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Updated RocketRaid 222x card series v1.10 driver for Leopard
(UPDATE: See the Nov. 1st news page for notes on succcess with revised RocketRAID 222x Card Drivers that work w/PPC Macs and Leopard)
As a follow-up on the (many) PPC owners that reported problems with various (all?) Highpoint RocketRaid cards in 10.5 (see posts in the "miss a day" links below or 10.5 reports page) - one of the readers affected sent a copy of an email from Highpoint on an updated 1.10 driver - but it's the same version number as the previous "10.5 compatible" driver that had problems in PPC macs w/10.5. (For some other card models, there was a 2.20 driver for 10.5 support - which a Mac Pro owner had no problems with)

" Hello, A new driver was posted earlier today:
(Note: Nov. 1st they revised the "1.10" driver again - this time it worked per PPC reader feedback - see link above) Regards,
Corey Baker
HighPoint Technologies, Inc. "

The reader that sent the above mail (and had reported problems previously w/his rocketRAID 2224 in a G5 tower) wrote with tale of woe on the 'new' (Oct. 30th) v1.10 driver:

" oh boy! halloween and I'm stuck here with the raid driver issue.
I downloaded the new driver.

rr222x-mac-v110-103007.dmg <--- new driver earlier today. 10/31/07
rr222x-mac-v110-101807.dmg <--- old version dated on 10/18/07

After a quick reboot I got this:
(text copy of the dialog box screenshot)

    System extension cannot be used
    The system extension "/System/Library/Extensions/hptmv6.kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update"

Reinstalled it twice and now the gui doesn't see it. Going back to the old one that I downloaded which I have a copy and see if I can extract the new v6 kext and put it in the old 10/18/07 driver. (Pacifist 2.5.1 is listed as 10.5 compatible.)
(he later wrote)
I send the highpoint support folks a copy of the text I email you about the new driver, hope they can fix it. That trick that I said about taking the new hptmv6.kext and put it in the old driver didn't work. Still, I got some other ideas I want to try out. LIke install the new driver in tiger then upgrade it to 10.5 using archive and install to see if I'm able to get my raid online.
-aphex twin'"

Thankfully on Nov. 1st he wrote using the later revised 1.10 driver (Nov. 1) that one worked.

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Blizzard WoW Forum post on Game Validation problems after 10.5 Firewall config
Update (11/6/2007) Apple's posted a doc with information on the 3 modes of operation (Allow all incoming connections, Block all incoming connections and Set access for specific services and applications) - see OS X 10.5: About the Application Firewall. The info on the latter mode also explains why WoW users reported validation problems after adding it there.
(original post from Oct. 31st follows)
I don't play World of Warcraft personally but had a reader send a link to a WoW forums post on "Unable to Validate Game Version after Leopard install" with notes configuring the 10.5 firewall resulted in game validation problems. Here's a clip from one of the posts there (see full thread/page for more details)

"I was able to reproduce one instance of this problem internally. When I put the WoW game executable (application) in the Firewall config dialog where you can "set access for specific services and applications", the OS changes something about the application contents and then the signature check at logon fails because the bits have changed..."

On the subject of the Firewall (which has come up before) I wish they'd have left the setup/config as it was in earlier OS X versions.

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EyeTV 2.5.1 Update (improves Leopard Support/Features)
ElGato wrote they've posted an EyeTV 2.5.1 Update (I've been using the EyeTV Hybrid tuner w/EyeTV 2.5.0 in 10.5 - see below for my comments on it)

"EyeTV 2.5.1 - Free Update Adds Support for New Features in Leopard
October 31, 2007 - For all EyeTV (v2) users who have installed the new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, Elgato's free EyeTV 2.5.1 update adds support for the following key new Leopard technologies: Quick Look, iChat, and Spaces. EyeTV 2.5.1 is fully compatible with the new operating system.

Cover Flow
Finder windows in Leopard offer a fourth display view option, Cover Flow, analogous to the feature in iTunes. With Cover Flow a user can quickly navigate and comfortably browse through all items in a folder. Television shows recorded with EyeTV, which are stored in the "EyeTV Archive" folder on the Macintosh hard drive, are now browseable using Cover Flow.

