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Anyone using a Yamaha AP-U70 and RP-U200 OK with 10.4.11 or Leopard?
From a reader mail - if anyone is using either of the Yamaha models mentioned below OK in 10.4.11 or 10.5.1, let me know.

" USB Audio issues 10.4.11 and 10.5.1
Just a heads up that the Soundsticks / iSub issues may be a sign of greater tinkering by Apple with the USB Audio "toolbox" --

Users of Yamaha USB-based external digital/analog converters, such as the AP-U70 and RP-U200, are completely out in the cold with both Leopard and 10.4.11
See these threads:

  • Yamaha AP-u70 stopped working as Output device with Leopard upgrade
  • Yamaha AP-U70 Amplifier

    I'm a little chuffed by the matter, but $12 TOSLINK cables from OWC are on their way to my house, and are expected to perform the exact same function the old USB link did, and free up a USB port in the process. Of course, this only works with Digital Audio-enabled machines, but it's something to mention for Yamaha owners, at least.
    -marc "

  • Some are using Soundsticks ok in Leopard (and some said they didn't even see any problems after waking from long periods of sleep). And as mentioned before, there's been some reports on general USB issues in Leopard including problems with USB cards that were natively supported in previous OS's. But over the years I've seen so many cases of (not 100% common) problems with OS X updates that I'm not sure anything is a sure thing anymore. (Old tips for USB devices not recognized (Printers, UPS, etc.) after an OS update is to disconnect/reconnect the device - and try a different port also.)
    Leopard was a major update though and has had more than its share of various problems. As for 10.4.11, I've not updated the G5's 2nd drive with 10.4.10 to .11 yet, but checking the table/listing of changes ("improvements") in the Apple doc About the Mac OS X 10.4.11 Update only shows one USB category change, related to Intel-based Macs - "Improves reliability when mounting external USB hard drives". The table doesn't mention anything audio related. (But that doesn't necessarily mean anything... )
    I've seen some odd/intermittent USB problems at times in Leopard even with an Apple iPod - had it not be recognized (after already having sync'd it in iTunes 5 minutes earlier). Tried a disconnect/reconnect, reboot, etc. - still didn't show up in iTunes but then I tried connecting it to a different USB port and that helped. (After that recognized again on any port as usual.)
    The 10.4.10 update caused some Firewire audio problems also - some Apple docs/tips and reader tips were posted here and on the 10.4.10 feedback page.

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    FYI for anyone that had a 10.4.11 update disaster
    A reader sent this again recently - it keeps getting lost in the overloaded inbox...

    "I noticed that you haven't mentioned problems with the 10.4.11 Update discussed here:
    Below is an email I sent you on 15 November -- it appears that the procedure I used has worked for one or two others.
    You might remember I wrote about "Migrating PPC to Intel - connecting two Macs via External HD" (from Sept 17th, 2007 news page)
    Well, today I had one of those heart-stopping moments updating my G4/MDD 1GHz with 10.4.11 Combo Update.
    I like to keep my working system simple, so there isn't much in the way of "extras" and certainly no customisation stuff. As always, I quit all open apps but did not run DW4 or Repair Permissions as I usually do.
    I started the update process and about two-thirds of the way through, I got a message saying that the update did not complete and I should try and re-install. Instead of the usual "Restart" button, all I got was a "Close" button. I closed the updater and tried to run it again but the updater refused to run. I checked "About this Mac" and it said "Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 (Build 8S165)".

    I restarted, got to the grey spinning-clock (and as is usual with recent OS X updates), the G4 restarted itself after about 30-40 seconds and then stuck at the OS X startup screen. I forced shut down with the power button and restarted from my Emergency CD and rebuilt the directory, which reported loads of repairs and recoveries. I restarted and ended up with what appeared to be a kernal panic -- the screen redrew from top to bottom in a darker shade of grey and then instead of the message that I needed to restart, all I got was an empty black box.

    I restarted from my second HD which is running LEOPARD (I dislike certain aspects of 10.5 so have not fully migrated yet) and then ran the 10.4.11 Combo update.

    To my surprise (and subsequent delight (and a massive whoop of relief heard 10 doors away) the update ran successfully under LEOPARD!!!
    I restarted from my working HD and everything seems to be OK so far, even Safari 3.0.4 (523.12).

