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Updated Apple Support/Troubleshooting Docs
(Updated - later added items first)

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Article on (Potential) Data Loss Bug in Leopard's Finder
A reader sent a link to an article (dated today) titled Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard - here's a clip from the article intro, but see the page for more details:

"Leopard's Finder has a glaring bug in its directory-moving code, leading to horrendous data loss if a destination volume disappears while a move operation is in action..."

BTW - Another reader replied a Finder Move bug has been in previous OS X versions as far back as Panther. (He's updated the article now to mention that.) I wouldn't have noticed this as I don't typically do Moves, I'd always do a Copy first (then check it) and then remove the original source. But there's no excusing it, this clearly should be fixed (already). However the mails I got on this (from those that glanced at it and then quickly fired off mails with only the title text literally "Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard") were sort of like screaming "Skydiving with only 1 Parachute will Kill You!" and then whispering "if the parachute doesn't open". But even those that can't stand any negative posts have to admit that software QA isn't what it should be (for awhile now), and not just on Leopard. Many blame the iPhone effort taking priority and resources away from other things. Granted with literally an infinite number of configurations/hardware/software, etc. out there it's impossible to make anything perfect, but when releases have problems even on bone stock (software and hardware) current mac models are repeatedly released (and in some cases pulled) for problems with the same company's apps or OS, then you can understand why some question the current software QA process. And this certainly isn't limited to Apple...

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iMac Software Update 1.2 for Tiger pulled
(*Update* - On Tuesday I spotted iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger) - which replaces the pulled v1.2)
After a reader mail saying it had vanished (from software update also), I checked and the "iMac Software Update 1.2 for Tiger" download page that was originally posted Friday and the page has been removed. ( The mid-2007 iMac software updates (for tiger at least) must be cursed - the v1.1 update was blamed for iMac freezes and it was hoped that v1.2 would fix that - some thought it helped, but apparently there's a problem with it. (Earlier today there's a report on it and another in Friday's news - see below.)
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Quicktime 7.3 update released for Leopard, Tiger and Panther
Apple's released Quicktime 7.3 for Leopard, Tiger and Panther (also Windows)

" QuickTime 7.3 addresses critical security issues and delivers:
- Support for iTunes 7.5
- Updated support for creating iPhone-compatible web content
- Updated JavaScript support in the QuickTime Web Plug-in
- Numerous bug fixes

This release is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:"

That link is to apple's security updates page, here's a direct link to the page with info on security content of QT 7.3. I'm installing this now on the G5 tower w/Leopard... if you find anything fixed or broken with this update, let me know the details. Thanks.
BTW - On my G5 tower/10.5 install (EyeTV 2.5.1, iTunes 7.5, etc. seem ok so far but I had a USB M-Audio Transit owner say the update seems have to broken it on his PPC and Intel-based Mac Leopard machines. (The audio topics page had a Transit feedback page - it had a rocky history as I recall driver wise...)

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iTunes 7.5 released
Apple's released iTunes 7.5 for Mac (and Windows) Here's the info from the SU window:

"iTunes 7.5 features the ability to activate iPhone wherever service is offered and support for Phase, a new interactive music game designed exclusively for iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod (fifth generation). This release also includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance."

There's also some iTunes related Apple docs in the news item below.