Quick Look
The new Quick Look functionality in Leopard enables users to view and browse through a file's contents in the Finder, even at full screen, with one click of the mouse in the Cover Flow window. EyeTV 2.5.1 supports Quick Look, and EyeTV recordings can easily be started and played back from the Finder.*

iChat in Leopard features screen sharing. Participants in a chat session can simultaneously view presentations, videos, and other files. With EyeTV 2.5.1, EyeTV recordings are integrated into video chats, featuring playback controls and the possibility to add one's own audio commentary.*

In Leopard, software applications that are dedicated to certain tasks can be grouped into their own Space. In EyeTV 2.5.1, playback windows for live television and recordings can be set to float across all defined Spaces, so that they are visible even when switching between environments.

*requires configuring a preference in EyeTV to automatically prepare new recordings for Wi-Fi Access."

BTW - with my OS X Leopard order (and a screaming fast 1TB Hitachi HD) from OWC, I also ordered the EyeTV Hybrid tuner with EyeTV 2 - I've been running 10.5 with EyeTV 2.5 for a few days - it seems to work fine - recorded shows, etc. - overally I'm very happy with it so far. I've not updated to EyeTV 2.5.1 yet (will do so today) so I've been using v2.5.0. My only nits (that I sent my ElGato contact - and there may be ways to address these that I've not found yet) are:

1) Recorded files from local 1080i broadcasts (OTA) are larger than I expected even when later converted to their AppleTV default setting - but quality was -excellent- I must say. Zero complaints on image quality. I've not dug into tweaking any quality settings, etc. to reduce file size yet. (I'm using a 500GB 2nd partition of the new 1TB drive as a target for the recorded files.) BTW - no issues seen watching/recording while browsing the web, etc. simul. with this dual 2GHz G5 in 10.5 so far. BUT while copying files to a mounted Shared Volume I've seen the Leopard/PPC Performance hit readers mentioned the first day 10.5 arrived.

2) When channel surfing Live TV (over-the-air digital broadcasts), the window size changes (sometimes dramatically), depending on the mode of the over-the-air broadcast channel's mode. I wish there was a way to force a static window size regardless if the broadcast is 1080i or a lower res. (Some channels here are 1080i, some LD)

On the plus side though, even though the G5 tower is downstairs (basement basically) with a powered 'rabbit ears' antenna it picks up more OTA digital channels than our upstairs Vizio 37in LCD TV does. (No cable connection here - we use OTH for everything...)

If you've updated to EyeTV 2.5.1, let me know if you've seen any cons or pros (include info on EyeTV model you're using, etc.).

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Repair Permissions/ACL errors in 10.5
I've also seen this here (taking forever to run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility in Leopard) but I don't use SuperDuper! which is also affected by this reportedly. (Almost missed this mail as it was flagged as spam due to 1MB+ of attachments)

Mike, Heads up on something I have encountered with OSX 10.5 regarding ACL or what I think are Access Control List errors. I have never even heard the term before so I don't know how to fix the problem. (ACL's are access control lists (originally added in OS X Tiger IIRC) - and you're not alone (got a call from a friend in CA with a macbook that's seeing this also - he's a fanatic on repairing permissions) I think I did a RP when I first installed 10.5 on the G5 here and don't recall seeing ACL errors but tried again just now and it's taking a long time to start the process... (see below for results). I'm told that Apple is working feverishly on a 10.5 update to address this issue and to watch for an update soon.-Mike)

After installing 10.5 on 2.8GHz iMac I ran the Disk Utility to verify and fix the permissions. Note the feedback on the first attachment. I even booted from the OSX 10.5 Update DVD and ran the DU while booted by the DVD. The OSX 10.5 Disk Utility could not repair the problem.

After getting most everything working under Leopard, I tried to clone my primary iMac drive to a backup firewire drive using SuperDuper. As noted in the 2nd attachment SuperDuper failed due to ACL Access Control List errors. FYI, I have posted this to the Apple Discussion board at with no responses at this time...
-Dick (aka aRKay)"

Hopefully we'll see an update soon to address this (either SuperDuper or OS X). (The joys of installing a "dot zero" major OS update...)
I just did a "Verify Permissions" from Disk Utility on my G5 tower running 10.5. (I didn't run repair permissions as right now I don't want to muck with anything at this point...) - here's the results of a "verify" on my Leopard volume (which took a long time to even start the process) - as I mentioned before I had cloned my 10.4.10 boot drive to a new drive and then upgraded over it (w/o A&I)

" Verify permissions for "Leopard"
Warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/" has been modified and will not be repaired.
User differs on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/ 1.5.0/Home/lib/jvm.cfg", should be 0, user is 95.
User differs on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/ 1.5.0/Libraries/classlist", should be 0, user is 95.
User differs on "Applications", should be 0, user is 502.
Permissions differ on "Applications", should be drwxrwxr-x , they are drwxrwxrwx .