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    MacBook Pro, Mini owner with 'Flawed' Seagate drive still running
    Just posting as a FYI (to confirm some MBP's and Minis had the 'suspect' drives) and that some are still running:

    " Mike, I have one of the indicated drives (ST98823AS, with drive firmware revision 7.0.1) in my MacBook Pro. The MBP was purchased in August 2006 (serial no. W8629...). So yes, they are in MBPs. (and possibily Mini's also)

    The drive has been fine so far (used 6+ hours per day), but I did do a full back up yesterday after hearing this news, and may clone to a 80 GB Toshiba drive (used Apple OEM, from OWC) that I presently use to back up, and then swap soon...
    -Peter "

    David C. also wrote he bought a (refurbished) Mini in May 2007 with one of these drives and so far no problems with it, but he also has an external/backup drive.

    "I have a Core Duo 1.66Ghz Intel Mac Mini with the aforementioned HD in it, and it seems to be doing just fine up to now, no problems whatsoever with the HD. Then again, I also have a Seagate 7200.10 750GB IDE/ATA100 HD in an AMS Venus DS3 Firewire case (Oxford 911 bridge) that has also worked great for me as a key backup drive, in spite of all the dire warnings to the contrary about those...or was that limited to the SATA variants, I don't remember. (Some SATA models had firmware/performance issues, but the other FYI on the 7200.10/.9 drives was 2.8A 12V max draw - which was more than some external case AC adapters supplied. I just avoided their SATA models in my G5 due to the former and some of my ext. case AC adapters are affected by the latter.-Mike)
    Anyway, yes, my Mini's HD is functioning just great and has since I bought it back in May 2007, an Apple Store Refurb'd unit for $499 as I recall.... We use the Mini extensively for lots of normal office work, MS Word, Excel, etc use, plus I personally use it for RIPping DVD movies when my other Macs are busy, so the HD gets a workout every day.
    If anything changes I'll let you know, but so far, so good. As a reminder, I do a monthly maintenance on ALL my Macs to help keep the HD's healthy and the OS working well: DiskWarrior v4.x to rebuild the directory, and Cocktail to take care of all the system crap, caches, etc that accumulates on any computer's HD, and I am convinced that it has kept all my Macs pretty much trouble-free over the years. When a HD fails, of course that's another matter...
    -David C."

    Although I'm sure most of those that had these drives fail will dispute it, an article from a UK site I read recently questioned if system shocks (jolts from movement, etc.) before the safe sleep finished writes to the platter was a factor in the head crashes/platter contact that has been seen in some examinations of failed drives. (BTW - A reader that mentioned his wife's failed MacBook drive yesterday wrote that was NOT a factor and he had also mentioned a Mini's drive failing which was never moved period.) Of course a certain percentage of any drive will fail prematurely (often called 'infant failures'), but it's said the numbers of that specific batch of drives are much higher than normal and thought to be a mfg defect.

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    Copies of old Hammerstorage SCSI Card software/Firmware Updates
    (Update - several readers have sent v1.32 and 1.4.5 software - but not sure there's any firmware updater included. Have not had time to check all the attachments sent so far. A big THANKS to everyone that replied!
    (Josh later wrote the control panel is the firmware updater.)

    " Hi Mike, Having visited the "What happened to HammerStorage? Where can I get their last Jackhammer firmware update?" under the FAQ of the "Controllers SCSI PCI Cards" category I have subsequently discovered that the links on the FAQ (from several years ago) are now invalid and Rorke Data appears to have dissociated Hammer Storage into a seperate entity; see:

    I contacted Hammer Storage support for the last firmware and software updates for the JackHammer Ultra SCSI SE card to no avail. A copy of the email I sent and the response I received is included below.

      "Gary, As you already figured, support has been discontinued for that product. We no longer have that software/firmware available.
      Dan Bass
      Hammer Tech Support"

    Having failed to find them via an extensive internet search, I was wondering if you personally still have the last firmware and software updates to allow me to install Mac OS 9 on my Power Mac 9600 (currently it hangs during start up when booted from a Mac OS 9 CD). If so, could you please send them to me as a compressed attachment....
    Kind Regards, Gary"

    I sent Gary copies of the software and he replied he's up and running. Thanks again to all those that replied.

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