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FYI to SIIG ATA/133 PCI card owners on firmware update/fixes
Mike P. wrote after over a year trying to diagnose/fix problems (corrupted files, eventual boot problems) after upgrading to OS X Tiger running off a drive connected to his SIIG ATA133/100 PCI card he went searching for a firmware update/fix. The SIIG site didn't have any updates for the card he said but Apple System profiler listed it as an Acard 6280M. The Acard website downloads page 6280M card update for Tiger (2007/07/04 - updates rom to v1.0.5) solved all the problems he had with the card in Tiger. He's now considering upgrading to Leopard as a post in Tuesday's news mentioned that same firmware update solved another 6280M owner's problems with OS X Leopard.
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HP releases (some) full featured Photosmart drivers for OS X Leopard
From a reader mail - I have no HP printers (or scanners) anymore (ditched my last HP, an AIO years ago due to driver problems)

"HP releases 10.5 Full featured drivers
Version 9.7b of their driver is a full functional driver. The drivers shipping with leopard work but aren't full featured as some have come to realize. Lacking the HP scan program and several other HP printer utilities.

The 9.7b drivers are now available for download from HP (made available this month, 11/07- page dated Nov. 2nd) are full featured and contain all the missing programs. In one printer example,the C4140 AIO, but each printer model has it's own driver suite that can be searched through
(Adam owns a C4140 All in One and sent that driver download page - for other printer models search HP's support site. Adam didn't send a link to it, but here's the base HP support/drivers search page that I found at

Some printers do not yet have the full featured drivers and for the meantime list the following example solution page for work arounds for known issues that may help readers. The page also recommends to keep lookout for a full featured driver package in near future for the printer models that do not yet already have a new available download.
HP All in One Setup Instructions for new Mac OS X 10.5
-Adam W."

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FYI on possible fix for Rosetta app printing problems w/Fiery RIPs
Follow-up to an issue with printing from Rosetta Apps using printer presets created with Universal Apps that several readers mentioned in the news page here back on Nov. 13th:

"Mike, I think i finally found the real fix for the issue with "Rosetta apps crashing when printing to Fiery RIPs" (Nov.13), which affects both OSX 10.4 and 10.5. As you published Nov 15, I first thought this was identical to the "Word 2004 quits unexpectedly" issue that Microsoft issued the 11.3.9 update for, but I later found it was not, since the same thing happens in Photoshop CS2 et al. Please accept my apologies for my mistake!

It seems that the real fix is to download the CUPS filter update from EFI, released last spring as a fix for Universal Binary issues as mentioned in the text (PDF file) below. As it happens, the same issue may affect PPC-only apps (that rely on Rosetta to run on MacIntels) too.

Please note that there may be later OEM-specific releases to this fix, since Fiery RIPs are included in a lot of printing appliances. Some may be found on that same site, but you may have to look for others on each OEM manufacturer's own update sites. (I'm a little bit upset by this - to keep your own installation correctly updated is an exercise in wading in a chaotic swamp).

Also please note that to make this work, you may need to clean system, font and print caches and re-start your Mac (use a utility like OnyX - avoid the beta version). (many other utils can also clear caches, etc.)
I found the text (tip/download source) here:
i.e. go to, click on the "EFI Software" link in the left column (here's the page-Mike) choose "OSX CUPS Filter Fix 2.2" (as of today it's v2.2.0f03") from the pulldown menu.
Best regards, Thomas H."

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Apple 1-day shopping 'event' (Nov. 23rd)
I suspect like me you've already had several mails from Apple on their Nov. 23rd product discounts at the Apple store. The biggest price cuts I saw in a quick browse were up to $101 off on MacBooks and iMacs, with (much) lesser discounts on other items including some models of iPods, wireless networking, iPhone accessories, software, etc.
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