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Unreal Tournament (1999) remakes for UT2004
Forgot to mention this earlier but yesterday Endymion posted a note about - a site with original maps and addons from the original Unreal Tournament for Unreal Tournament 2004. For example their maps download page today lists an Assault map, 13 Capture The Flag maps, 27 DeathMatch maps and 3 Domination maps. (I'm a big fan of original UT, but have not had time to try these yet.)
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More Oct. 2004 ATI ROM Update Reports (and Tips for 9000/64MB card owners)
I've been offline for most of the day but have updated the feedback/tips page on the Oct. 2004 ATI retail Radeon firmware updater again today. (Includes confirmation that a custom install is required to update a retail 9000/64MB card to restore the 275MHz clock speed.)
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Suggestion/Tip on Internal USB Bluetooth adapter install
(in reply to a reader article link earlier today (below)- I don't own an iBook G4 personally or know if the internal bluetooth module can be purchased separately from an apple parts dealer)

" Hi Mike,
I read the article about adding internal bluetooth to an iBook that you linked to from the main page today.
The author soldered the BT adapter to a regular USB port. Since he used an iBook G4 that is designed to have internal Bluetooth (as a BTO option), he could have used the internal USB port where Apple's module would plug in.
Apple's BT module is pretty much a USB dongle without the plastic casing and a plug for a small antenna. This antenna is probably not installed in configurations without BT. It's located above the optical drive right next to the edge of the iBook's case but since the case is plastic probably the internal antenna of a 3rd party dongle would work fine even in the middle of the computer.
The module is located to the left of the battery just below the lower left corner of the optical drive (assuming you remove the palmrest - as opposed to the article where the bottom cover was removed). The BT board is connected to the main board with a short cable (4 wires). The connector on the main board is located to the left of the lower-left screw of the optical drive. It should be easy to find since it's probably the only unused socket on the board with 4 pins. This is the location in a 12" model - it might be different in the 14" models but it's probably pretty similar.
You could either solder cables to the pins of the socket or you could try to find a matching connector. It's a small standard computer connector simmilar to those used in PCs to connect CD drives to audio cards (not sure if it's exactly the same but it should be easy to find one I think).

I haven't tried this myself but it should work fine. All one would have to do is figure out the pin assignment for the internal connector This should be fairly easy - probably from left to right (right being closest to the mentioned optical drive screw): +5V, DATA-, DATA+, GROUND. (another mail from an iBook owner that installed an internal bluetooth adapter said the voltage may not be 5V)
This way you don't lose the second external USB port. I think the D-Link BT adapter uses the same chip that Apple puts on it's internal modules so it probably would be best to use that dongle to get 100% compatibility with things like the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.
-Klaus "

I received two more mails on this subject over the weekend, including a Word doc from a (DOA) powerbook G4 owner that transferred the internal bluetooth module from it to an iBook G4. I'll try to have to have that doc translated to HTML and the images converted for posting later next week.

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G5 Owner Tip for Removing Internal Aluminum oxidation/corrosion (white spots)
(see below for update/photo posted Sat. morning.)
In the earlier post on a G5 owner's dust filter (below) I commented that my 2003 G5 (one of the first shipped last summer) early on developed surface finish corrosion (white spotting) on some of the internal aluminum pieces as a result of handling (from skin oils/salt in perspiration I always assumed). The result is white spots/staining on the surface, not severe pitting - sounds like this web post on alum. oxidation, rather than the typical dark gray corrosion you usually see on untreated alum. I can't say that this problem is typical as not every G5 owner has it, but several I know do. (I own 2 CoolerMaster Alum. cases from 2001, that on close examination you can see some very light evidence of it also, but much less visible.) I had mentioned applying silicone protectant, but too late, so I was considering using fine-grade scotch-brite pads some day, but it's not been a priority with everything else that's going on lately. Here's a tip from a G5 owner on a better way:

" Hello Mike, I've been reading xlr8yourmac since before I even had a mac - in fact your site was responsible for showing me that macs CAN be upgraded and tweaked, and this was a big factor for me when I decided to switch. So thanks for helping me see the light!
After lurking on xlr8yourmac for months, I finally have something to contribute... At the end of today's "G5 Front Dust Filter" article, you mention that the G5's interior is prone to corrosion and that you're thinking about using scotch-brite to clean the spots... Before you use something that abrasive you might want to check out a product called "Nevr Dull" ( I've personally used it on my own G5 and found that it removed all of the white marks from my G5 without leaving any scratches whatsoever. The interior of my G5 looks like brand new again!
Thanks again!
-Shawn "