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CPU Upgrades and Leopard Installs Revisited (GD ratio change fix, Sonnet firmware patch)
Another follow-up regarding problems with some CPU upgrades that exceed the OS X 10.5 minimum (G4/867MHz) but due to running at a fractional ratio (i.e. 10.5x, 11.5x... 13.5x, etc.) which is misreported typically if the vendor's extension isn't running (i.e. when booted from the 10.5 DVD, hard drive OS extensions are not loaded). I'm not going to repeat the discussion on this posted again last week (Oct. 31st page Tips for those that had 10.5 DVD refuse to install on CPU Upgraded Macs - also added that info in the FAQ's OS X and CPU Upgrades sections) but since that post I've had two GigaDesigns upgrade owners that said the tip on reducing the bus/cpu ratio (multiplier setting) to an integer (i.e. 13x vs 13.5x, or 10x vs 10.5x) made the OS X 10.5 installer work.
What is interesting is in that day's post was a reply from a Quicksilver owner w/Sonnet G4 1.8GHz upgrade (133MHz bus so 1.8GHz is using 13.5x ratio) that said the 10.5 installer ran fine and that it was correctly reported (1.8GHz) in OS X 10.5 w/o extensions. (I had wondered if there was a nvram patch or if their firmware patch was different than others perhaps - with a fix included for the misreported ratios) - however today a QS (133MHz bus mac) owner with a Sonnet 1.4GHz (7455) upgrade said the 10.5 installer refused to run (misreported speeds due to 10.5x ratio) and that the Sonnet Cache extension wasn't 10.5 compatible. (One of the other tips posted last week for GD owners was how to load the Giga Design extension from the 10.5 Installer via the terminal).
Update: He later wrote that (although his 7455 upgrade doesn't -require- a firmware patch like 7447A, 7448 and 7457's do before installing) - applying the firmware patch solved the problem (10.5 installs without any edits to script.) That's two readers affected by the misreported ratios that have said the firmware patch alone solved it, so it must include a fix for the misreported ratios. (Granted there is some risk to firmware patches/updating as if something interrupts the process (power glitch, freeze, etc.) the mac could be unusable.)
* Note * On Nov. 7th, a Quicksilver with Sonnet G4/1.25GHz (7455) owner wrote saying he used the Trick noted in the Oct. 31st news page (see link above) of loading the Gigadesigns Extension (terminal commands) while booted from the 10.5 installer DVD (of course it has to be installed on the HD first). I wrote to ask why he didn't just use the Sonnet firmware patcher instead - he later replied it didn't work (but I'm not convinced the firmware was actually patched) So to confirm, I wrote both the QS/1.8GHz and QS/1.4GHz owners that said the firmware patch -alone- fixed the misreported speeds to ask they confirm that their CPU speeds were accurately reported afterwards. Both said yes (I updated the Oct. 31st news page post that had the 1.8GHz owner comments - here's the reply from the QS/1.4GHz upgrade owner:
"The first thing I did was remove the SonnectCache.kext from the System Extensions folder. (Not compatible with 10.5)
Then I followed the Sonnet (firmware patcher) Instructions:
Install the firmware Patching application, you can find it your Applications folder then. There is also an uninstaller (unpatcher).
Then start your Mac in programmers mode. My QS 800 required to push the pinhole button and ON at the same time.
The Mac boots as usual. Login and start the patcher application. It takes a one two two minutes and should respond with a positive message. If patching was not successful, you get a "failed" message.

I rebooted in Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard, both reporting the correct speed and cache size.
I also booted from the original Leopard DVD and tried to install Leo on an external drive. No problems this time, my system did qualify for the upgrade. I am not sure whether the RATOC FW/USB2 combo card and the ATI 9800 did further contribute to have a qualified system.
See attachment for more information.
Cheers, Joachim"

He sent a screenshot showing his G4 1.4GHz was correctly/accurately reported in 10.5.

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More Reports/Tips on EyeTV 2.5.1 Update
More feedback on the EyeTV 2.5.1 update released last week. (I'm still happy with my EyeTV Hybrid running on a G5 Dual 2GHz tower in 10.5). If you see any problems, check the tip in an earlier EyeTV 2.5.1 report on problems after the 2.5.1 update fixed by deleting EyeTV Helper and then running EyeTV again to reinstall it. (Updated Noon eastern, later mails first)

(referring to earlier post below)
"I too had problems with both Toast and EyeTV. I remembered a similar problem in the past that was due to a DIVX codec in my /Library/Quicktime folder. My recommendation would be to remove all the non-standard Codecs, reinstall Elgato software and try again. That worked for me.
I have a G5 dual 2.7MHz with 4GB RAM running OSX 10.5 and have an EyeTV model 500.
-Bruce C. "

