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Apple posts a ton of Apps updates (Pro Apps and iPhoto 7)
If you haven't already seen these in Software Update, here's the download pages:

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Security Update 2007-008 for OS X 10.3.9 (Client and Server)
Appears in Software Update or you can download it from these pages:

Apple also has a doc About the security content of OS X v10.4.11 and Security Update 2007-008.

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OS X 10.4.11 Update released
Available via software update or these download pages (including Combo updaters for those that prefer to apply them instead of deltas)

There's also a new Server Admin Tools 10.4.11 (see above post with many apps update links). More details on the changes in 10.4.11 are in new Apple docs About the OS X 10.4.11 Update and About the security content of OS X v10.4.11 and Security Update 2007-008.

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Installing a Zalman VF900 Quiet Cooler on the Mac 9800 Pro SE
Nick sent a writeup with some (well done) Photos of the mods he did to install a Zalman VF900 CU Cooler on a Radeon 9800 SE used in his G5 tower. Includes info on retainer mods, fan speed controller wiring, etc.
The VF900 has been a popular replacement for other card models also. (For previous articles on other Mac graphics card Cooler swaps (including ATI 9800, X800, X1900, Nvida 6800, 7800GT, etc.) see the Video Topics page Cooling Mods section.)
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More feedback on reinstalling Adaptec SCSI card OS X Drivers in Leopard
More feedback on the note/tip in the Nov 9th news on reinstalling Adaptec OS X drivers in Leopard helped get a SCSI card recognized/working again. (First report was from a 2906 card owner using it with a Scanner).
" Good morning, For your request, I have a G4 Quicksilver hooked up to a Nikon Coolscan II. It is hooked to a SCSI with a 2930 PCI card. I recently upgraded with a Sonnet 1.8GHz processor and Leopard.
After installing, it did cause my Mac to crash. After rebooting it recognized the scanner and I was able to use the 7.6.54 version of Vuescan with no problems, yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)
Thanks for posting this valuable information.
-Ken S "

I had another 2930 and 39160 card owner reply the drivers got the cards recognized again and he hadn't yet tried the cards with SCSI devices. Although these drivers have not been updated for years (going back to 2004 and older) some have had success with them, although like anything, YMMV.
If you do try a driver reinstall in Leopard with your Adaptec SCSI card, let me know if it works. Include card model/driver, mac model, connected devices, etc. in reports. Thanks!
FYI - to save you a click, here's a listing of the OS X driver download pages for various Adaptec SCSI cards that readers had reporting using in Tiger and not working after the 10.5 upgrade. Version/date listed is for the last/latest driver there:

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Mac Pro owner notes SIIG Cyberserial PCIe card supported in Leopard
" PCIe Serial card in Mac Pro
Just thought I'd drop a line to let you know about serial ports under Leopard. I have a need for a 9 pin serial port and the Keyspan USB adapter is too fast/unstable under XP (which I have to use for this one application).
I found a SIIG Cyberserial PCIe single port card ( JJ-E10011-S2 ) on ebay. After installing card Tiger knew there was a PCI bridge but nothing else showed up in System Profiler, but it worked great under XP.
To my surprise after upgrading to Leopard, System Profiler nows shows I have a 16550 serial port, I tested the port with my Garmin GPS on the Mac side of my dual boot system and it works flawlessly!
-Darrell F. "
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Other news/Misc software updates

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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