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Apple Doc Explaining Leopard's Application Firewall
Apple's posted a doc with information on the 3 modes of operation (Allow all incoming connections, Block all incoming connections and Set access for specific services and applications) - see OS X 10.5: About the Application Firewall.
The info on the latter mode may explain why WoW users reported validation problems after adding it there. There's also been some concerns over Leopard's Firewall in web articles last week such as these articles at Computerworld and
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Mac Office 2004 Update, Pref. Treatment 1.1.8, Updated Apple Kbase Docs

The above does not include some earlier posted Apple docs, the iMac Software Update 1.2.1, etc. here (below)

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OS X 10.5 and RAlink 802.11n Adapter Drivers
I had some notes that the RAlink 802.11n adapter drivers (released for OS X 10.4.x/10.3.x originally) worked with pre-release Leopard builds, but here's one from a retail Leopard install that said the upgrade solved some of the quirks he'd had previously in Tiger with the PCcard adapter:
" Hi Mike, Just an interesting thing I thought i would pass on... I had recently taken a chance on the Airlink wireless-N cardbus card, model AWLC6080 which had been mentioned on your site as using the RaLink chipset (2860?). Like the original poster who purchased this model card, I too had much of the same problems... failure to wake from sleep, failure to see the card if it actually woke up, refusal to see the card if i hot swapped it, etc etc. It worked occasionally but not terribly well. (BTW: the Airlink pccard report mentioned problems Edimax owner's hadn't - although I'd think they're based on the same reference design.-Mike)
Well the weekend of Leopard's release, I took the plunge and upgraded my laptop to use as a test-bed before migrating my other machines. Lo and behold, the Airlink card now works flawlessly! No wake on sleep troubles, no restart troubles, everything is working great now. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get an IP from my router, but not too bad.

The only bad thing is that my bluetooth modem through my Windows Mobile-based cellphone is now broken. Apparently it has to do with modem scripts being drastically revised in 10.5 and there's not much I can do until the author re-writes them to work with 10.5. Supposedly there is a new plugin in 10.5 developer's tools for making iSync plugins which will hopefully speed the conversion process. If anybody's got any tips to make it work before then i'd love to hear them (send them in).
oh and BTW, my machine is a modified Ti PB G4 1GHz 1GB/100GB (7200rpm)/DVD-R/DL, now wireless-N and internal bluetooth (soldered onto the unused internal USB pads.) Leopard runs great on the machine, minus some of the visual bells & whistles since it's only a radeon 9000 in there. But everything works as it should, if not better, than Tiger... save for the bluetooth modem part....
-Henry "

There's a previous pages here with feedback (before 10.5 was released) on the Edimax 802.11n PCI card and Edimax USB 802.11N Adapter - if you're using it now in Leopard, let me know. Thanks. (Shameless plug... The site specials page has Edimax 802.11n 802.11n PCI, PCcard or USB adapters for $59 ea.)

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Apple doc w/tips for AL iMacs stuck in a loop at Leopard Login
I think this new Apple doc may explain why the original iMac software update 1.2 was pulled and replaced by v1.2.1 - see OS X 10.5, iMac (Mid 2007): Stuck in a "loop" at the login window after upgrading to Leopard which includes a fix. BTW: Originally the doc requirement said "Late 2007" (not "Mid-2007"), but was corrected the next day.
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Leopard install over previous OS X RAID Volumes (Some could, some couldn't)
(Updated) Latest mails in reply to an earlier post on some RAID users saying the 10.5 installer wouldn't upgrade/install to them. As usual, not everyone has the problem

" Just an FYI I have a Mac Pro 2.66 w/5GB RAMand two Maxtor 500 gig drives in raid 0. I was able to do an archive and install from 10.4.10 with no problems in a little over 20 min.
Best Regards, Brandon D. "

Another Mac Pro user that upgraded over RAID OK:

"Leopard upgrade on RAID
Mac Pro (original model). This worked OK for me. 4 disk Apple software raid stripe array (just software raid done through disk utility), upgraded from 10.4.x to Leopard.
Best wishes, Ralph"

And a PPC (G5) owner report on upgrading over RAID, with some additional notes:

" Mike, I installed Leopard (I used 'Upgrade') on my dual 2.5GHz G5 last Friday. The volume I upgraded was a pair of Raptors in a RAID 0 volume (onboard SATA RAID). Everything seems to be working, except for the following curious detail. I noticed that when I tried holding the option key to choose a boot drive, my primary (RAID) volume shows up as 2 distinct drives 'Mac OSX 1' and 'Mac OSX 2'. (I have used the option key to select my boot drive before Leopard, and never saw this issue with my RAID volume.)
I picked my backup, and then used Startup Disk to select my RAID. It booted fine. I also noticed the name of the individual RAID drives in Disk Utility has changed from whatever they were (Raptor 74 Gb or something like that) to 'Raid Slice 1' and Raid Slice 2'. Weird. As I said, everything seems to be working otherwise.