The earlier report on Toast problems follows (updated with more info)

"I frequently record with EyeTV and then use the Toast icon to open the file with Toast and burn the program to DVD. I had just done this on my Dual 2GHz G5 using Leopard and EyeTV 2.5. When 2.5.1 came along, I presumed it had Leopard fixes, so I installed it. But now, the chain from EyeTV hybrid (with HDTV content) to Toast 8.01 to DVD breaks down. I can't figure out where the problem is. The DVD shows up in Toast, and I fix things so that it will fit on a 4.5 gig DVD. I press "Record," and feed a blank DVD to my Pioneer DVR-108 -- I learned here how to make it a drive my G5 could support, and my firmware is 1.20 --and then wait. It's a straightforward change, since it's already MPEG2, (EyeTV model used?-Mike) and it only requires multiplexing and then burning. (Yes, System Profile still shows me the drive, and also the blank disk and what speeds it can use.)
So I jump in, the multiplexing starts, and I walk away. I've seen the progress bar well-advanced. But then, I come back and it has failed. The disk is no longer visible. The dialogue is has popped up says -39, whatever that is. (It used to mean, "missing resource," didn't it?) So I wonder if the problem is in Toast or in my hacked DVD drive. I've written Elgato, but no response as of yet.

(he later wrote with more info)
I have the EyeTV Hybrid. I guess I should just try to burn the usual movie file (kaff, kaff) not through EyeTV, then I'd see if the problem was in Toast/Leopard or 2.5.1. Hey no, 2.5 did burn a DVD from a disk image, but again, not through EyeTV. I keep looking at crash logs, and I just see that it fails after looking at the mpg frameworks.

Last night, I had the bright idea of rebooting. It seemed to work better. It went very late in the "encoding" process, but then it seemed to fail in the "multiplexing" part. It left only one of those .mpv files that you get during the demuxing process in the "Roxio Converted items", but no audio. When I quit Toast, I asked it to save as a disk image what it had done, and it offered "filename.toast", but that's when I get the -39 error.

I'm thinking more and more it's in software, as I can see the recorder in System Profiler, and once I caught on to the "Refresh" item, I can see all the details of the disk I'm inserting. So it's either in Toast or EyeTV 2.5.1, most likely deep in the conversion codecs. (See later report/tip above on Codecs)

By the way, I have DiVX as well, and DiVX 6.7 will be a necessary upgrade. Right now they have it in DiVX Labs.
-Jim H. "

I don't have Toast 8 (but did burn a DVD in 10.5 w/Toast 6.x - but not via EyeTV).

"After "Archive & Install" I was not able to launch EyeTV 2.51 without getting the Setup Assistant every time... Rebooted using Leopard Install CD and repaired Disk Permissions. I then rebooted back with internal Hard Disk and copied my old pref and other EyeTV support files in to the new System Folder and got all my Recordings and channel settings working again. Still get the warning about internet apps at launch.. Elgato confirmed that Leopard has some funny issues with permissions that Apple must resolve.
-Esteban "

I welcome other feedback on EyeTV 2.5.1. (Include EyeTV model, Mac model, etc. details)

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More Feedback on iMac Software Updates 1.2 (Tiger) and 1.3 (Leopard)
(Note - The "iMac Software Update 1.2 for Tiger" download page ( has been pulled and a reader said it's gone from Software Update also.)

Friday's news page had posts/links on the iMac Software Update 1.2 (Tiger) and iMac Software Update 1.3 (Leopard)" as well as a report on the Tiger version - here's another on the v1.2 update for tiger (more comments added 8PM)

"iMac software update 1.2 tiger report
My freeze experience. Nothing until the (previous) 1.1 update. Then about once or twice a day until I changed my behaviour. i turned off Dock magnification. Set my desktop background to solid black. Turned off all the parallels desktop animations. Ran parallels in single-window mode.

Apart from the fact that I pretty much avoided running parallels as I the only thing I use it for is some financial management s/w, and having that crash was totally unacceptable, freezes stopped.

