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Connecting Cables:

Now that the drive is installed, you need mate the power supply connector to the drive. There will be a spare 4-pin white power supply connector hanging loose in the case. Attach it to the Cheetah's cable as shown at the right.

Note: verify that the drive has a similar plug connected. The APS fan wiring parallels the drive power and that's what's shown in the picture. We just want to make sure the drive still has the power connector still plugged in, and was not pulled loose during this step.

drive power connection

Locate a free PCI slot, and remove the PCI slot cover from the rear of the case for this slot. Pushing from the back side on the cover, and spreading the plastic tabs at the top of the cover will allow it to pop free.

Note: in the 8500 performance was the same regardless of which PCI slot the SCSI controller used.

Connect the wide SCSI ribbon cable from the drive to the mating connector on the PCI SCSI card.

It is best to do this now with the ATTO card, as the connector location makes this harder to do with the card installed.

Carefully align the PCI card with the motherboard connector and insert it. Watch the mating connectors to ensure you have proper alignment - do not force or bind the card.

Ensure it is fully seated in the PCI Slot (no gold contacts should be visible)

ATTO card installed

All hardware is now installed. Don't replace the case cover until you verify that everything is operating properly. Perform a last minute visual check before powering on to verify that all connectors are seated fully.

Now we're ready to boot the Mac and install the software - the final phase of the installation.

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