I also had a problem repairing permissions with Disk Utility, (what RP "problem" specifically? The "ACL found but not expected" messages, or just the (common) long, long time before you see any messages on the process, or the (common) "ARDAgent has been modified..." which was explained on the 10.5 page here.-Mike) The RP problem I saw was 'ACL found...', but I elected to ignore the error messages until Apple post a statement or an update (I have an external Carbon Copy Cloner clone of my 10.4.10 drive just in case).

BTW - I had the latest version of Application Enhancer (I really like FruitMenu) installed on my 10.4.10 drive, so I got the 'Blue screen of death' when I restarted after my Leopard install. (Apple posted a Kbase doc on that) I powered down, and restarted fine. As promised, Application Enhancer (the latest version) had disabled itself. (But) I later booted from my 10.4.10 backup drive to run DiskWarrior, and when I restarted on my RAID, I got the blue screen again. Apparently, DiskWarrior re-enabled Application Enhancer! I powered down and rebooted again, and have had no further problems.
-Bob G. "

The original/earlier post follows

Hi Mike, Call number 5 billion on the subject of Leopard was from a good customer of mine. He has the same MacPro as i have. Today he tried to upgrade from 10.4.10 with no joy at all. The only difference between my Leopard installation and his is that i re-created my RAID 0 set using Leopard Disk Utility. (A later mail from a Mac Pro user and others said they didn't need to recreate the RAID however.-Mike)
My customer has tried to Upgrade and Archive & Install and the task has failed, almost before starting, each time. It looks like you cannot install Leopard on a 10.4.x RAID 0. I found the following thread on Apple Discussions...�
It would be interesting to see if these are isolated cases or not.
Best Regards, Kevan Gordon
- Fix My Mac - "

I had at least one mail on this a week or so ago - a G5 Tower owner running an Apple Xserve RAID card with a 10.4.10 bootable RAID 5 array said 10.5 didn't list the volume in the installer (but it was seen in Disk Utility run from the DVD) - I asked if it was UFS formatted (Apple doc says installs to UFS volumes not supported) - there was also an Apple doc on no volumes appearing in installer (w/note to wait awhile) but he said DU saw the volume.

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Another PCI USB 2.0 card/Leopard report
Yesterday's news had a Adaptec USB 2.0 PCI card and Leopard user write the system wouldn't sleep, even w/o any connected devices. Here's another Leopard/USB 2.0 card user's mail (different card brand, no info on chipset):

"I have a PPC tower (dual 2.7 Ghz) and just installed Leopard (via Update option). My USB 2.0 PCI card (IOGear 5-port card) no longer works after Leopard awakes from sleep.
I only have a scanner attached to it. Restarting the computer results in the card working again.
(I asked if he tried disconnecting/reconnecting the scanner after waking from sleep (just curious...) Also suggested checking the system logs for any entries that might have some useful info. (you can view them in ASP's log section.)-Mike)
Yes, I tried unplugging/reconnecting and it didn't work. I will check my system logs tonight. The only other non-stock item is my ATI X800 video card.s
-Dale E"

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Apple posts iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger)
As mentioned yesterday, the iMac Software Update 1.2 for Tiger was pulled - but I had noticed the "About" doc link was still working and this morning the About doc listed "1.2.1" so I tried adding a 1 in the previous URL for the 1.2 update and it loads the new 1.2.1 version download page (don't have an AL iMac to check SU, but it wasn't yet at Apple's support/download page this morning but is now.)
(BTW - this new doc may explain why v1.2 was pulled - OS X 10.5, iMac (Mid 2007): Stuck in a "loop" at the login window after upgrading to Leopard)

iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger)
This update is for 20-inch and 24-inch aluminum iMac computers with 2.0, 2.4, or 2.8 GHz processors running Mac OS X Tiger.

It improves the performance and reliability of graphics-intensive games and applications and fixes an issue that some customers encountered when installing Mac OS X Leopard after applying iMac Software Update 1.2.

For further information on this Update, please visit this website:
(About doc has same info as above)
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.10, iMac (Mid 2007)"

(Originally the doc said "Late 2007" instead of "Mid-2007" but was corrected within 24hrs.) If you apply this update, let me know if you see any pros or cons.

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iTunes 7.5 FYI for iToner users
I had a couple mails last night from iToner users that yesterday's iTunes 7.5 update deleted their iToner installed ringtones on the first iPhone sync (the battle continues I guess) - fortunately using iToner again worked.
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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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