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Apple Hard Drive Update 1.0 for -some- Seagate 500GB/750GB HDs in Mac Pros/Core 2 Duo iMacs
FYI If this update does not appear in Software Update on your Mac, it probably does not have a drive that needs updating. I included the download page link/info just as a FYI (I do not have one of the affected Macs) - lots of mails from Mac Pro (and some C2D iMacs) that tried the (downloaded) updater only to find it report the update was not needed.
(Update) Thanks to a reader with a working brain (unlike me at the moment) that checked the installer pkg scripts for info. (Firmware version listed is the version it looks for - after the update the versions are later. For example on the 500GB it's 3.BTE -after- the update per an iMac owner's mail around midnight tonight. He hopes the update helps with some infrequent problems he's had with the drive.)

" Just to let you know, given the information contained in the installer script, it looks like (it checks for) 500GB and 750GB Seagate hard drives,
ST3500641AS (firmware ver. 3.BTD) and ST3750640AS (firmware ver. 3.BTF).
Regards, Grigory "

Info from the download page for the update:

"Hard Drive Update 1.0 includes bug fixes and important updates for the following systems:
  • iMac Core 2 Duo (Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later)
  • Mac Pro (Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later)

    To complete the firmware update process, please follow the instructions in the updater application (/Applications/Utilities/Hard Drive Update The updater will launch automatically when the Installer closes."

  • For those with affected drives that apply this update (it should appear in Software Update if your mac/drive qualifies) - let me know if you see any pros or cons. Thanks.

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    Updated Apple Support/Troubleshooting Docs

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    FYI on Edimax/RALink USB 802.11N Adapter drivers
    Just a note to anyone that had previously downloaded the Edimax USB 802.11N adapter driver from the OWC product pages for it - their driver download is for a Aug 3rd dated version - there's a Aug. 7th dated driver download (direct d/l link) now on the original RALink Mac Drivers page I had linked to originally (on the Mac 802.11N page, past news posts earlier this year, etc.).
    The heads-up on this came from a reader (thanks Joseph) that was using the USB Edimax adapter in Leopard with his PowerBook G4.

    I've written OWC with a FYI on this and their download link should be updated soon. (Checking their download on the PCI/PCcard product pages looks to be the same version as the RAlink page version but the USB driver was updated.)

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    AL iMac owner locked in Leopard Login Loop (despite installing 1.2.1 Tiger update prev.)
    (Updated with reply on my suggestion, which worked)
    From a reader mail today, replying to yesterday's post on the 1.2.1 iMac software update for Tiger. (And the Apple doc on 'locked in a login loop in leopard yesterday)

    " Subject: iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger) feedback
    Leopard installation Problem
    I applied the latest iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger) while still using OS X 10.4.10. I have just upgraded to Leopard 10.5 and I now find I am stuck in the Login - password loop. I can't restart from the DVD with the C key as suggested in (OS X 10.5, iMac (Late 2007): Stuck in a "loop" at the login window after upgrading to Leopard), so that I can follow the instructions. I have tried using a standard USB keyboard.

    (I asked if he tried shutting down and then rebooting with only USB (wired) Keyboard and mouse connected and tried again - including an Option/Alt key attempt to boot from the OS X 10.5 DVD.-Mike)
    Many thanks for the hint - it worked...
    -David S.
    New 24in iMac, wireless aluminium keyboard and wireless mouse"

    It's always good to keep the wired keyboard/mouse around.

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    Recent Apple Docs mention 'Late 2007' iMacs (not 'Mid 2007') - Typo?
    (UPDATE As of Nov. 8th, Apple had changed both Docs to note "MID 2007" iMac instead of "Late 2007".)
    I didn't notice it at first but two of yesterday's apple docs mentioned "Late 2007" iMacs (not the "Mid 2007" last rev) - both iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger) (in "system requirements") and OS X 10.5, iMac (Late 2007): Stuck in a "loop" at the login window after upgrading to Leopard. (Title corrected a day later...)
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    Another PCI USB 2.0 card/Leopard report
    Another report on PCI USB 2.0 cards with Leopard (Monday's news had an Adaptec AUA-4000B (sleep problems) report and yesterday an IOGear 5-port card (issues after wake from sleep) report (he just wrote back that disconnect/reconnect scanner didn't help - restart does) from readers that had already been using them before the upgrade. A MDD owner wrote regarding problems trying to install a Trendnet card after upgrading to Leopard:

    "I have been struggling with USB 1.1 on my PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25 MDD--officially listed as PowerMac G4 (FW 800)--and finally decided to plunk down the $20 to get a PCI 2.0 card. I found a deal at a local store of a "Trendnet 5-port USB 2.0 Host PCI Adapter, model # TU2- H5PI".
    So far, I thought that I would be able to just install the card and let Apple's frameworks and drivers do their thing, but it seems that under Leopard somethings amiss. When I get the card installed, I boot, I get to the grey Apple logo and get a crash screen. I pop the card out, boot normally, pop the included CD in and find a driver to be installed. (Interestingly enough, the only mention of Mac support is only minimum. Grrr!) Next I actually proceed with the installation of the driver (he later wrote the driver was on the included CD.-Mike) and reboot. Next I install the card and again am presented with the crash after the grey Apple logo.

    When I look at the report that is generated automatically after a bad shutdown, I am presented with info about the Apple IOkit among other things. Which leads me to think: Hmmmm.
    I have already sent off an email to Trendnet's tech support, but I am having the feeling that I will be getting a response to the effect that: 'this is Apple's fault', 'we don't provide support for Leopard', etc.
    Just to get the word out. I have already looked over the normal places that I usually check. But with this, I want to let others know what will/may happen.

    I asked Andrew if he could look at the card to see what chipset it used (NEC based he later said - some NEC USB 2.0 chips have had native OS X support in the past, from 10.2.x on IIRC.)
    I welcome other PCI card compatibility reports from Leopard users - let me know the details (card info, any drivers used, mac model, leopard install type, etc.). FYI - for problems with sleep - remember even in previous OS's it was very common (literally universal) for deep sleep to fail if storage class devices were connected to the card.

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    Other News/Misc. Software Updates

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    Recent Articles and Reviews
    Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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