Permissions verification complete "

Forgot to mention I've used this for apps, Apple TV syncing and wireless (sharing DSL) but not for file sharing (yet at least). Not tried Time Machine yet (need another big drive to upgrade my FW case), but then I'm hearing TM isn't always as troublefree as the marketing/Guided Tour... but isn't that aways the case.
UPDATE: Dick later wrote that Mac Pilot's "Wipe ACL Data" option fixed this problem (the author added the feature recently) - but the author of Hardware Monitor/Temperature monitor and other OS X utilities replied this is NOT something you should do. (And after trying the Wipe ACL data option in Mac Pilot - I and other readers saw "ACL Missing" errors in repair permissions - repeatedly running Repair Permissions from Disk Utility and those messages no longer appear. However I'd still NOT recommend running "Wipe ACL Data".)

" I have to say that the suggested procedure (Mac Pilot's Wipe Access Control List data) is not a fix but exactly the opposite. It will remove a security feature Apple has setup in Leopard.

The message "ACL found, but not expected" does *not* indicate an error. It just says that additional security settings have been established for the central Applications and Library folders after the first install phase of the operating system was completed. Those settings are intended by Apple and they make sure that users accessing the system volume via the file sharing feature of Leopard cannot intentionally or unintentionally remove components from those folders. When you remove those ACLs, you are destroying this security feature.

An additional problem is that "Repair permissions" currently cannot re-establish those setings after they have been removed. So you end up with an installation that has broken permission settings which can only be repaired manually.
Best regards,
Marcel Bresink "

Several readers with 10.5 have said that SuperDuper! failed to clone their leopard drive with it citing ACL issues (and then also saw the ACL messages in Disk Utility RP.) I forwarded Marcel's comments to Josh, the Author of Mac Pilot. (Who has now updated Mac Pilot to v2.3.8 with a note in the feature dialog about not using the ACL wipe on directories outside your home folder.) If you did use Mac Pilot to Wipe ACL data and see "ACL Missing" errors in Disk Utility repair permissions, repeatedly running RP from Disk Utility (including after a shutdown/cold start and from the 10.5 DVD utilities menu) has cleared them out but from Marcel's comments I'm not sure that means anything.

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Apple doc on removing Expired Boot Camp Beta partition from Tiger Installs
For users that haven't upgraded to Leopard yet and run into this - Apple's posted a doc today titled Boot Camp Beta: Removing a Windows partition after Boot Camp Beta has expired in Mac OS X 10.4

"To remove Boot Camp beta after it has expired is to set the computer clock to a date before the expiration date (which was September 30, 2007) using Date & Time preferences.

Note: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard includes the final release of Boot Camp, Boot Camp 2.0. Do not use these steps if you have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5 and Boot Camp 2.0. Removing a Windows partition with Boot Camp 2.0 in Leopard is much easier."

I'll add this to the previous page here on Apple Boot Camp Beta User reports and Tips, which I had previously added a link to the apple doc on When does Boot Camp Beta expire? earlier this month.

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iSub (even PPC Mac) Problems in Leopard

"Any chance you could post the following on your site:
Ever since I installed Leopard on my dual G4 533mhz tower (using installer mod) it complains that it can't recognise the apple pro speakers attacked. Re-plugging them in doesn't solve the problem. Was wondering if anyone else with these (G4 iMacs, G4 Towers) are having the same problem?
(Did you also check the System Prefs settings for Audio? (Seems like all prefs got reset in 10.5 here - firewall, dock, etc..) But he later wrote with a missing piece of the puzzle - the iSub, which was the culprit.)
Apologies for not spotting it earlier, but the Apple Pro Speakers I'm using are attached via the special port on the G4 Tower (Digital Audio) and are not the cube-based usb ones.
I think I've figured out the cause - the iSub, which appears to have had it's driver support broken on ppc leopard. (I assume it's still broken on intel macs). Relevant apple discussion:
(FYI - for readers that missed it - the iSub/Intel-Mac issue (and a workaround) was posted here on the Audio topics page back in March 2007. See
"iSub Problems with Intel-based Macs (and workaround)"-Mike
Removing the iSub caused the Apple Pro speakers to work correctly.
Thanks, James"

After all the mixed reports on PCI USB 2.0 cards in Leopard (some that had native support since 10.2.x had problems) I asked James if he used the onboard USB ports or a PCI card connection for the iSub.

