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Beta Update to WaterRoof GUI for OS X's IPFW (Firewall)
I've still not had time to try WaterRoof (mentioned in last week's latest comments/complaints on Leopard's application firewall as a freeware GUI to configure ipfw) but the WaterRoof home page now lists a v2.0 beta (build 403). There's also downloads of the previous v1.9 for OS X 10.5 and v1.8 for OS X 10.4 users. For those that hadn't been there before here's info from the WaterRoof home page:

"WaterRoof is an IPFW firewall frontend for Mac OS X with a easy interface and many options. Features include dynamic rules, bandwidth management, NAT configuration and port redirection, pre-defined rule sets and a wizard for easy configuration. You can also watch logs and graphic statistics. Rules configurations and network options can be saved and optionally activated at boot time. With WaterRoof setting up a dual-homed firewall with Mac OS X has never been so easy... Start from a fresh-clean system installation and be ready in 1 minute with routing/bridging, NAT and port redirection, bandwidth limits and everything you need to fine tune your ipfw configuration. And every option can be easily set to be loaded at boot time, leaving you nothing else to do (except mailing me bug reports ;) English documentation included into the application bundle. You access it from the WaterRoof "Help" menu. "
BTW - I've also updated earlier posts on Silicon Image SATA cards in Leopard, Printing preset problems (Univ binary/Rosetta) and added a ton of apple troubleshooting/support doc updates to the Other News sections below.
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Price Drops on 2GB SODIMM modules and Mac Pro 2x2GB Kits
(from site sponsor OWC)

" xlr8yourmac Specials page Memory price drops
$67.50 for 2.0GB Micron based SO-DIMM with Lifetime OWC Advance Replacement Warranty or $135 for a matched set... (for MacBook/MacBook Pro and Intel-based iMac/Minis.) That is less than Apple charges just to go from 1GB to 2GB at the factory, about 1/6th what Apple charges to go from 2GB to 4GB....
Also have the 4GB (2x2GB) Mac Pro kits for $210.
The current bottoms are mainly on DDR2 Memory. DDR1 stuff actually easing back up a little.
Lawrence R. O'Connor
Other World Computing "
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Silicon Image chip-based SATA card problems in Leopard (Updated)
(See updates/replies below - updated again Nov. 16th)
From a reader mail - there's other SI chip based SATA cards for the Mac (like Addonics IIRC - and remember the driver update exercises (repeated updates w/same version number) that Highpoint RocketRaid card PPC Mac users went though...)

"Silicon Image based SATA card fails under Leopard
I have an External 4-Ports 64bit PCI-X 64-Bit PCI Host card providing SATA II -3Gbps RAID, product # 64-101s, sold by which I have been using without problems under 10.4 Tiger. After updating to Leopard, none of the drives mount.
Furthermore I cannot see the card in the System Profiler. Although the card provides RAID functionality, I have been using a JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives) configuration.

I wrote CoolDrives & they suggested that the card, which is based on a Silicon Image chip, might be unsupported until SI provides new drivers, which they say is normally on the order of 90 days. The tech said it might be good to direct the question to Apple, since they use SI in the Mac Pro product. I will do so, but thought I would raise the issue with your site as well. So apparently there are a number of problematic cards out there for Leopard.
-Dan F."

UPDATE: Dan (above) later wrote that one of the drivers on the page in the reader reply below solved his probem.
A reply from an Addonics card user:

" Mike, I have an Addonics Silicon Image 3124 based PCI-X 4 channel SATA card (ADS3GX4R5-E) in my first generation 2GHz dual processor G5 (August 2003) that works just fine in Mac OS X 10.5. The card is currently onnected to 12 Seagate 7200.10 320GB drives using 3 Addonics port multipliers (3 channels/4 drives each). The disks are configured in a variety of both RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays.
I'm using the latest RAID drivers from Silicon Image's website: version (8/14/2007)
(BTW - I had a reader that does reviews for amug say that the silicon image -RAID- 5 driver in his experience was a performance dog, listing under 20MB/sec writes and under 60MB/sec reads with a 5 drive raid array that normally was good for 210MB/sec performance. BUT the linked page has other drivers - see below for Dan's reply that one of the drivers there solved the problem he had.-Mike)

I'm using the RAID driver and it looks like the reader reporting the problem is not - that may be a clue to where the problem is. Starting with the latest driver release, it looks like Silicon Image combined the stand-alone and RAID drivers into one package. Previously there was as stand-alone base SATA driver (the latest version is 2.0.3 dated 12/26/2006) and a separate RAID driver. If you only installed the base driver, I believe any drives connected to the card would show up as individual devices in Disk Utility (I'm not sure about port multiplier support). If you wanted RAID support, then you had to also install the RAID drivers. You could not install only the RAID drivers previously (they still needed the base drivers).