I'm going to give this a try if I can find it - or try using some aluminum wheel polish instead of the scotch-brite pads. (there are at least 2 grades of scotch-brite pads that I have owned - green and gray, the latter being less abrasive, but I'm going to try alum. polish since it's less abrasive. And some compounds may leave a protective coating also (like those for alum. wheels).
(Update - here's a photo of the underside interior panels in a early production G5 that shows what I'm referring to (almost shocking to see how bad they look) from touching the panels during optical drive swaps, AGP card swaps, etc. The exterior panels/surfaces are handled much more and are pristine, so they must have a better surface treatment (anodizing) (and likely a different grade of alum.) as they have never shown this effect and are handled much more than the internal panels were, which developed the effect literally within days last year. Although I'm not the only one to comment on this since I brought it up in passing yesterday, perhaps later G5s have a different grade/surface finish treatment than this early production model.
I thought I had some alum. polish in the toolbox, but can't find it after the move yet. I did have a treated brass polishing cloth that helped remove this, but I'm going to wait until i have alum. polish to do the entire surfaces. And for those that asked, the system was in an upstairs room, not damp basement. I'm sure this effect is from the salt in perspiration/skin oils transferred to the plate during handling, but was surprised at how bad it looked. )

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New PowerPC 7448 (G4) CPU Info
" Hi Mike,
Just another update for your G4 junkies. Motorola has posted, on their Freescale website, an updated user manual for the 74xx family of processors and its 5.7Mb. It includes detailed info on their new 7448 processor (an update to the 7447A currently used in Powerbooks).

A few interesting points to note...

  • Pin layout is the same so its a simple drop in upgrade
  • L2 cache has been increased to 1MB (from 512k)
  • L2 cache is now ECC capable (ECC enabled taxes the processor only 1 extra clock cycle)
  • Now supports Dynamic Frequency Switching (DFS) which divides the system frequency by 2 or 4 for low power modes. (Eg 1GHz / 4 = 250Mhz)
  • Is based on 90Nm SOI technology
  • Minimum frequency is 1.5Ghz

Provided Apple don*t manage to shoehorn a G5 into the next Powerbooks, it*s safe to say that this processor will find it*s way in there. Even if Apple do get a G5 in their new Powerbooks then this chip will probably find its way into future iBooks.
-Regards, Paul "

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Reader Reports on October 2004 ATI Retail RADEON Universal ROM Update
Last night's news page had a note on ATI's October 2004 RADEON Universal ROM Update for Retail Mac Cards which had 2 changes from the previous September ROM update based on comparing the release notes. (The clock speed for the 64MB Radeon 9000 has been restored back to its original speed and the 'hotfix' (released after the Sept. ROM update) for display corruption with the 9200 PCI card has now been included in the univ. updater.) Since posting the update link last night several readers have sent reports on the update (remember it's only for -retail- cards, not OEM), including a note on an installer script typo (kernel cache delete filename typo) which I've added to the previous page on Radeon Firmware update feedback. (Only retail 9000/64MB owners that applied the Sept. update and 9200 PCI owners that had not applied the 'hotfix' should even bother with this update based on the release notes - for all other card owners that already applied the Sept. ROM update, there should be no new changes.)

If a Retail 9000/64MB card owner that updated to the Sept. ROM (which downclocked it to 250MHz vs 275MHz) applies this update successfully let me know. (You can use ATIccelerator II to check the clock speeds.)

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Updates to Black Hawk Down and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
Black Hawk Down;
    " Black Hawk Down Updater fixes the following:
  • Fixed a random crash in the AI system.
  • CPU speed check is now a warning, not a permanent failure. This will allow the game to run on slower CPUs and on certain PowerBooks running 10.2.8 that incorrectly report their CPU speed

There's also an update to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (1.1.1a) that fixes a bug where the game would not launch when run on a computer with a video card that has more than 128MB of VRAM. (Note: The "Download Now" link will download the demo. The 1.1.1a Updater is available for download in the "Related Links" section of the page.)

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iBook G4 internal Bluetooth Install (using USB adapter)
I missed posting this the other day but a reader sent a note to his page with Apple iBook Bluetooth (internal) Installation using a USB Bluetooth adapter. (Update - see the later news item above for a tip before trying this - the author f the article said he's going to try that tip.) I'm assuming that you can't order the internal bluetooth module as an end user from an apple parts dealer - that would be the first thing I'd try.
(FYI - the FAQ's iBook section links to a heavily photo illustrated iBook G4 800 12" take apart but the text is in french. Babelfish or other translators could be used on the URL.)
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G5 Front Dust Filter
(from a reader mail 2 days ago - just spotted it last night during catch-up)

" Hi Mike, I have been getting increasingly worried about dust getting into my new dual 2Ghz G5 so I came up with this solution.
Got two pieces of porous sponge foam at the local hardware store, trimmed and cut holes. Took an hour from leaving home to starting up the G5.