BTW - it looks like the iSub workaround posted here in the past doesn't work in Leopard - see post at the previous page on iSub and Intel-based Macs.

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Tip for anyone with Display/Sleep problems in 10.5 with ATI Radeon cards
(Updated w/reply) Posting as a FYI. (Knock on wood my G5's X800 card is working fine - sleep/wake ok, no display quirks seen, seems fast in 10.5 so far.)

" Ati Radeon problems and solution...
I did one Archive and Install and one clean Install on two different drives and had display and sleep problems. I have a Power mac G5 dual 1.8Ghz.
There is a missing extension in System/Library/Extensions/AppleNDRV (folder).
For those who have Ati Radeon 9600 PC and Mac Edition (and other retail Radeon cards), check to see if the ATI ROM Xtender is missing in Leopard and causing sleep and display problems. My AppleNDVR folder contained only two extensions (AtiDriver.bundle and ATIRuntimeDriver.bundle). (NOTE: I did a 10.5 -upgrade- over a cloned 10.4.x install and the ATI ROM Xtender is there - I just verified that on my G5 tower w/X800 card.-Mike)
You need ATI ROM Xtender from Tiger to have a correct display. Just put it in the folder and restart.

I was ready to go back to Tiger when i found this... I'm very happy now with Leopard !
-Richard B. "

BTW - I had a reader reply this solved his problem also:

"Thanks for the reader's tip. I was missing the ATI ROM Xtender. Now, I don't have the pixelation any more. And, now my machine will sleep; waking is another story. Seems the USB connection goes dead.
(I asked for more details on this 10.5 install type (clean, A&I, etc.) and mac model/ATI card, etc.-Mike)
I have a dual 1.25g MDD with a retail ATI 9600 Radeon Mac Pro Edition. I did an Archive & Install (without preserving current users.)
I even have been having problems "waking" my machine after the screen saver goes off. The easiest way I have found to get back to the desktop is to switch "Spaces".
Regards, Bill"

Other things can also cause problems with sleep - for instance PCI USB cards with storage devices connected caused sleep problems in previous OS versions at least - not sure that's changed in 10.5. Even some 3rd party addons/startup items can prevent sleep and normal shutdown. (Checking the system's logs can sometimes find useful info on the cause also.)

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Tips for those that had 10.5 DVD refuse to install on CPU Upgraded Macs
(*Updated* - see bottom of post for a Tip from a GigaDesigns owner on a workaround to run the GD extension while booted from the Installer DVD.)
Just a FYI that today I got an email from a Quicksilver owner with a 1.8GHz (set to 1.73GHz) Gigadesigns (7447A) upgrade that installed 10.5 OK (where some others with the same setup said the installer said the system wasn't compatible).
Unlike the other two readers with similar configs (133Mhz bus mac w/1.8GHz GD Upgrade) that could not install 10.5 from DVD, he had set the upgrade to 1.73GHz due to kernel panics in the past (under Tiger) at 1.8GHz. (1.73GHz in a QS Mac is an integer ratio/bus multiplier setting, where 1.8GHz isn't.)
This goes back to my first hunch on why some saw the 10.5 installer refuse while others didn't . (All the others that were ok were running integer bus/cpu multipliers - i.e. 1.8GHz (7447A) in 100MHz bus mac or 2GHz (7448) in a 133MHz bus Mac, etc. - and some brands/models don't have issue - most mails of installer problems were from Gigadesigns owners).

I wondered if the 10.5 DVD installer isn't recognizing correct CPU speeds with some fractional ratio settings (like 13.5x used for 1.8's in 133mhz bus macs - this came up years ago in reviews/FAQ here where later series G4 CPU speeds would be grossly under reported (and ID'ing some as "60x" types). Incorrect speeds were reported typically with higher non-integer bus multiplier ratios (like 9.5, 10.5x, 11.5x, etc.). The 13x setting (1.73GHz i.e. 13 x 133Mhz bus) is an integer ratio and would be correctly recognized, where 1.8GHz (in 133MHz bus mac) is not an integer ratio (13.5x).

Any non-apple installed patches/extensions etc. loaded from the hard drive to properly ID the CPU (such as the Gigadesign software/extension "Giga-Meter") would not be running/loaded when booted from the 10.5 install DVD.

