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Firefox Update (fixes issues w/
Curtis sent a heads-up on Firefox released today (I installed it via FF's update check.) The release notes say it corrects several problems that were found in v2.0.0.8. (Linking to their previous page on this posted shortly after was released.)
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RocketRAID 222x Card Drivers that work w/PPC Macs and Leopard
An update on the saga of getting a working driver for PPC Macs with RocketRAID 222x series cards. 3rd time's the charm on the v1.10 driver I guess. (same 'version number' but revised several times...)

" Hi, Guess what? I check the highpoint site to see if there is a update to my raid 2224 card for the G5 (and Leopard). I install it and it works! Woohoo!
Cool-Aids for everyone who missed out on halloween! So now it works on a G5.
It listed as 11/01/07 but still at v1.10.
-aphex twin "

I asked if he knew of any other updates for PPC owners that had other RocketRAID card model problems in Leopard (previous reports here) and he wrote there was an update to the 1.10 driver for 2322 card that a Quad G5 owner said worked. (RR 2314 was another card PPC owners reported problems with - driver version is still shown as "2.20" but not sure if it's been 'revised' recently also - they may have fixed/updated all the drivers that had problems w/PPC macs in Leopard and not updated the version numbers.)

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ATI Displays utility and OS X Leopard (updated w/v4.5.9 info)
(Updated for info on v4.5.9 on the disc included with retail X1900 G5 Edition card)

"ATi Displays 4.5.7 -- now installs correctly on Mac Pro (4.5.6 would only install on G5s without a Terminal hack, despite it being Universal). However, it crashes as soon as you try to launch it (you can see the legend 'Unknown ATi Graphics' in the Prefs Pane before it quits. Card is an ATi X1900 XT
Cheers, Tim "

On my 2003 Dual 2GHz G5 with ATI X800 card (from first shipment years ago) - I have ATI Displays v4.5.5 installed (never updated to 4.5.7) - it still runs in 10.5 (opens, all panels show, etc.) but not tried tweaking any settings. I wrote an ATI support contact to ask about any updates for Leopard.
Update - Aaron wrote there's a v4.5.9 of ATI Displays included with the X1900 G5 Edition (retail card):

"The X1900 for the G5 has a driver disc that has a newer version of the ATI Displays utility than is available off the internet. (The current ATI/AMD site ATI Displays Utility download is v4.5.7) Inside it has a newer version of ATI Displays, 4.5.9. It's a universal binary and works on Leopard for me...
(if someone really needs it, write me.)
The G5 driver disc is available as a download from, and it's possible for anyone to do the same trick on the disk image there that I had to pull on the disc myself.
(ATI/AMD's support site, drivers page (requires cookies enabled in browser, and cookie set to get to a deeper page in my past experience - deep links fail otherwise.) has a 13+MB download there - from the driver search page select - Mac OS/Mac OS X 10.4.x/Radeon/Radeon X1900 G5 series for Mac which will go to a page with a download of the (13.7MB) "Radeon X1900 G5 series Update" (Jan 17th, 2007) . I tried posting a direct download link here but they have a trap (leech check) for that.-Mike)

The ATI Displays utility is hidden inside a seemingly impenetrable (to me) VISE-X archive in an installer and can't be gotten at until after the G5 X1900 driver installs. It uses sysctl to check if it's running on a G5 or not, so in order to get it to install (and then steal the displays utility) on my Mac Pro and I had to temporarily replace the real sysctl binary with a shell script that outputted what it was looking for. A bit of a nasty hack.