The G5 runs exactly the same as before - the fans are only audible at startup or during high load periods. I made two metal hooks to keep the filter in place and to facilitate ease of removal for cleaning. I shove it in the washing machine one a month. All is now well.
Here is a link to a larger pic of the filter. (link no longer works)
Michael W.
Kyoto, Japan.
(he later replied to my comments on internal alum parts corrosion/white spots)
I totally agree about the spotting on the interior aluminium. in the G5's This should be raised with Apple... "

I also wondered about dust when I first got my G5 but knock on wood, not a problem so far. But the interior aluminum (of my early production 2003 G5 at least) is very very prone to surface corrosion (white spots from touching the surfaces - salt from oils/perspirataion on my fingers I assume. oxidation may be a better term than corrosion as it's not pitting that i can see). I applied some silicone protectant but it was too late. The interior shelves, etc. has many white spots which developed early on after handling during installing/swappings cards, etc.. I'm going to try some 'scotch-brite' pads one of these days to see if that will remove it.

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Rate Your CPU Upgrade Reports Database Updated
The Rate Your CPU Upgrade database has been updated with 2 new reports this morning (entries from Thursday, entries today are added the next newsday morning). Total to date: 9,615. Here's a summary of the reports added today (search by brand/mac model for full reports - latest reports always shown first):

  • Apple (MDD) Dual G4 DDR Overclocking report (1.25GHz at 1.42GHz)
  • Daystar G4/550 in (pismo) Powerbook G3 2000 (rated 5)
    (noted having to reset pram at each startup)

    (For full reviews of G4 and G3 upgrades compared to stock CPUs, including real world apps/game tests, install info, etc. - see the CPU upgrades page. OC/CPU module articles are on the Systems page.)

(Warning - Overclocking may not be reliable and could lead to hardware failure or corrupted data.) You can find the full reports by searching the database selecting the indicated Mac model and upgrade card brand/type. If you've upgraded the CPU on your Mac, please post an entry in the database. Search the database for entries from most every upgradable Mac model *before* you buy. (Searchable by mac model/upgrade brand). For detailed reviews with performance tests and install tips, see the CPU Upgrades page.)

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CDRW/CD/DVD/Hard Drive/Cardreader Compatibility Database Update Listing
The Drive Compatibility Database had 8 new reports added today. (Entries from Thursday, entries today are added the next newsday morning.) The database includes reports on Combo DVD-CDRW, CDROMs, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD+R, CDRW, Hard Drives and Removables (tape drive, ORB, ZIP, MO drives, CF/Smartmedia readers, etc.) in all interface types (IDE, IDE RAID cards, Firewire, SCSI, USB, adapters). Current total 13,776 reports. (searching by drive type/brand, mac model etc. listed below will show the full reports, most recent first - does not include updates to previous reports)

    CDRW Drives:
  • Firewire (cased) Liteon SOHR-5238S (52x32x52) used w/G5 Tower (OS X 10.3)
    (using Patchburn 3 for iApps burn support.)

    Combo DVD-CDR Drives:
  • Firewire (cased) ASUS SCB-1608D (16x10x24x + 8x DVD-ROM) used w/Powerbook G3 2000 (OS 10.3) (listed under "other" brands, using toast but suggested he try Patchburn 3 for iApps burn support in 10.3.x)

    DVD+R/RW + DVD-R/RW Drives:
  • IDE Mitsumi dw-7802te in G4/AGP (OS X)
    (no native burn support so using toast, suggested he try patchburn 1.1 for 10.2.x iapps burn support. Illustrated CD drive install guide here covers G4 towers up to the Digital Audio Model, Beige G3 MT and B&W G3 Macs)
  • Firewire (cased) Pioneer DVR-107D used w/iMac G4 (OS X 10.3)
    (native burn support in 10.3.3 and later.)
  • Firewire (cased) Pioneer DVR-108 used w/Powerbook G4 (OS X 10.3)
    (no native iApps burn support so use Patchburn 3.)
  • IDE Sony DW-U10A in Beige G3 (OS X 10.3)

    Hard Drives:
  • IDE Samsung 7200rpm/120GB in iMac slot-loading (OS X 10.3)
  • IDE Western Digital WD1200JB 120GB in B&W G3 (OS X 10.3)
    (another report of problems running this drive as single drive when correctly set to 'single drive' setting - but ok if a 2nd drive present.)
    (Illustrated guide to adding a 2nd HD here in B&W G3 rev2 and G4 towers up to the QuickSilver models.
    IDE articles page RAID section has an illustrated guide for adding 2 more drives in the side bays.)

You can find full owner reports (latest shown first) by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches). For guides to installing CD/CDRW/DVD drives or Hard drives in many mac models, see the IDE Articles page. The Firewire articles page also has guides on case kits, installing drives, etc.
If you've added a IDE, SCSI, Firewire or USB hard drive, CDRW, tape drive, etc. make sure you add a report to the database. (If you post an updated entry - make sure you use the same name, etc. as you did before so I can find your past entry. Thanks.)
(Incomplete entries are deleted. Do not post questions in the database, it's for drive reports not questions on what drive to buy - for that try searching the database for reports from owners of your mac model on the drive type/brand/interface, etc. you're interested in.)

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Recent Reviews and Articles:
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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