I can't say for sure if this is the problem, but if you've got a higher speed G4 CPU Upgraded tower that is set to a non-integer bus multiplier let me know if you've been able to install 10.5 from the DVD and if not (and the CPU upgrade is adjustable) - try setting it to the next lowest speed that is an integer ratio and try again. Thanks.
(BTW - to make it clearer, this issue would not affect anyone with a 100MHz bus mac running an integer ratio like 1GHz, 1.1GHz, 1.2GHz, 1.3GHz....1.GHz, etc. - or a 133MHz bus mac running 2GHz, 1.73GHz, 1.6GHz, 1.33GHz, 1.2GHz, etc. - those are not fractional multipliers of the system bus speed.)
Update - Although everyone with a problem so far had a fractional (higher) ratio setting (and usually a GigaDesign upgrade) - this Quicksilver (133MHz) bus Mac ower with Sonnet G4 1.8GHz upgrade said he installed 10.5 fine:

" Just wanted to drop a note that I had no issues installing 10.5 on my QS with a Sonnet Encore/ST Duet (dual 7447A at 1.8GHz). When new, this system was a dual 1GHz model which still would have fallen into the acceptable range for 10.5.
(BTW - just to confirm correct speed reporting in 10.5 without addon software)
My Sonnet upgrade doesn't require a special extension to report the correct CPU speed - it shows up as 1.8GHz in Leopard by default.
Cheers, Pete P "

The original mac model isn't really a factor - as even a -Sawtooth- (originally G4/350 to 500Mhz models) with CPU Upgrades running integer ratios said they installed fine (1.8GHz upgrades, 1.6GHz, 1GHz, 1.1GHz, etc.) I suspect some companies firmware patches (or card rom, or Nvram patch?) address this without needing an extension loaded from the hard drive. (Although SonnetCache is likely still installed, its current v1.4 is listed as compatible with 10.1-10.4 only.) I wish there was a way to check the reported CPU upgrade speed/info while booted from the 10.5 installer DVD. (If anyone knows a way to do this let me know.)

Update: - Here's a mail I must have missed previously with a workaround for Gigadesigns owners with this problem without having to change any jumper settings. (How to run the Giga extension while booted from the Installer DVD.)

" (This is actually a resend, but I thought it might help some readers or help toward creating a process to install Leopard on CPU upgraded G4's) (I'm hundreds of 10.5 related mails behind since the weekend - impossible to keep up. Interesting is that some other brands of upgrades (incl. 7447As running non-integer ratios, and 7448s) did not need any tweaks to install.-Mike)

I have a Digital Audio G4. This system has a Gigadesigns 1.8GHz 7447A upgrade installed, running at the full 1.8GHz speed (took 6 months of back and forth with an engineer, but we found appropriate core voltage settings that stabilized it at this speed. I can provide jumper settings if people are interested). (Note - many other readers with their 7447A upgrades had the same problem - same fix (sometimes) - there were quite a few "Rate your CPU Upgrade" database reports on this sort of thing - tweaking core voltage settings sometimes helped.-Mike)

Without a kernel extension from Gigadesigns called 'Giga-Meter', MacOS recognizes the upgraded CPU's as 'PowerPC 60? 467MHz' and therefore won't update. (as I mentioned when booted from the DVD any extensions installed on the HD are not running/loaded-Mike) I resolved this by doing the following (this is for fairly advanced users):

1) Click OK to the dialog informing you your Mac isn't fast enough, NOT RESTART

2) You'll be presented with an idle desktop, and will be able to choose 'Terminal' from the Utilities menu.

3) Run 'kextload /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/System/Library/Extensions/Giga- Meter.kext'. This extension loads into the leopard kernel without difficulty.

4) Quit Terminal, choose 'System Profiler' from the Utilities menu. It should now report your CPU at the proper speed.

5) Relaunch the MacOS X Installer by choosing Terminal again from the Utilities menu and running the following: (All on one line)

/System/Installation/CDIS/Mac\ OS\ X\ \ OS\ X\ Installer /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg

Leopard install will proceed normally.
Leopard requires a CoreImage capable graphics card for a lot of its new stuff, so if people don't have a Radeon 9600 Mac Edition (or better) in their upgraded G4's, now's the time to get one. This card upgrade works fine under Leopard as well.
-Brad L. "

BTW - On Nov. 7th a Quicksilver owner with Sonnet (7455) 1.25GHz (9.5x ratio) wrote he used the same tip above to load the Gigadesign software extension (after installing it on the hard drive of course). Since a 1.8GHz (above) and (Nov. 5th news) 1.4GHz Sonnet owners (also 133MHz bus Macs with misreported ratios) had said the firmware patcher -alone- had fixed it, I asked why he didn't try that. He later said he had already tried that without luck but I wonder if the firmware was really patched.

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