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Installing the Cheetah SCSI Upgrade
Summary of Steps Involved:

  1. Remove the case cover.
  2. Touch the power supply metal case to discharge any static charge you have.
  3. Attach the suppled Wide SCSI cable to the drive.
  4. Route the cable through the bay and down to the PCI slot area.
  5. Slide the drive into the bay.
  6. Connect the power supply connector to the drive.
  7. Remove the PCI slot cover
  8. Connect the Wide SCSI cable to the controller.
  9. Insert the SCSI controller into the PCI slot.
  10. Boot the Mac and install the software.

Congratulations! - You're now running the fastest SCSI drive you can buy.

Tools Required:
  • Anti-Static Wrist Strap (avail. at Radio Shack, etc.).
  • Screwdrivers (straight blade for Apple case screws).
Ensure you touch the Mac's power supply metal case before touching any cards or components. Avoid touching the contact areas of the PCI card (gold fingers) or any IC/Chip metal pins. Handling the card by the bracket and/or edge is a good habit.

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