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Apple updated Leopard and iPhone Troubleshooting Docs
Apple kbase docs updated today (in some cases for the Nth time).

Had an older Mac used for work here take a major dump (twice - 4AM and 9AM) and still working on it so really behind today.

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I've seen the Leopard/PPC Performance hit from Mounted Shared Volumes
The first day Leopard arrived to end users (Friday Oct. 26) a G5 owner had written about poor performance in Leopard (slow apps launches, jerky video/coverflow, etc.) - a tip from another reader (thanks Adam) that same day (see Notes/Tip for PPC Mac performance in Leopard) mentioned a big performance hit if a shared mac/volume was mounted (hopefully a fixable AFP bug). The G5 owner later wrote unmounting shares solved the problem.
Last night while copying a large file (appx 950MB - and he had 9GB free space) to a friend's public iDisk folder using a Dual 2GHz G5 w/Leopard (and waiting for the hour+ long "Closing file..." phase, which BTW failed to complete again for the 5th time on 2 OS versions tried), I decided to watch some Live TV (OTA digital broadcasts) with EyeTV using my USB EyeTV Hybrid tuner. It took a long, long time to launch the app and the Live TV video had consistent pauses every 3-4 seconds. (However iTunes Coverflow and iTunes movie playback seemed much less affected.)

After disconnecting from his iDisk, performance returned to normal.

BTW - during the above session (bogged down with shared volume copy) I thought I'd try running EyeTV in Space 2 instead of 1 (a reader had mentioned that as a workaround for some disk intensive tasks that had the spinning beachball cursor). However I noticed that EyeTV (v2.5.1 used) would not open the Live TV video window in Spaces other than 1 while the system was bogged down with the iDisk copy the app loaded (after long long delay), showed the program listings, etc. but the live TV window would open (I waited quite awhile and finally gave up.)
BUT the next day I tried this again (no Shared volume mounted, clean reboot) and the Live TV window Does open in other spaces. Go figure... (To recap I'm using the USB EyeTV Hybrid tuner for over-the-air digital tv broadcasts.)

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Another report on Leopard Install attempts over existing RAID Volume
Recent mail on this issue that came up earlier (see Tuesday's Leopard installs over previous OS X RAID Volumes (Some could, some couldn't))

"Hi Mike, I've had problems too upgrading from 10.4.10 to Leopard. My system is:
2 GHz Dual G5, 2 x 250 GB Maxtor in striped RAID, created with Apple RAID software version 1.0

Installation failed: "Installer could not prepare volume". The problem appears to be that Leopard want install on a RAID created with version 1.0. The Disk Utility provides the option to convert the RAID to version 2.0. However this failed too: "Invalid request". I found a note on the net on RAID 2.0 saying that conversion would fail if OS 9 disk drivers are installed. Clicking on the single disks in Disk Utility shows the option "Install OS 9 disk drivers" as checked on my system, but the box is grayed out so that changes are not possible. That's when I was finally stuck. Apple was of no help either.

It seems there is no solution yet for RAIDs with version 1.0 and OS 9 disk drivers installed. (Some, but not all readers saw this problem even without OS 9.x drivers - for instance a G5 tower owner using a RAID 5 bootable 10.4.10 array via an Apple xserve raid card. But see previous post for reports of some upgrading over RAID, others not.-Mike)

The only workaround was to do a fresh install of Leopard on my external FireWire HD, transfer all data using the Migration Assistant, erase the RAID and recreate it with the latest Apple RAID software, install Leopard on the new RAID, and finally transfer the data from the FireWire HD with the Migration Assistant. This took a lot of time, but it worked and Leopard is running fine on my RAID, and the machine looks as if I did a straight upgrade. Only when opening programs, the system shows them as 'opening for the first time'. But no need to key in the serials again so far.

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MDD owner notes on Sweet Multiport not working in 10.5
(from a reader mail - anyone else have it work in 10.5?)

"I've been using a Sweet Multiport for years in a G4 MDD. With 10.5 upgrade, though, it stopped working. No matter what slot I put it in, it's no longer recognized by the system. Ah well, it was a great item while it lasted. (By the way, other USB and Firewire PCI cards are being recognized in the same PCI slot where I've tried the Sweet).
-Pat S."

I've added this to an older page here with Geethree Sweet Multiport Kit user reports.

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Report on Adaptec AUA5100 USB 2.0 PCI card in Leopard
" Leopard PCI Card report: Regarding sleep issues with Leopard and Adaptec Card AUA5100 (a different model than the AUA-4000B a reader had sleep problems with in Leopard in Monday's news, although as usual, YMMV.)
I installed Leopard via Archive and Install (preserved user settings) on a 1GHz MDD with an Adaptec AUA5100. Deep sleep works fine as long as all externals and flash drives are unmounted first. However, under Leopard, it will now sleep with the external device still connected (as long as it's unmounted) as contrasted under Tiger which would not allow deep sleep with an attached (even though unmounted) USB drive to the card.
Regards, Nick "

If you missed the previous Leopard/USB 2.0 PCI card reports here, yesterday's news had a (problem) post on a Trendnet TU2- H5PI (added after 10.5 install) and Tuesday's news had a report on an IOGear 5-port card (issues after wake from sleep).

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Other News/Misc. Software Updates
(later added items first)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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