I did foolishly jump on the Leopard bandwagon as soon as it came out, but only experienced problems with Leopard installation (cannot install if main disk is partitioned: TechToolsPro eDrive partition had to be deleted) and Parallels Desktop totally being crap when it comes to their 'it works with leopard but we do have a beta that works better and we will not support you if you try it'. (I don't own an intel-based mac to use parallels but didn't they post another update (or beta?) last week? A Mac Pro owner previously said he was using it OK (on 10.5 Feedback page, 8-core owner's long post on apps, etc. although not sure how heavily it was used)-Mike)

Then the update came out. First heard of it from someone complaining about it, and indicating how to cause crash: open SystemPreferences->ScreenSaver->Arabesque and run mouse over dock.

Installed it. Turned Dock mag to highest. Set dock size to smallest. Put dock back at bottom for max leopardisms. Turned on DeskTop image. Ran mouse over dock like mad. No problems. No screen glitch. No ASIC HANG log entries. Nada.

Got the Parallels Beta (Parallels still suffers lots of hangs and crashes of its own, but is slightly better). Turned on Convergence and Animations. Been cautiously using Parallels, which itself is very flakey, but no isues whatsoever.

I have spaces enabled with application preferences so that the screen is always whipping about switching between spaces. Nada. Rock solid.

I still do not entirely trust it. I have a feeling that my earlier problems may have coincided with also placing high demands on memory -- I have 2 gigs but the strange way the NextByte store here provisioned the mac was to order a 1GB system from Apple and then add 1GB after market RAM, rather than what I was expecting: 2GB of memory ordered directly from Apple. Can't remember what I was doing back then. I guess I will write a quick 'bloat' programme and retry the Arabesque/Dock/Mouse trick while I page like mad...<> (he later wrote)
Running the Leper. I beat the hell out of it with a memory bloat programme. I read that some could cause the hang with iTunes visualiser.

Yesterday, I ran the visualiser (instructions said to turn off 'limit to 30 fps') as well as the Arabesque Screen Saver selected in System Preferences with Terminal set to Opaque with 'find /' in one Terminal and 'top' in another, partially overlaying the Visualiser and Arabesque windows and ticked the Dock madly with the mouse at the same time as running bloat (see attached: I had about 1GB free from a 2GB when I started to bloat adds 1G pressure on the VM).

I was thinking that it had something to do with GPU access to the second memory bank (not knowing if they are interleaved by the controller or not) so I wanted to have some means of forcing the top GB of memory into the game.

Rock Solid.
I am beginning to suspect that there is a subset of these (24" iMac eXtreme) that really had no problem, and the original Tigger update shot us in the foot, and the current update undoes that. I am hoping that this is the case. (FYI - some previous reports on the freeze, v1.1 update, etc. on the AL/2007 iMac owner reports page)

Just remembered that I also used to run eyeTV on this and that that had problems for me --- I'll grab that and play with that a bit today.

I wrote Damon that v1.2 (tiger) update has been pulled now.
Here's the latest feedback on the iMac Software Update 1.3 for Leopard (later updated to note he's going to take the machine in for a service check)

" I've been suffering from the issues plaguing iMac's -- freezing, mouse pointer moves but nothing else does etc.. My 20" Aluminim iMac (the middle model) is barely 3 months old but I seem to remember the problems occurring after the first iMac software update. I waited for the update that Apple promised would possibly come out by the end of October but in the mean time I updated to Leopard (straight update) hoping the problems would be solved but no such luck.
I recently installed the iMac update that Apple released (v1.3 for Leopard released Friday) but while I can choose the Arabesque screensaver with no problems my iMac still keeps freezing randomly. Yesterday it happened while I was typing out an e-mail, other times it's when I'm browsing in Safari or burning DVD's with Toast and it's becoming more and more frustrating.

