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Feedback from 1998 "Into the Lion's Den" Article
The following are reader comments from my
"Into the Lion's Den: PowerBook G3 Steals (PC) Show" article

First the comments from Randy M., who made it all possible by loaning me his new PowerBook G3:

" Hi Mike,
I loved your Into the Lion's Den write-up. Had me grinning from ear-to-ear. You have exceptional credibility with the PC crowd because of all your Windoze experience and technical background. You are the ideal emissary. I really get such a kick outa your stories and what an impression the PB is making on "the PC world." Go get'um.

Reminds me of a story. Once Upon a Time there was a Pied Piper. And he carried with him a sort of high-tech flute...
;-) Keep up your excellent work.
Randy M., Hawaii."

" I just read this latest article on bringing the PB to a PC show and I literally got emotional reading it. This has to be one of the coolest things someone could have done, and it sounded effortless!. What was accomplished by simply presenting the PowerBook to so many unaware PC users was amazing. And the article reads like a story! I got totally caught up in it. PLEASE write more if you do another PC Show. Even add the specifics of their questions and how you handled them as this is inspiring and makes me want to get out there like that.

Way to go!
Mark G. "

" Mike I was blown away by your "Into the lions den story"...... It's the best apple story I have ever read. I felt you went to a new level in personal growth, and took us along to see how its done. I then realized its not about apple or the mac, but about what we really truly believe in and yes one person can make a difference and you have.
Joe M. "

" Dear Michael,
I've read your excellent article and let me congratulate you on a fine act you've done for Apple. Mac devotees and I just can't thank you enough. And I for one am absolutely moved by your sheer dedication and love for Apple.

We do have a mixture of PCs and Macs here in the office. Some of my colleagues had in fact thought of buying a Pentium PC for home use some time ago. Luckily, I managed to persuade them to buy a Mac instead. And they felt relieved that they had made the correct decision. I've also shown pictures of iMac and explain its features to them and they were thoroughly impressed !
Keep up the good work.
Hani So
Rep. Of Singapore "

" I just read your article and may I tell you.....well, it blew me away! Like yourself, I have taken it upon myself to spread the good word whenever I can. Though not as technically knowledgeable about the inner working of a Wintel box, I do know the differences and I couldn't agree with you more! Being in the graphics industry, I want power, stability and production. The Mac has always given me these things. I can't say much for the competition......The winds of change ARE blowing....right through the cracks in the Windoze!
Mark S. "

" Mike,
just read it. Marvelous! They're going to start calling you B.C. "B.C." for Big Cajones! If Apple doesn't hire you to do this all over the place, they're missing a huge opportunity. I've written to a friend at Apple about this.
Bill F. "

" Mike,
I loved the "Into the Lion's Den" piece - that and this entire site prove you have really "made your bones" as a leading advocate of and expert on the Macintosh.

I wondered if you might consider posting some more of the specifics of your presentations to the PCers - how did you demonstrate advantages? What were the things they threw at you and how did you counter? I have some experience w/ Wintel boxes but I'm lucky in that I'm not forced to use them often. As you said in the piece, your Windows background puts you in a good position to bridge the gap and make direct comparisons - I'd love to have a few more details on your view of Mac vs. Wintel.

I have my short list of things I often show my die hard PC pals, but I always forget to mention things that I just take for granted as a Mac user. Don't get me wrong, I realize that Wintel boxes have their strengths as well, and Macs do have their shortcomings. It just seems that in my experience on both platforms, my Macs just shut up and work. . . . .and keep working. . . . .well past the point when PCs of similar vintage have become doorstops. This kind of reference might help the faithful when in similar situations.

I know that you are extremely busy and that your wife is having some health problems, but I thought I'd throw this out at you. . . .

Best regards to you and your family,
Taylor S. "

" This truly exemplifies the spirit of the Mac community. I really enjoyed reading this Mike-
Gordon B.
Retail Sales Manager

" If more people would do this kind of thing, how cool it would be. Geez, they could easily make a commercial out of your experience.
Mac on!
-Adam B.
Resistance is NOT futile. Long live Apple!"

" I loved your story about bringing the powerbook to the PC show! It really moved me. It made me get that feeling deep down like things are GREAT, ya know?! Like that song "Also Sprach Zarathustra" from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's like an energizing, up-lifting speech, only in story form. Like the speech that Mel Gibson gave to his countrymen in Braveheart before one of those battles.

