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Firmtek notes on sleep issues with SeriTek 1SE2 and 1V4 cards in Leopard
Friday's news had a post on Firmtek updates for 2SM2, 2SE2, and 2SE4 cards (with a note on their downloads page about more updates coming) - this reader had written them to ask about updates to series 1 cards:

"Hi Mike, I sent an email regarding SeriTek 1SE2 and 1V4 cards in OS 10.5 and this is what they said:

    "Dear David, Thank you for contacting FirmTek.
    The FirmTek driver works with Leopard with one exception. Hard drives mounted on the card must be dismounted before entering sleep mode. We are working to correct this issue.
    Regards, Michael
    FirmTek Support"

I have not yet upgraded this computer to 10.5. I wonder if these updates fix this problem with those cards.
Cheers, David"

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Tips for Problems running multiple Firmtek SATA cards
(Updated several times, see below for replies from Firmtek and other readers that have seen this issue before - with tip on firmware)
" Just a quick question as Firmtek has no support forums...
I have a Dual 2.0 G5 with 2GB Ram, 6800 Ultra, 10.5 Leopard and I have a weird situation. I have a Siig 4 channel sata card and one Firmtek 1VE4 eSata card. Both work properly but I hate the fact that the Siig Card is not bootable. I just purchased the Firmtek 1VE2+2 and when it is installed the computer does not recognize it at all. If I pull the 1VE4 out the card is seen. I am wondering if its something with the driver, as it seems that when the 1VE4 is installed it overrides the 1VE2+2 in any configuration or slot.

I am just curious if any of the xlr8yourmac readers out there have a similar situation or have had a problem with this.
I have contacted Fimtek but it might take them a bit to get back to me so any help or suggestions would be Super... Thanks in Advance,
(He later got a reply from Firmtek - here's his later mail)
Well the problem is the firmware on the cards. (echoes earlier reader replies) According to Firmtek....

    "Dear Stephen,.... When installing both of these cards in the same computer it is best if they both have the same firmware version. In addition, when upgrading the cards only have one card installed in the computer at a time."

They included the same firmware versions in the email for this to work. Apparently its not limited to the OS. But they responded very quickly and as long as you tell them the correct cards you have they will send you the right firmware. I found it kind of interesting they did not have this on their site though, but the quick response and firmware still make me a happy Firmtek owner. After applying the firmware to both cards. They are now seen separately in the system and both function properly. And Thank you Xlr8yourMac readers for helping as well.

On a side note the whole reason for doing this besides the sheer drive space, I have wanted to install a Pioneer DVR-212BK Sata DVD Burner. And Since the Firmtek cards are the only ones that I have found to be bootable and capable of Hot Swap, I will let you know how this works not only for burning but booting off of the Leopard and Tiger DVD's.
-Stephen "

I think I had a recent mail from a reader doing the same thing (different burner model though IIRC) - the drive wasn't recognized he said.

Here's some reader replies to the original post (before Stephen got a reply from Firmtek today)

" I had that problem a couple months ago with 10.4. (using one 1SE2 card and a 1V4 series card) This is what they said:

"I believe bring both cards to the same firmware level 5.1.3 , the your system can recognized both cards.
1) Run FSCApp
2) Power down the system
3) Install one of the 1SE2 card (no drive connected)
4) Power up the system
5) Run the flasher, then run FSCApp
6) Power down the system
7) Remove the 1SE2 card and install the second 1V4 card (no hard drive attached)
8) Power up the system
9) Run the flasher, then follow to run with the FSCApp
10) Power down the system
11) Install the other/second card 1SE2 and connect all drives together 12) Power up, and now your system should recognize both cards/drives
Regards, Kim"

They attached FSCApp and the flashers.
-David "

2 readers had replied earlier today they've seen the problem before, with a similar fix suggested.

" Subject: Multiple Firmtek cards
Yes had this problem before. All the firmware MUST BE THE SAME for each card installed. (but is the firmware version the same for the 1VE2+2 and 1VE4? - see later reply below-Mike) If one of the cards has an older firmware installed it will not be seen by the computer. Contacted FirmTek and got this info along with latest firmware and when all cards on same version firmware had no problems - that is roughly 18 months ago. The problem was duplicated in two different machines with different sets of FirmTek cards - G4 & G5.
(he later wrote)
Follow up - should have been more specific. Was using these same cards - 1VE2+2 & 1VE4 and after updating both to 5.1.3 firmware worked fine in 2.7 Dual CPU G5 & Dual G4 Quicksilver. Had drives running off both cards and internal & external. This may not be the latest firmware, but if is not broke do not fix it. The 1VE4 card is being used in a second 2.3GHz Dual G5 under 10.5 with no problems. Have not used 1VE2+2 with 10.5, but both worked together in the above machines up to 10.4.10. Changed setup before upgrading to 10.5 - had hardware problem not related to FirmTek cards.
Hope this helps, Leonard C. "

Another reader said he had been through this also and despite firmware updates, RMA's, etc. he never got the issue resolved (he used RAID arrays on both cards).