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Time Machine and Shared Mac Naming (avoid spaces, special characters)
I've not gotten an external drive yet with enough free space to try Time Machine but here's an update from a reader that couldn't get Time Machine to work properly (even though it was enabled and appeared to backup his volume, he wasn't able to access any files/restore a deleted file)

"Mike, I got Time machine to work now! I just changed the name of my mac in the sharing preference panel and made sure it had no space characters or capital letters (?) in it.
(I think the main thing is to avoid spaces (and special characters)-Mike)
I think the space was the culprit but I did not want to take a chance...
the backup takes 15 hours+ !
-Frank "

Update: Here's some related Apple Troubleshooting docs (from the Nov. 5th news page)

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FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 and FileMaker Advanced 9.0v2 Updates
Filemaker today posted FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 and FileMaker Advanced 9.0v2 Updater - Down the page is a "Version History" section with a list of changes, including notes on OS X 10.5.
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OWC 4GB RAM Upgrade kits for new MacBooks
Site sponsor OWC sent a press release on 4GB memory upgrade kits for the new MacBooks priced at $159.99 (two 2GB Micron-based memory modules per the PR) - the Apple store CTO price as usual is very high ($850 option for the MacBooks).
Here's their page with a complete line of MacBook & MacBook Pro memory upgrades and the PR included a link to their memory benchmarks using memory-intensive applications with various amounts of installed RAM. (Note: their MacBook Benchmarks page -has not- yet been updated for the new MacBooks (they've got them coming for tests) - previous models only fully utilized appx 3GB even if 4GB was installed. And as you can see, gains from more RAM vary by task/usage - multitasking apps that use a lot of memory benefit most.)
Update - OWC wrote regarding the benchmarks page and new MacBooks:

" Our extended descriptions cover specific models... Our compatibility guide only shows up to the 3.0GB models for older MacBook Core 2 Duos also... But, something else - there does seem to be a benefit for going 4.0GB in the MacBooks. On nearly every case - there was a performance gain in our test series with the prior 3.0GB machines when 4.0GB was installed:
At the very least we know 128Bit addressing (dual channel enabled with like pairs) does engage when 2GB x 2GB is installed. But it may be more than that. We very much believe it's more than that with the MacBook Pro 15.4in given some otherwise even larger unexplained gains from 3GB to 4GB installed in those 3.0GB supported pre-santa rosa models:
We have the new MacBooks on order - what will be most telling is how they benchmark with different configs. We will be doing a new series with Leopard on the entire MacBook 13.3" line and then with the MacBook Pro 17" and later with the 15.4". Fun times.
Lawrence O'Connor
Other World Computing "
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Apple updates MacBook line, adds 2.6GHz CPU Option for MacBook Pros
Cayetano wrote this morning that Apple has updated the MacBook (Santa Rosa) with up to 2.2Ghz CPUs, GMA X3100 video ("Intel GMA X3100 graphics processor with 144MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory"), up to 4GB RAM support and they've added a 2.6GHz CPU CTO option on the MacBook Pros ($250 option listed for the higher end 15in and 17in models)
I checked the (US) Apple store and here's the std config options:

  • Macbook 2GHz (1GB/80GB/Combo) $1099
  • Macbook 2.2GHz (1GB/120GB/Superdrive) $1299
  • Macbook 2.2GHz (1GB/160GB/Superdrive) $1499

A reader said the previous 160GB/7200rpm HD option is now 200GB/7200rpm (adds $200). 4GB ram CTO option adds $850 (!), although 4GB kits are available elsewhere under $160.
(BTW - a C2D MacBook owner wrote last week that all 4GB were recognized in 10.5, previously only appx 3GB usable if 4GB installed.) See the MacBook product page and Macbook Tech Specs page for complete details.
FYI - See the updated Apple docs on the new Macbooks (below), including one that has notes on limitations of the onboard graphics ("intensive 3D graphics may not run correctly")

The MacBook Pro site has been updated also with the MBP Tech Specs page now listing the 2.6GHz option. Just a FYI on the MBP apple store (USA) std config models/pricing - the 2.6GHz CPU is a $250 CTO option on the upper 2 models.

  • MacBook Pro 15in/2.2GHz (2GB/120GB/SD/8600M 128MB vram) $1999
  • MacBook Pro 15in/2.4GHz (2GB/160GB/SD/8600M 256MB vram) $2499
  • MacBook Pro 17in/2.4GHz (2GB/160GB/SD/8600M 256MB vram) $2799

4GB ram option still insanely high - $700.

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Apple Docs on New MacBooks (late 2007 models) and OS X 10.5
Here's some new Apple docs on the new MacBooks announced today:

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