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Weekend specials on Notebook/Portable Hard Drives and RAM
(from site sponsor Transintl)

"Transintl Weekend specials (thru 10/14/2007) for xlr8yourmac readers.

Seagate Momentus High speed 2.5" SATA Internal Drives for MacBook and MacBook Pro and intel-based mac mini.

  • Seagate Momentus 160GB (7200RPM, 8MB Cache): $149
  • Seagate Momentus 120GB (7200RPM, 8MB Cache): $108

minixpress - The portable, rugged, and stylish cases are made with Aluminum assuring durability and excellent heat dissipation. Equipped with an Anti Shock mechanism and a Quad interface (SATA/F800/F400/USB) making the miniXpress an ideal and versatile answer for portable external storage.

  • miniXpress825S portable enclosure (no drive):$89 ($10 off)
  • miniXpress825S portable 1600GB (7200RPM, 8MB Cache): $228
  • miniXpress825S portable 120GB (7200RPM, 8MB Cache): $188

DDR2 667Mhz SODIMMs For MacBook/Pro, intel-based iMacs & mac mini:

  • 4GB Kit (2X2GB): $168
  • 2GB (Single Module): $84
  • 2GB Kit (2X1GB): $54
  • 1GB (Single Module):$29

Have a good weekend "

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Report/Photos of Arctic Cooling Accelero S1/ Revoltec Graphics Freezer Pro for ATI X1900
Chrisso sent a writeup with photos on using a (fanless) Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 to quiet his ATI X1900 XT card in a Mac Pro. (He noted fit problems with the Revoltec Freezer Pro on the X1900 in his Mac Pro, so he's using that one in his PC w//X1950 card.)
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iBook G4 and G5 Tower owner reports on $59 USB 802.11N Adapter
(Updated - for comments from an iBook G4 owner on this adapter also.)

" Just tried the Edimax USB adapter with my iBook G4 1GHz. Compared with the build-in AirPort 802.11g WiFi, transfers from my AirPort Disk are 4-5 times faster for large files. Web browsing also has less latency (pause before web pages are loaded) with the Edimax. Very pleased.
Wish they would make an internal version so that I don't have to lug around a USB device.
-Ed "

Earlier post from a G5 Tower user:

"I Just installed the Edimax USB 802.11N adapter w/the OS X Ralink Driver. Very easy to use (I set the Ralink software to auto-launch at startup). My connection greatly improved and my speeds went from slower than dial-up back to broadband in seconds! I actually have my wireless N router (Netgear 2.4GHz) at my mother's house and now can use her service from mine with ease. The best part of the N technology in my opinion is regardless the signal strength, I always seem to keep a steady connection w/o dropouts. My (OS X 10.4.10) Dual 2GHz G5 tower's built in airport extreme just can't stay connected to the base at her house.

(screenshot from RAlink utility)

(Since his G5 was a PCI/PCI-X system, I asked why he didn't choose the (same cost) 802.11N PCI card model with 3 antennas vs 2, and I'd prefer a PCI card over USB adapters where possible.-Mike)
Though the USB adapter only has two internal antennas vs. the PCI card which has three, I choose it for the fact that with a USB extension cable I could easily relocate the adapter for the best possible reception. I also have a Mac Mini that I will share the adapter with.
-Jesse E."

When he first wrote he'd ordered the adapter, I didn't know which model of 802.11N base he was accessing but reminded him the USB/PCI/PCcard adapters use the 2.4GHz band and therefore make sure the base was set for that frequency. (Some bases including Apple's 802.11n base also have a 5GHz mode, which the mini PCI-e adapters support as well as 2.4GHz mode.)
If you missed it, there's also a page here with some reader feedback on the Edimax PCI 802.11n card in Macs. (Also links to a previous report from a PB G4 user on the Cardbus/PCMCIA model.)

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Ideas for a G5 Tower Coolant Leak Warning Alarm

"....I too have a Dual 2.7, but so far (knock on wood) no coolant issues.... Anyway, I was giving this issue some thought as to how to protect against potential future coolant leaks. Though not fool proof, I think one could use one of those cheap $20 water alarms available at Home Depot. (Due to our house having PB plastic pipe (infamous for leaks, especially at crimp joints) I bought several of these at Lowes (Glentronics Watchdog Water Alarm model BWD-HWA for just over $12 each - cigarette pack size device w/9V battery and two metal contacts on the bottom). Here's a different model with multiple remote sensors-Mike)

By simply soldering wires leads to the metal sensor contacts and taping/gluing the other ends (close but not touching) to a small strip of thin (and absorbent) paper inside the case, this might work as some sort of early warning system.
I'm thinking it would take a very small amount of coolant to soak the paper and complete the circuit.
I have yet to try it myself, but I thought I'd pass it on.
Regards, Mike S.

An early warning of a leak could help prevent damage to the Power Supply and logic board. (One reader's photos of his extensive damage showed an incredible amount of rust on the Power Supply (indicating the leak must have been present for a long time), as well as damage to the logic board.) Placement would be key, as he mentioned there was an absorbant mat but not in the area where the coolant leaked from the pump (gasket failure).
If any reader with a LCS G5 tower has done a mod like this (or does in the future) let me know.

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