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Another USB 2.0 PCI card/Leopard report (Belkin F5U220)
" Hi Mike, Another USB2 card having sleep issues in Leopard.
I have a Quicksilver 2002 933mhz unit with 1GB of RAM, Alchemy TV DVR Card (awaiting driver updates from miglia) ACARD ATA133 RAID card running 2 x 160GB Hitachi HDs in Striped Mode. Belkin F5U220 5 Port USB 2 Card PCI REV:3 (NEC Chipset). Clean install performed on RAID partition and migrated User details from backup. USB 2 card no longer works after putting computer into deep sleep mode. Card is still shown in system profiler but no devices recognised when plugged in. (same thing an IOgear card owner reported in leopard - restart required to use Scanner again after wake from sleep)
Usual devices attached are Belkin Bluetooth adaptor (FYI Now works with Audio headsets tiger claimed unsupported) and 2 Imation Disc Stakkas via 1 cable (both USB 1.1 Devices).
Restart returns full functionality.

Have no problems with the ACARD as the boot drive is running off it. Sonnet claims their USB2 cards now support deep sleep under Leopard not sure what chipsets they use though.
Best regards,
Michael M.
Sales and Service Coordinator
Mac Quality Solutions "

Usually they're just rebranded versions of an OEM card, but so far the most favorable report was on the Adaptec AUA5100 although as usual, YMMV. Here's links to previous USB 2.0 PCI card/Leopard reports:

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iPod Touch 1.1.2 update FYI (sync any WiFi purchases before update)
A reader with an iPod touch wrote he forgot to sync a couple song purchases (using iTunes WiFi store) before applying the 1.1.2 update (from a download). He said after the 1.1.2 update his un-synced purchased songs were gone. I thought there was a way to login/redownload recent purchases but he said he's had no luck with that but wrote Apple about it. (I know someone that "lost" their iTunes lib a year or so ago and after talking with apple was allowed to download his purchases again...)
BTW - an iPhone 1.1.2 update (via update button in iTunes) did an iPhone backup automatically before the update but that may have just been contacts, etc. not purchased items that are done normally with syncs.
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A reader's iPhone restore (to get 1.1.2) disaster...
BTW - as of Monday 10AM Eastern time, the iPhone 1.1.2 update still does not show up in iTunes 7.5 here (it finally did Monday evening - an update to 1.1.2 took some time but applied w/o any problems.).

(from Nov. 10th mail)
"Hello Mike, I attempted to restore my iphone this morning in the hopes it would update to 1.1.2 but all I got instead was a deactivated iphone. It stated that my SIM was invalid and instructed me to get a valid SIM. Also itunes would no longer mount the iphone at all. I did receive a new SIM from my local ATT store and that did allow me to reactivate the iphone. All is well now but I fear ever restoring my iphone.

I did not previously unlock my iphone as a lot of people did that got this problem with the 1.1.1 update. I did have to restore to get the 1.1.1 update but did not have the problem I got today (w/1.1.2). I did jailbreak my iphone early on under version 1.0 and I did upload one ring tone via Itoner before version 1.1.1 but after the 1.1.1 update the ring tone was gone so I didnt try to upload it after itoner was updated to fix that issue. I dont know if my sitution was isolated or related to to previous jailbreak attempts...
-Michael V. "

After it finally showed up in iTunes 7.5 Monday night here, the 1.1.2 update (via iTunes Update button) I witnessed was troublefree, although It took some time. (Slow download, then upload to iPhone, then a verify, and finally an update iPhone firmware process - thankfully no power blips as the host machine wasn't on an UPS.) And as Apple mentioned in a kbase doc previously - the first powerup after the update showed "activating iphone" for a few seconds.

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Loss of audio in OS 9 with CPU Upgraded Digital Audio tower
"I have a 466Mhz. Digital Audio G4 with a Sonnet 1.4Ghz G4 upgrade with 2MB L3 cache (7455). It works fine in OS X but exhibits a common shortcoming in OS 9. Sometimes the sound works in OS 9 and sometimes it does not. I might have found a workaround to consistently get the sound running in OS 9.
Clear the PRAM, listening for 3 chimes before letting go of option-cmd-p-r. Then I immediately press the option key to bring about the open firmware partition selector. I then choose the OS 9 partition and boot into 9. Occasionally it crashes part way through the OS 9 startup but most of the time it successfully boots into 9. EVERY TIME I successfully boot into 9 this way I have sound.
I have done this about 10 times in a row. It would be nice to hear if this works for some other people with the same issue.
Cheers - Terry O'Leary"

Odd - sounds like something gets changed/hosed in the nvram. I asked if the problem repeats if he shuts down from OS 9.x and cold boots again to OS 9 (using Option key if startup disk not set to OS 9 boot). BTW - another reminder with an older Mac - check the motherboard battery. (Check w/voltmeter while battery in the socket (under load) - if the 3.6v battery reads below 3.4v under load, I'd replace it.)

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Other News/Misc. Software Updates/Apple Support Docs
(includes some items from over the weekend)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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