"SPACESCAPE's" debut release titled "One Point Zero" could be considered a creative blend from Kraftwer® to Skinny Puppy®, "even though we don't like comparing ourselves to anybody, because our music is very original and very Electronica". We feel that "SPACESCAPE" proves to the computer world that anything is possible, especially on a Mac. Basically the SPACESCAPE CD was done entirely on a Mac.

The whole project was started on an 8500/250 G3 (NewerTech) using Cubase VST 3.52 to do all the MIDI sequencing. All the samples we digitally recorded into the Mac using the built-in RCA jacks and digitally enhanced using some very cool effects in SoundEdit 16 (a little old but it did the trick) and SonicWORX Artist Basic (way-cool and the price is right). Then, we would import the AIFF's back into Cubase and place them as needed. We used the VST technologies of Cubase to add any other enhancements to the samples. After we got each song sounding the way we liked, we did the final mix-down external through an Alesis Studio 32 mixing council and recorded a final two track stereo mix into Cubase.

All the final mastering was done on another 8500/300 G3 (NewerTech) using Cubase VST/24. We used Waves Compressor and TrueVerb to master the whole thing utilizing the new Hi-Quality EQ that comes standard with Cubase VST/24. Then after the songs were complete, we created a stereo mix down and used Adaptech Jam to in-house burn our master CD for the manufacturer.

Finally, all the graphics where done on a Apple 266 G3 (Revision 1). Software used was Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia FreeHand, and Quark XPress.

This project definately took some time, and without our Macs this couldn't of been completed without deep pockets for a studio, We wouldn't of enjoyed doing it as much.

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