If you installed the RAID drivers, then you have to use the Silicon Image RAID Manager (Applications/Utilities/Silicon Image) to configure the drives (otherwise Disk Utility won't see them). In the RAID manager you then configure the physical drives into logical arrays that once created show up in Disk Utility. If you want to make the individual drives show up, then you must configure a "RAID set" for each drive with the type set to "contiguous". You can also create JBOD, RAID-0, RAID-1 and RAID-5 arrays.

So if you previously only used the base drivers and configured your drives via Disk Utility, I don't think you'll be able to use the latest drivers without reconfiguring the array using the Silicon Image RAID Manager. I strongly suspect that the data on the drive(s) will be lost during this conversion.

The alternative is to try the last stand-alone 2.0.3 driver. I don't know whether it's 10.5 compatible or not. Hope this helps.
- Bruce"

Here's Dan's reply that one of the drivers from the page link above helped:

"The reader named Bruce was helpful with his post. The SI driver 2.0.3 mentioned in his post fixed my problem. Thanks!
(An AMUG reviewer had said the RAID driver had very poor performance on his RAID5 array, but Dan noted above he's not using RAID mode-Mike)
I used the SiI3124 32 bit universal Mac OS X 10.4.x BASE driver v.2.0.3 dated 12/26/06. There are 5 different drivers on the page linked in Bruce's post - one may fit your needs. Good luck.
-Dan F."
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Price cuts on Guardian MAXimus External RAID1 Drives
(from site sponsor OWC)

" NewerTech Guardian MAXimus FW800/400/USB2 up to 1.0TB - New prices up to $120 lower! Guardian MAXimus is the Plug & Play solution that keeps your data safe with real-time data redundancy via hardware RAID-1 Mirroring. Connect to any Mac or (or PC) with FireWire 800, FireWire 400, or USB 2.0 and it does the rest. Perfect for the ultimate Time Machine drive too! (**American Photo 2007 Editor's Choice **)
This solution is a hardware RAID 1 ┬Redundant Mirror' which automatically and real-time keeps your data backed up to protect against a hard disk failure. LED indicators on the front of the solution indicate the status of the two drives. And should a drive ever experience a malfunction, normal data operation continues seamlessly. If the malfunction if a recoverable ┬soft' type, the Guardian MAXimus will rebuild the mirror (also without data interruption) automatically. If the disk failure requires a drive to be replaced, once the new drive is installed ¤ again, the Guardian MAXimus will automatically rebuild the Mirror and without data interruption.

Offered in capacities of up to 1.0TB (1.0TB + 1.0TB Mirror), the Guardian MAXimus is a sleek, compact Aluminum design of only 9.0" Long x 2.8" Wide x 5.8" High. In addition to the benefits of Hardware RAID 1 Mirroring, these solutions are full certified for Audio/Video, Backup, Graphics, Music, General Data needs and more! With 2 x FW800 Ports, 1 x FW400 Port, 1 x USB 2.0/1.1 Port ¤ units are fully Bootable and provide excellent access flexibility to stored data based via whatever interface choice(s) are available on systems solution may be connected to.

NewerTech Guardian MAXimus FW800/400+USB2 RAID 1 prices:

  • 250GB + 250GB Mirror 7200RPM w/32MB total Data Buffer - $ 329.99
  • 320GB + 320GB Mirror 7200RPM w/32MB total Data Buffer - $ 339.99
  • 400GB + 400GB Mirror 7200RPM w/32MB total Data Buffer now $359.99 $10 Drop
  • 500GB + 500GB Mirror 7200RPM w/32MB total Data Buffer now $399.99 $20 Drop
  • 750GB + 750GB Mirror 7200RPM w/32MB total Data Buffer now $599.99 $50 Drop
  • 1.0TB + 1.0TB Mirror 7200RPM w/64MB total Data Buffer now $929.99 $120 Drop!