Right this moment I'm on the phone with Apple Care but I'm being told there's at least a 15min wait. I did take out the extended Apple Care but I still have 2 more days before my first 90 days of 'complimentary' support is up. The subject is still a hot topic in the Apple Support Forums and shows no sign of being resolved.
(he later wrote
Yes I did install the 1.3 update in Leopard.
Update: after spending an hour on the phone with Apple Care (30 mins waiting just to speak to someone) and managing to replicate the freezing with the 'Shell' screensaver while still on the phone I was told to take it to my nearest Apple Reseller for a repair which could be either the video card of logic board but the tech guys in the store would need to test my iMac to find out what the problem was. I was also told that it could take 2-3 weeks which I feel is unreasonable so I'll phone the store tomorrow and see what they say. The Apple guy said that if they replace the logic board they'll have to wipe the HDD. Not good news.

The strange thing is just before my iMac froze while I was on the phone I saw lots of white pixels dancing around the top quarter of my monitor while the screensaver was going (which has a black background). I haven't noticed that before.
Cheers, Nas "

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More Feedback on MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2
Latest mail on the MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2 released Friday. (Friday's news had the first feedback on it, with a note that screen problems afterwards was due to Zoom being enabled in Universal Access prefs.)

"After updating to the MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2 for 10.4.10, I am experiencing the same problems that many Leopard users are experiencing with X11. Specifically, GIMP and Inkscape cannot open because they cannot locate X11. (There were also some reader reports on X11 problems after the 10.4.10 update - there was a post on this in the 10.4.10 update feedback page.-Mike)

I also have an iMac, and that update did nothing to interfere with operation of either application.
Happy to give more details if asked.

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Report on Adaptec USB 2.0 PCI card and Leopard (won't sleep)
"Hi Mike, Looks like I found a problem related to my setup. My Adaptec AUA-4000B USB 2.0 PCI card (NEC chip) will no longer work after wake from sleep.
I've had the card for over 2 years. It worked ok under Tiger although I had to remove any 'storage-class' device before putting it into sleep mode. (Common issue mentioned many times on the PCI USB/FW sleep support page here)
Under Leopard, it's even worse. I have no problem using the card as long as I don't put it to sleep mode. Since I don't have any other PCI card to test, I'm not sure how Leopard handles PCI cards now.
Regards Kenneth"

I had a G5 tower owner say his (Acard IIRC) PCI IDE card had problems in leopard also but could never get a reply with more details (card model, what firmware used, if it was the latest from Acard, etc.) - he also had all sorts of problems (could not even boot back into 10.4.x drive without problems) - he swore 10.5 had updated his firmware, but as far as I know there is no G5 tower firmware updates in the 10.5 installer. (Via a friend his Apple contact confirmed that but I don' think he's conviced.)

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Memory Leak with Microsoft RDC Beta 2?
(from a reader mail - late posting this.)

" Just to let you (and your readers know) the new Beta out for Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.0 (Beta 2)) has some sort of memory leak. Having it up for 3-4 hours resulted in memory used from ~55 MB to over 800 MB. I was wondering why my computer got slow and was swapping the HD abnormally. My setup is Mac Mini 1.83 GHz Core Duo with 2 Gig of memory from the internet (G-Skill) for roughly $55. I have it run full screen in another space via Spaces in Leopard.

By the way, Leopard's performance seems ok, but I think the GUI is a little too much for the GMA 950. I did a clean install by the way. I am running it at 1680x1050 though, maybe that's the case. I'll find out once I put this computer at my parents place with a 1024x768 screen. Maybe if I upgrade to the new Core 2 Duo 2+ GHz like others have that would make a diff. but its hard to justify the cost of the CPU ($300+) when the Mac Mini itself costed a little more. I am glad though that Apple upgraded to X1300 series chipset, that would probably make Leopard fly. Anyways, things doesn't feel as smooth and fluid like it was in Tiger. I will have a full blown report ready comparing both Leopard and Tiger when I have time to compile them.

Oh and while WoW ran a little smoother in Leopard (I'll have the FPS results in my report), it did suffer a bad checksum check like one of your readers complained having related to Leopard's new firewall scheme. (Oct. 31st news had a post on this with link to a WoW forums post on the problem)
cheers, Amin "

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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