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Safari 3.1 user Feedback
Reports last Updated: 3/20/2008

This page is a catch-all for feedback from readers on Safari 3.1 update (released 3/18/2008). Here's the clip from Apple's news page on the release:

"Now Available: Safari 3.1
Apple today introduced the world's fastest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs - Safari 3.1. In addition to loading web pages 1.9 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and 1.7 times faster than FireFox 2, Safari 3.1 runs JavaScript up to six times faster than other browsers. Available for free download for Mac OS X and Windows, Safari 3.1 is also the browser to support the latest innovative web standards needed to deliver the next generation of highly interactive Web 2.0 experiences."

Available via software update (Macs) and this download page (D/L link there goes to http://www.apple.com/safari/download/) which says:

" This update is recommended for all Safari users and features improvements to stability, compatibility, JavaScript performance and security.
Requirements: OS X 10.4.1, OS X 10.5.2, Windows XP, Windows Vista"
Apple also has posted some Safari 3.1 related docs with more details on the changes:

Reader Feedback on Safari 3.1: (later reports first)
If you find this update fixes or breaks anything (including Safari 3rd party addons) let me know. (Please include versions of any addons you see a problem with in case there's a later version released - and check the developer's website for any addon updates for Safari.)

(added 3/20/2008)
"Safari breaks Pith Helmet. (version 2.8.2?) I emailed the developer but have not heard when he will release a 3.1 compatible version.
Also as of this morning Haoli has not released a Safari 3.1 version of SAFt for OS X 10.4 (TIGER)

I googled and found a page for Saft that lists a new (updated Mar. 19th, 2008) Safari 3.1/OS X 10.5 compatible version.

(added 3/20/2008)
"I'm on a 6 week old Macbook (so missed out by 3 weeks on the new version!) & haven't plugged in my gmail details into Apple mail yet, so today I find whenever I paste text into a gmail message body it always ends up in the "To" field! I'll let you know if I find a fix.
-John "

(added 3/20/2008)
"I can tell you one thing this fixed, and one thing it almost fixed. I am running 10.5.2 on a PB 1.5GHz.

1. My wife and I use a proprietary site for her work at UAL. We initially had to use Explorer, until Firefox 2. That was an improvement, but still, I had to set up two browsers. Since this latest update, IT WORKS! Pretty cool. Now I can set it up in .Mac, too.

2. USPS Print Shipping Label also required FireFox. Still does, but the messages telling me that my browser is incompatible no longer appear, and now, I get to where I ask it to print, and it goes through the motions. Only thing is, the download never gets to the Downloads folder. The progress bar acts as though everything is working, but no file, as with Firefox. Maybe someone else can make this happen, and tell me the trick.

(added 3/20/2008)
"I have had no problem with Safari 3.1. I tried the flyingsnail web site (ref: post below on javascript effect working in safari 2.x but not 3.x) with Safari 3.1, Safari 3.0.4 and Firefox In Firefox the corners are rounded, although as the site loads you can see the corners change from squared to rounded. (normal as effect results from javascript code) In both Safari 3.0.4 and Safari 3.1 the corners are squared. I am running 10.5.2 with Security Update 2008-002 installed.

(added 3/19/2008)
" just a short fyi report regarding the recent Safari 3.1 update.
(some) javascript appears broken on Safari 3.1 and works similar to Safari 1.3.2 on my old G4, which also has broken javascript.
javascript worked fine under Tiger and Safari 2.x.
if you have a pre 3 version, look at the javascript based rounded corners on the pictures at http://www.flyingsnail.com/
the rounded corners will also work under firefox.
then look at them with 3.1 == back to square pictures, just like 1.3.2
best2u, ~@~"

I see what you mean (Compared the page here on Safari 3.1 vs Firefox 2.x) All javascript isn't broken though (menus here work, etc.) but I'd file a bug report with Apple. (You can do that within safari - including the page URL) using the "report bugs to Apple" Safari menu item.)

(added 3/19/2008)
" I noticed two glitches in Safari 3.1:
- writing an email message in GMail does not work properly - if you press the Shift key, focus to the input field will be lost and you have to click back into it again (and forget about using any capital letters including the special characters)
- 1Password plugin is not working - tried reinstalling (from Preferences panes) but no luck
Cheers, Erol"

I suspected some 3rd party addons for Safari may be affected by the Safari 3.1 update. Check for an update to 1Password... I saw an update to 1Password Password Manager and Form Filler 2.5.12 that noted it adds Safari 3.1 support yesterday. And checking the developer's website downloads page shows the 1Password 2.5.12 update released yesterday. He later wrote:

"installed the new version of the 1Password Password Manager and it works again.
The Shift Key glitch still persist, have to dig in to Google a bit. :-)
Thanks, Erol"

(added 3/19/2008)
"Safari took my piece of pie lol I used the terminal hack (defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugUsePieProgressIndicator -bool true) to give me the pie chart progress load bar and when I updated Safari it broke the hack.
Any help on getting back? Because when I tried the Terminal command it don't work.
Thanks, Frank"

If anyone knows of a way to restore that let me know.

(added 3/19/2008)
" Inquisitor v3.0 (50), AdBlock 0.3.2 are working fine with Safari 3.1, no need to reinstall they are working as before after upgrade.
Certainly some improvement on javascript sites too, all in all a good update.

(added 3/19/2008)
" All the speed of 3.0 is wiped out. At least that's my experience.
Web pages stall 1/2 way through loading like they did in Safari 2.X versions. While 3.0 would load most of the page and then fret about some details after, 3.1 does the old "keep it all white while I think" of 2.X, and then finally load it all at once game. How they can claim it's faster than IE or Firefox is beyond me. 3.0 was. 3.1 is not.
I also had 3.1 crash on first use as it was purging the old cache.

One fix seems to be with Javascript. I would constantly get these errors in the Console Log: Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL... (I've seen the same sort of log messages previously as well - often with some "big name" web sites related to their ads IIRC.-Mike)
Now I'm not, so far. So Javascript looks to be repaired at the expense of speed, at least for me.
I have Leopard on a MacBook Pro Santa Rosa with 3GB memory.
(he later wrote)
no third party add-ons. Speed is a little faster today, maybe Safari has built the program cache or something. But it still feels slower, with pages pausing before displaying information like they did in 2.X. In 3.0, it would pause, if it had to, after most of the page was displayed. Seems as if it is ad related, and it is pausing as it accesses the ads, while in the past it might have been ignoring the ads at first due to Javascript errors loading the page quickly, then going back to the ads to try to reload them...
-Mike K."

I've not seen any crashes yet nor stalling but can't say as I've seen any big speed increases either (AL iMac 2.4GHz running 10.5.2, no safari addons, DSL shared via N wireless base). I noticed in Safari 3.1 Security prefs has a new option "Default space for database storage (w/drop-down menu for size selection - default 5MB, min 1MB, max 500MB) and a "show Databases" button. (Blank here...)

(added 3/19/2008)
" An error comes up on several images while browsing www. deviantart .com
The error was: "cannot decode raw data" (NSURLErrorDomain:-1015) Please choose Report Bugs to Apple from the Safari menu, note the error number, and describe what you did before you saw this message.
-Che M. "

Not sure I even want to go to that site from the name (LOL)...

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