    Also Available:

  • 150GB + 150GB Mirror 10,000RPM w/32MB total Data Buffer was, now $649.99
  • 0GB Enclosure Kit - build your own Guardian Mirror available for $149.99

    NewerTech Guardian MAXimus solutions 250GB to 1.0TB are covered by a 2 year warranty + up to an additional 3yrs warranty (for a total of 5 years) on the partner hard drive mechanisms used inside. 0GB Kit covered by 1 year NewerTech Warranty.
    All models include FireWire 800 connecting cable, FireWire 400 Connecting Cable, USB 2.0 Connecting Cable, Intech HD Speedtools Utility Suite for Apple OS X, Prosoft DataBackup III (Full retail), NovaStor NovaBackup for Windows ($49 retail value) and everything you need to plug and play and go.

    Ground delivery within the 48 Continental states is $2.95 for any of the above solutions. 2nd Day Air delivery also available for $7.95 or less."

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    Apps crashing when using printing presets from Universal Binary apps in Rosetta
    (Update - from the comments originally here (below) I didn't realize that for some this was only happening in Microsoft Word (I thought they were referring to any Rosetta app, not just one) - on Nov. 6th I had posted a link to the Mac Office 2004 11.3.9 update which noted "fixes an issue that causes Word 2004 to quit unexpectedly when you print a document"). A reader said that update solved his problem *but* others seeing the original problem reported below said Word is not the only app affected.)

    " Apps crashing when using printing presets
    I have encountered a problem regarding printer presets with UB (universal binary) vs Rosetta apps. Hope someone has a good idea how to fix it!

    Printing to a Konica Minolta or Xerox with Fiery controller from an Intel based Mac can sometimes result in the printing application crashing. The problem only occurs when using preset printing options. Happens in both 10.4 and 10.5

    If a printing preset has been made (eg. storing account information and/or colour or gray scale) from the printing dialogue in a universal binary application, the preset works fine with other UB apps.

    BUT, if the preset later on is chosen from a Rosetta emulated application, the application will eat all free cpu and memory resources and crash after about 30-60 seconds.

    Saving a preset when being in a Rosetta app the problem is precisely the same, just with UB apps crashing of sourse...

    (So the reverse happens if the preset is created in Rosetta (causes Univ app to crash) but works for Rosetta printing. I sent him a suggestion/workaround - create Printer Prefixes in Rosetta with an "R" prefix or suffix in the name (to be able to easily ID which preset is for Rosetta apps use only) but he'd already thought of that.-Mike)
    I have already made the presets you suggested, but thanks for the tip any way.
    In theory two types of presets is a trivial thing to work with, but in reality keeping apps with dual print dialogs (eg CS3) from crashing is another thing, especially for the average user.... First you have to make a neutral printer default (I use adobe PDF-printer). Second you have to be sure that the wrong preset is not loaded before switching to the desired printer. And last the average user will not know whether he or she is printing from a Rosetta or UB app.
    So I am really hoping for a fix.... I have been searching the web quite intensively, without any luck, so maybe your site could be of some kind of help. Thanks again for your quick reply

    Regards, Asger J.
    Denmark "

    If you saw this in *other than just MS Word* (which the Mac Office 2004 11.3.9 update addresses), let me know.

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    DIY External Flash for iPhone
    You may have already seen this but a reader mentioned it in a mail yesterday:

    " ...since we like to hack our Apple stuff. I found a guy who made a DIY LED Flash for the iPhone, makes quite a difference and is inexpensive easy to make. I'm sure some company will come to market with one of these since a few already make iPod flashlights, but in the meantime.
    -Derek "

    I expect someone like Belkin, Griffin, etc. to offer one of these soon.

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    Other News/Misc. Software Updates/Apple Support Docs
    Updated 7PM Eastern (later added mac related items first - many apple 10.5 support/troubleshooting docs revised again today)

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    Recent Articles and Reviews
    Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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