.5mm Hard drive option in the market. As per requirements set by Samsung, we are only able to offer these first drives built into qualified OWC External Solutions or Modbook tablets. Starting from $309.99, OWC Mercury On-The-Go Bus Powered Portable Storage Models based on this new Samsung 9.5mm 500GB 2.5" Drive will begin shipping on Monday:
Solutions all include connecting cables for all interfaces, Intech HD Speedtools, Prosoft DataBackup III (OS X), NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows), Carrying Case, and a 1yr OWC Solution Warranty. In addition, the Samsung Drive inside our solution (which we know some will be swapping out for the drive currently in their laptop now) has a 3yr Samsung Factory Warranty.
Best Regards,
Lawrence O'Connor
Other World Computing"

(Unlike the 12.5mm high Hitachi 500GB notebook drive, at 9.5mm high the M6 will fit inside MacBooks, all Macbook Pros and Intel-CPU based Minis. The -17in- MacBook Pro however can take 12.5mm high HD's.)

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Adaptec SCSI card user notes 10.5.3 Update fixes SCSI HD Read Only Issue
"I wrote in the past (as have others) about Leopard breaking old Adaptec SCSI Cards & Drivers. (Many past posts here on Adaptec SCSI cards in leopard working for things like Scanners, but all but one reader reported their SCSI HDs were Read Only-Mike) Thought that you might like to know that 10.5.3 seems to fix some of that. Below is a comment I posted in a forum about this.
Just wanted to mention that 10.5.3 apparently fixes a problem with some or all old Adaptec SCSI cards. I have a Powermac 867 MDD with an Adaptec 2930U SCSI card. Under 10.5, 10.5.1 & 10.5.2 my hard drive attached to it was Read Only (Leopard does not contain the Adaptec drivers. That you have to install yourself). With 10.5.3 it is back to Read/Write. Normal in other words. People with other old Adaptec cards should try 10.5.3. They may be pleasently surprised.

(he later wrote)
I had installed the 2930U driver from my original Adaptec CD when I first installed 10.5. Did not reinstall when upgrading to 10.5.2 or 10.5.3. Card worked as Read Only for my hard drive after installing the driver in 10.5 and continued as such in 10.5.2. Immediately after installing the 10.5.3 update via the Combo Installer (the only way I do an update) (I also prefer to use the Combo Updater-Mike) and rebooting, the drive returned to Read/Write status. Copied files both to and from drive. Also started disk utility and now the options for reformatting and such are normal and functional again which they were not before the update.
-Leonard G."

If anyone else using an Adaptec SCSI card finds 10.5.3 solves their Read Only SCSI HD issue, let me know the details (Adaptec card used, etc.).
BTW - owners of 29160 and 39160 PCI cards and a SlimSCSI 1480A PCMCIA card owner also replied the read-only SCSI hard drive issue w/Leopard was fixed by the 10.5.3 update.

FYI for those that missed past posts here on the subject - the Mar. 27th news page had a Driver Install Tip for Adaptec SCSI card/OS X Leopard Users as well as links to previous posts on Leopard w/Adaptec SCSI cards. (The Nov. 9th, 2007 news page has links to Adaptec's OS X driver pages for 2906, 2930, 29160/29106N and 39160 cards.)

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Report on 10.5.3 update (combo) solving Apple USB Modem issues
Although I personally had no problems with (Apple) USB Modem in 10.5.2 (although I had seen a few KP's at times previously when the modem was connected to a USB Hub - a direct connect to the AL iMac solved that) - a reader that had previously seen problems with his Apple USB modem in 10.5.2 wrote 10.5.3 seems to have solved that.

" Hi Mike, So good news - the 10.5.3 combo updater has fixed my USB modem problem. I was asked for a system password, but no problem with the so called PPD Daemon, as before.
So called my dial up long distance from here in the UAE, to Canada and was both able to connect, and stay connected. Just so you know.
No other problems detected so far with the update.
Thanks, John H. "
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