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AppleTV 2.2 update (w/new features and security fixes)
After syncing using iTunes 8.0.1 (released last night - notes on first AppleTV sync oddity in yesterday's news) - my AppleTV (refurb, w/2.1 software) would not come out of standby (LED flashed amber, then shut off) but after cycling power it came up OK. An update check shows the new (v2.2) software. In addition to feature changes (see below), AppleTV v2.2 also includes several security related fixes. (See About the security content of Apple TV 2.2.) Apple's updated their doc About AppleTV Software Updates with a table of what's new in v2.2:

Feature How To
HD TV shows Purchase the leading HD TV shows directly from the iTunes Store. (US only)
Movie browsing by actor and director Browse movies on the iTunes store by actor and director. Select “More” on the movie page and browse the actor and director list on the left to see other movies for that individual.
Chapter selection, alternate audio and subtitles While playing a movie, press and hold Play/Pause to access chapter selection, alternate audio and subtitle display. The display shows the options available for the current movie.
Movie description Press Up when playing a movie to display a description of that movie.
Genius playlists To create a Genius playlist based on the currently playing song, press and hold Play/Pause to bring up the contextual menu and select Start Genius. Note: The Genius feature must first be enabled in iTunes 8.0.1 and synced with Apple TV.
On-The-Go playlists To add the currently playing song to the On-The-Go playlist, press and hold Play/Pause to bring up the contextual menu and select Add To On-The-Go.
Music videos in playlists Make playlists in iTunes combining your favorite music videos and songs. Play them back on Apple TV and let them play continuously.
Apple TV standby mode From the main menu, press Play/Pause for about three seconds (or go to Settings > Standby)

I updated two AppleTVs but not used v2.2's new features yet. (Still seeing recopying of videos/podcasts after initial (first) playback on the AppleTV. (Next sync from iTunes recopies them over again.) That's been happening here since the v2.0.0 update.)

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OS X compatible PCI Ethernet Cards page updated
I've added 2 more low-cost Gigabit Ethernet card reports (another Rosewill RC-400 and Trendnet TEG-PCITXR - both Realtek 8169 based) to the page on OS X compatible PCI Ethernet cards. Normally these cards have native support (no drivers needed) with OS X Tiger and Leopard, although the report today from an OS X 10.4.11 Server user said he had to installed the drivers from the Rosewill page. (Previous reports on that card from 10.4.11 users noted no driver install was needed.)
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