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Installing the Cheetah SCSI Upgrade
Typical 8500/9500 Installation Guide:

Since the space behind the drive is limited once the disk is installed, connect the supplied wide SCSI ribbon cable to the drive as the first step. As shown in the photo at the right, route the cable through the drive opening, then down into the motherboard/PCI slot area - where it will be conected to the PCI controller card.

Routing the cable
( 8500 case shown )

Before you insert the drive into the case, you'll need to press down on the center plastic tab to allow the drive "sled" to enter the bay. See the photo at the right.

If you don't press this tab down far enough, the "sled" can't be inserted, and it serves as a locking tab to retain the drive in place.

8500 Case tab

Position the drive's power cable on top of the drive to prevent it from snagging anything during insertion into the case.

Avoid touching the blades of the APS fans - and verify that no cable wiring is touching them after the drive is fully installed.

Inserting the drive

Slide the drive fully inside the case. It should not protrude from the front of the case. Compare with the existing Apple drive to verify it is properly installed (you should not be able to slide the drive out - as the tab should be retaining the "sled".

Visually check the sides and rear of the drive to make sure no wires were pinched or caught beside the drive or fans.

Drive fully installed.

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