So thanks for the great bed-time story, I'll sleep ever-more-soundly tonight, knowing that those Wintel minds were, if not changed, at least aroused to the idea of becoming Mac People!

Keep up the wonderful job you've been doing for the Mac community, I for one envy your spirit, and your endless knowledge you have about everything that's important to converting as many Wintel people as possible, and helping those, like me, who love thy Mac. I hope, one day, to be able to tell a story much like yours, and truely have that feeling you described, making a mass of people think, not quite thinking different yet, just starting to at least think at all. I try to, if only a few people at a time, do the same, but you are truly someone to look up to as, almost a hero...
-JP Moon"

" hello!
read your article on the incomparable G3 PowerBook: Bless you!
Lon H. "

" I've tried "evangalizing" at the bureau against WinTel and for Mac (the power-that-be in NY just dumped a Dell portable, on a co-worker instead of the usual Powerbook, which shocked us all and is a depressing change in policy.) But, usually I'm dismissed as a clueless Mac radical.

Something in your article that struck me is your Windows experience (I have almost none.) which I think is key to making an effective argument for the virtues of the Mac OS. It's easier to make a convincing argument if you can talk intelligently about the config.ini and dll's and jumpers and drivers (oh my) then compare that mess to what happens in a Mac OS environment. (Just don't mention init/cdev conflict and scsi chain maintenance!)
Keep up the good work.
Joe M."

" Congratulations for your text! This is the greatest thing of the day!

¡Felicidades por su texto! ¡Definitivamente es lo mejor del día!

Desde México,
Alfredo Mora Izaguirre "

" Hey Mike,
Good story. Apple really ought to have a couple of dozen undercover reps running around to trade shows doing exactly what you did. It would really get things stirred up.
Best of luck,
Bruce W. "

" I visit your site almost daily and I've never written, but after your lion's den article I just had to write you. I work at an architectural firm where everything is Windows NT. I understand why we use NT (Autocad 14), but everytime we have to do an animation or a rendering I cannot tell you all the problems we have. It has gotten so bad that we are considering not buying capture card because of the installation problems. It just takes so long to install, configure, and learn to use it is cheaper to pay someone to do our video presentations.

Since my first 128k Mac (which I still have) I have been an advocate for the Macintosh. I feel it is up to us to fight against ignorance. I have been asked questions like what processor is in a Mac, who makes the processor, and what is the OS used in Macs, to name a few of the questions. When Windows users are given a demonstration of what the Mac OS has to offer they are truly overwhelmed.

Recently I installed a Monster 3D card in my PowerTower, I did not install any .dll or .drv files, no install wizard was necessary the card just ran, when I told people I work with that I installed a Windows card in my Mac, and that it ran beautifully they couldn't believe it (specially when I told them how easy everything was to configure). This is true plug and play.

Anyway I could go on, just wanted to say keep up the great site.
Jose R. "

" Mike,
I'd just like to say, Accelerate Your Mac! kicks ass. You can quote me on that.

I just got done reading your new tutorial on installing RAM in the PB G3 250/13.3. It couldn't have come at a better time. Hopefully if my student loan from Apple gets processed soon enough, I will have a PB G3 250/13.3 by this Saturday (I ordered it from AllMac). And I just ordered 128MB of RAM for the PB G3 from BLOL (I saw the ad at the top of xlr8). I'll definitely be pulling up that article again real soon! I'm taking this baby to the Expo in a week... are you gonna be there?
Take care, Ben
Senior Editor
The Macintosh Opinion"

" Hello Mike,
What a great story. Very brave of you I must say! I will pass the URL to the product managers so they can see what an incredible tool word of mouth is.

Take care,
Nathalie Welch
Press Relations Specialist
Apple Computer, Inc."

" Hi Mike,
I just read your article about taking a New G3 Powerbook to a PC show. What a great idea and a wonderful read.

Good going and keep up the great work.
Randy R.,
XO MacMarines"

" Excellent report. If only more people could do what you did. Keep up the good work.
Kelvin R. "

" Thanks for a wonderful piece on the G3 and Virtual PC. I'll be adding links on my Low End Mac home page -- and on my command center for the "Save the Macs in the Grand Rapids Public Schools" page

Dan Knight
editor in chief, MacTimes"

" Mike,
I hope I get the same reaction when I take my G3 to Comdex/Canada this year! You go!
Gunnar R."

" You go, boy! It's about time someone showed the lemmings the cliff they're all jumping off.
Dan F."

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